Maple Ave…Day 6

Well it’s my turn to let our friends and family know about our day.  My name is ED Myers for those of you  that don’t  know me  –  I’m the old crazy guy of our team. My first trip to Haiti  I get to report on first  fun day!  After a breakfast of oatmeal we walked to the beach and our mission helpers and team loaded a boat for a 40 min ride along the coast line to a little  fishing village of 20 some huts .  They were all thatched roof huts.  It was like visiting Gilligan’s Island . We watched them mend nets and clean fish. Of course there was some time for soccer.  They were warm people like all the people we have seen here.

After about 2 hours we loaded our boat for return to the Mole for lunch of vegtables over rice.  After lunch we walked down to the beach and went swimming for about 2 hours.  The water was as warm as bath water. All white sandy beach and the water was a deep blue-green.  You could see your feet with the water all the way to your chest.  We just a had great time playing in the water. Well we wish our friends and family the best.  It was our best day so far.  God is Good.  God Bless — be back home next Thursday! By the way it’s still hot!   Hi Hon!  Miss ya!  Love ya, Ed


Hey church family we love yall and miss y’all. Jason I am praying that God will speak through you in a very powerful way tomorrow.  Kelly, Makenzie, Haden, and Ian, I love you guys so much and hope everyone is doing well.  See ya Thursday.  Love Donnie/Dad.


Hey all… Bruce here!  It was a great day.  I had my first Coke (no Mountain Dew here) this evening, so feeling much better.  Boat ride and swimming were a great change of pace today… although a little sun burned this evening.  Is it really November because we can’t tell down here???  Looking forward to attending a Haitian church service tomorrow morning.  Please continue to keep praying that God uses us in a great way to impact the lives of those we are in contact with.  See yah’ll soon!  Western


Hi family and friends,
SO good to hear from all of you.  I really miss you, but as you read in the above blog this continues to be a real adventure.  I”m hoping that I am giving back to the Haitians as much as I’m receiving from them.  The ocean was a fantastic playground today and the fishing village was something else!  Isa….so proud of you for making the Holiday Festival of Choirs.  I’ll be there!!  Eli…..Hmmmm….video games….why doesn’t that surprise me!  Glad you had a good day.  Brady….I miss you too and can’t wait to see you.  Give Bailey a kiss for me!  Chad…..I’ll be glad to take G & G to Peoria on the 14th.  It will be good to see all of you and that will be in just a few days.  Love you.  Mom (Karen)


  1. Hi Karen and all,
    I am enjoying your beautiful photos and read your blog each day. What a wonderful adventure you are having! So happy you are spending so much time with children. It sounds like they need much love and attention. How rewarding to know that you are spreading God’s love through your fellowship.
    God Bless You All,
    Jan L.

  2. Greetings from Macomb!
    I’m glad to hear that you had some down time to enjoy God’s creation.Ed’s description of the water was spot on & Austin is an inspiration. I attended all 3 of Kurka’s lectures about BIOETHICS, which although interesting, attendance dwindled from the 1st to last. I plan to follow up about seeing if a similar class may become a part of the Biology Dept. or Nursing program. We’ll see what God has planned in opening doors. Your trip is 1/2 over already. I pray that the children will sense the love of God in your eyes and open their hearts & minds to Jesus, Christ. All throughout the Island. Amen!

  3. Nice blog Ed. Did you lose your hat? I didn’t see it on you in one of the pictures. Sounds like you had a little fun with the boat ride and swimming. Miss You! Love, D’Ette

  4. Hello all, just wanting you to know we are enjoying the blogging and the pictures! Glad to know you are blessing others and being blessed as well. Can’t wait to hear from you all in person about your adventures in Haiti! As always, you are in our prayers! Love, Kenlyn and John

  5. Greetings from Macomb! What a full & busy weekend happening worldwide. I attended Dr. Kurka’s lecture series about BioEthics & creationism, the one sponsored by Barry Reed and CSC. I am virtually enjoying God’s paradise-creation by your pictures & stories, like Ed’s great description of the water. How incredible is our Great God able to hold nature in the delicate balance for mankind. For those who have an eye to see . . . Surely Sunday will be a productive day for God’s Church in Haiti.

    Today, we had a wonderful day of praise and worship and Jason shared the good news about ‘impactful giving’. So yes, the flock was fed and the music ministered both, down to God’s people, & upward like incense. We’re praying in the Holy Spirit with you & again tonight at city hall for the Haitian people. That God would open their eyes, soften the hearts, & harden their resolve to learn more about His love through Jesus Christ. & all God’s people said . . . ^_^ Amen!

  6. Hey Karen and all……….”the walkers” tried to give a response from the Old Dairy—but I somehow pushed the wrong button at the wrong time!! Imagine that!!
    I love all the pictures—has been rewarding just following your pictures and “posts” each day. It has been a great way to follow your mission.
    We think about you every day and know that both You and They are being rewarded!!!!

    Keep up the great work……………….

  7. I was in Haiti in June and I love reading this blog!!!! I truly miss the Northwest Haiti Mission sooooooo much!!

  8. Hi, Karen! You are really missed here! Chad is chaperoning Eli’s trip to Dickson Mounds tomorrow. Tonight Isa and I had youth group. Pretty much the same but I sure miss our walks! You know I am jealous of the beach time but you all enjoy it! You all are doing great work and are an inspiration to us here. Love the pics!

    Love you, Lori

  9. Mom,
    Went to Church in am, then store, then Eli and i went deer hunting. Saw 10 – good time.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Chad, et. al.

  10. Hi Austin and MACC group!! It’s been such a blessing to be able to see and hear about what ya’ll are doing each day. I really missed you a lot today! You missed our usual “house cleaning” week-end! 🙂 (Aren’t you lucky!) I know you are just being a teenager, but sometimes I wonder if you are getting my posts, since you don’t comment much. Lots of love, you are in my prayers. Love, Moma

  11. We rejoice with you in God’s creation and His unswerving faithfulness. We are looking forward to hearing from you all when you return home. It probably will seem pretty dull after witnessing the excitement of ministering to those who want to hear more, or who have never heard the “Good News”. We do miss you all and that God for using you all there.

  12. Looks like you are having fun on the boat and in the water. I bet your numbers are good, sounds like you are eating healthy food.. I am anxious to hear more about the people and your experiences when you get home. God bless.

  13. Karen— we need to be walking!! You are probably working and building up good health there, while I am sitting on my behind here just looking at the pictures of the hard work you all are doing! Probably will not have time to post tonight… we all left the house this morning at 7:30 am and have a full day until 8:30 pm (we are all going to the Mock Election at WIU tonight). Really ready for Thanksgiving break. Whew! So, here is today’s post and, as always, we miss you! The kids say “We love you, grandma!”


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