Maple Ave Day 7…

Hey Everybody,
Hope you had a great time in worship today.  We had a wonderful experience worshipping with our brothers and sisters in Christ here in Haiti.  It is such a great reminder that heaven will be an international worship service 24/7.  It was great to be reminded that worship is not about bands, lights, buildings, or smooth transitions. It is not about air temperature, seating arrangements, or volume issues – but it is about Him.  No matter what our circumstances God is to be the focus of our worship.  I was reminded of that today when a lady who had traveled 2 1/2 hours (after we had a big rain storm last night and the roads were a muddy mess) walked and was in our worship service this morning for one reason…Her Creator God. What a testimony it really is about Him!

After worship we came back and had lunch and then we met and put together the water purification system and made 45 gallons of fresh, bacteria free, parasite free water! It tasted just like Macomb tap (that could be good or not).  Nene, the gentleman that will be in charge of running the system each day, was an absolute delight to work with.  The exciting thing is that we are putting the system to work tomorrow as we find a good and central location so that as many people as possible have the availability to have clean drinking water.

Today was a great day and though we miss all of you we are excited to be doing God’s work here.  Look forward to seeing you all later this week.  – Donnie


Hi all,
It’s really good to hear from you and get a little taste of what is going on back home.  It’s especially great to hear what’s going on with the g’kids.  Thanks!  I’m doing great.  Miss all of you a lot and it will be so good to see you.
Love to all,
Mom (Karen)


Kelly and Kids, I love you guys so much and I will be glad to be home with you in a few days.  I hope you are having a great time.  Love you Dad/Donnie


Hi to D’Ette, JuJu and SheShe, small group and friends  so good to read your notes.  Today was a good day!  I did not lose my hat  but hair has not grown back. I thought maybe with being closer to the equator it would come back.  Food is pretty good Love ED


  1. Hey Donnie! Glad it has been a great trip and that you are enjoying your time there. We just got back from a good time in Rockford. The kids are getting anxious to see you. Love the pictures. Lots to talk about when you get back 🙂 love you!

  2. Dad, Was it your job to kink the hose? Haha. The worship service sounds wonderful. Sam and Andy come home today from California. I hope you are taking lots of pictures! We love you! JuJu

  3. Your prayers for the Spirit to speak through Jason worked. His message was fantastic! Your stories and pictures are truly inspiring! How I wish I was there with you! Wishing you a wonderful last few days in Haiti! -Tiffany Aguilera

  4. Happy Monday morning! This little community effort in Haiti is having such a wonderful ripple effect thanks be to God. What a blessing to put together the filtration system to yield water. I saw the picture of (was it) Nene’s (?) big smile next to the contraption from the picture on the blog. I’m reposting it on the website. It’s a’worldly’ site, but all the more reason to shed a beacon of light as an example of future possibilities. I’m praying that many of the scientists on this site will show an interest to start a dialogue as well. I’m following 5,000 people (yes, 5,000!) Nene’s smile will be infamous. Shine on brothers & sisters in Haiti, Shine on! ^_^

  5. We love hearing about your busy days! It sounds like you are doing many wonderful things for the community.

    Mom, The kids & I don’t have school on Friday. We would love to come down if you are going to be home! We all miss you lots! It sure is getting dark early now! Bailey is having a hard time adjusting to the time change, but she will get it figured out. Brady says, “Hello Grandma. I hope you get back soon!”

    Can’t wait to hear what you have been up to!

    Love Ya!

  6. Jason had a great message. Then he had to paint the children’s room….you should have seen him and Cindy mixing the paint!!!! Have a safe and happy time there and a safe trip back to us. Great pictures! Ed, if you stay warm all winter, I’ll be amazed.

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