Maple Ave Day 8…

Today was a busy and full day.  Diane, Austin, and Karen walked through a section of town with their interpreter hoping to encounter children.  As it turned out, most of them were in school.  We did have the opportunity to read a book to one child and paint the fingernails of a few women. They loved that! As we were walking past one school the teacher saw us and asked us to come in and pray for the school and the students.  He said the educators are working very hard, but it is difficult.  We walked on to a second school where we were equally welcomed.  While there Diane and Karen painted many, many fingernails and Austin played with the boys blowing bubbles.  Many prayers were requested by teachers and individuals alike.

Donnie, Bruce, and Ed set up the water filtration system and cleaned 55 gallons of water for the people in a short amount of time.  What a blessing for the people of this community.  Nene has learned how to operate the system and thought the women of the town were going to bring buckets after their Bible study to take water to their homes.

After lunch we returned to Savane to spend time with the kids there and Diane and Bruce each taught a Bible lesson.  More fingernail painting, bubbles, soccer, being chased by the kids through the grass, loving on the children, snuggling with some of the little ones, and getting home just before dark.   Several of the girls wiped the nail polish off after we painted them, only to return to have them repainted.  We were told they simply wanted the touch!  Dark comes at 5:30 here.  Such a delicious meal was waiting for us…, plantains, pates (like an empanadas), green beans, and pineapple upside downcake.

We appreciate the comments, prayers, and thoughts that you are sending our way.


Hey all,
Continue to do great here.  I think after all of the nails I painted today, I can be a manicurist when I grow up!  We are all healthy and feel like we are accomplishing a lot, however, there are so many needs here.  It’s so good to hear about what everyone is doing at home. I miss and love you all.
BTW Sheryl……Austin is doing great and is a great addition to this team!  🙂
Mom (Karen)


Hey everybody, good to hear from all of you.  Today was a great day, just sitting and playing with the kids was an awesome experience.  It is cool to love on the kids, but the coolest thing is when they love on you.  Kelly and kids I miss you guys so much.  I hope you are doing well and will see you soon.  Donnie/Dad


Hi mom! Sorry for not posting anything. Things are still going well here but it’s also exhausting. I hope everything is going well at home and at school. Tell dad I love him and i cant wait to see you both. Love Austin
ohhh yeah i love you too Amber and make sure you call me Thursday so we can talk. — Austin


Hi D’Ette  I have heard your posts  can’t wait to see you    I lost 40 lbs and grew lots of hair  Love ED


  1. Hi Ed,
    Good to see you driving again! Will you paint my nails? Take care of yourself! Miss you! Call me so I can pick you up on Thursday morning at the church. Love, D’Ette

  2. Karen, it is amazing to fly through the regular days here and then see your pictures and read your letters. It really strikes me that you all are doing something so valuable with the time God has given you… it inspires me to think about what I can do here at home (painting finger nails here just does not do the trick, haha!). We are so excited to have you almost home again… The kids are good and say “Hi! And come home soon!:” The beginning of the week is always a late night for them, they were tired this morning from swimming, piano lessons, homework, and all of the extra things of last night. You are in our prayers and thoughts,

    Love you,

  3. Hi to All
    I expect everyone will hear this w/finely manicured nails by now–so I’ll dive right in. ^_^ In social media, like facebook, we’re doing “A month of Thanksgiving & posting something about which we’re thankful for each day in November.”

    Today, mine was about *Leadership: It’s everyone’s business.* I’m thankful for ‘excellent leadership’ in all areas of life and in continually learning more about it. Kouzes & Posner wrote about the 5 exemplary practices and YOU all are living examples of the leadership challenge to:
    1. Model the Way
    2. Inspire a shared vision
    3. Challenge the process
    4. Enable others to Act
    5. Encourage the Heart

    Whether it’s something simple, like Donnie’s ‘Forrest Gump’ smiley face T-shirt, or Austin being exhausted, probably from still growing himself, to everyone sharing the love of Jesus our ultimate Leader & Savior. Bringing up the next generation of leaders is a blessing. I’m glad to hear the children are busy in school–as it should be.

    P.S. Karen, I was at the Dentist yesterday & Steve Nelson said he’s been watching your house for you. What a small world! I mentioned MACC & he mentioned you, & I said, “Do you mean Karen whose in Haiti?” & that’s how we knew it was you. Leadership influence is very far reaching & you’re all Leaders in my book. Peace be with you all! Sincerely, Amelia

  4. Austin, thanks for replying!!! Just got back from Wal-Mart and have the Inheritance book waiting for you Also, Karen thanks for the sweet comment about my boy!!

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