Pumpkin Soup For Everyone…

It’s tradition to share pumpkin soup on New Year’s Day. All over Haiti-  on this day – you will find individuals sharing soup with their friends, family, and neighbors. It’s a really beautiful sight to see.

Unfortunately for those in the fishing villages – they have no means to make the soup. For years and years they’ve been unable to participate in this Haitian tradition. In 2011 – we changed that!!

This past January we surprised Karenage & KaPaFu with soup! I can’t even begin to tell you how much it meant to them. First of all we provided a meal. So many are unable to eat every day. Secondly – we did it on their biggest holiday of the year. Time and time again that day they thanked God for remembering them!

We would like to do the same thing this year and include Preskul. Simply put – I need a total of $600.00 ($200/village) so that we can surprise them again this year! If you would like to create another precious memory for these villages and donate towards this pumpkin soup feast  – you can do so by:

1) Clicking here – This will allow you to donate online with a credit card. Please write Pumpkin Soup in the notes section.

2) Sending a check to: NWHCM 7271 S Mayflower Park  Zionsville, IN 46077 – Castillo Family/Pumpkin Soup

Below are some posts from this past year’s celebration!

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New Years Day In The Mole…

What a wonderful day of fellowship! This is the first of 3 blogs I will post about today!

The women worked tirelessly making soup all day yesterday until 4am this morning. We sent teams out to visit Ka Pa Fu and Karanage at 9:30am. We started serving soup out of the church at 10am. I loved watching people coming/going non-stop through the church gate. Many of the kids were skipping down the street and the old folks were licking the bowls clean! Everyone was smiling! You heard nonstop –  BÒN ANE  – outside the gate! This pleasant little sleepy village was all abuzz today! We prayed with the adults as they came through the doors and played with the kids as they waited to get their soup! So much fun!

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Happy New Year Ka Pa Fu!

I am most excited to share about the visit to Ka Pa Fu! Imagine just sitting around your house. You don’t have any hope for making a meal today. It’s supposed to be the best day of the year – yet you have nothing. It’s just a regular day. No excitement. Then from the distance – you see a little yellow boat headed your way. How unexpected! Visitors?

That’s what happened today! They had no idea we would be delivering them soup. As the boat pulled up the people were jumping up and down – just excited that we were visiting them. When we pulled out the soup – again – they were totally surprised! What a beautiful gift that YOU helped us deliver!

The soup was finger-licking good! They were licking the bowls clean. Many would not have eaten anything today – had it not been for our delivery! Mr Nene told me afterwards – what a tragedy had we not shown up today. He told me it would have been a sin. They needed that blessing today!

I was watching the video and looking at the pictures and it made me cry! You can really see their enjoyment. It’s amazing what a little bit of hope can do for a village! I have some pictures and a video posted below! It was beautiful! Simply – beautiful!

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