2012 Rockstars – Day 6…

From PVBC:

Jody (the missionary here) tells the story that when the earthquake hit, CNN was filming and in the background while they filmed, some of the Haitians were singing this in the midst of their loss and devastation.

Tout bagay deja byen -Depi Jezi chita sou thwone

Which means  –

Everything is already OK – Because Jesus still sits on his throne!!!

I have to ask myself, is that my song in the midst of crisis? Is that my song all the time? Is it your song? Would you sing that if an earthquake swallowed up everything you own, your family, your children, life as you know it????

Today the men worked tirelessly to finish up their triple tier bunk beds….these men are amazing! Sharon, Andrea, and Cindy you would be brought to tears if you could see your husbands work diligently at construction…. and at the same time instruct the Haitian workers. Not only are they working together side by side, but they are building lasting relationships that will forever impact both us and them.

The ladies gracefully hiked their skirts up and stepped into boats this morning. We enjoyed a beautiful and breezy ride with the sun in our faces and the Lord in our hearts. We headed to a fishing village 2 to 3 miles by boat across the Bay area. Kim presented the Gospel with the power of the Holy Spirit upon her. We all spent time with the people of Preskul fishing village, handed out snacks, and enjoyed some fellowship together.

We all spoke with a man named Alex who was sure that God cared more about the white people then Asians and blacks. I encourage you all to ponder that for a minute ….. that is something we should all let set in. In the book “Hole in our gospel” is something like this (I don’t have the book so this is just my memory)…If all the Christians in the USA would truly give the 10% God asks us to, we could rid the world hunger epidemic (again….I hope I am remembering that stat correctly…but still, you see my point).

Is it our fault that Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere? NO, but are those of us “seemingly fortunate american’s” showing the love of Jesus? Are we being His hands and feet? I would say as a collective unit : WE ARE NOT! If we were, would men like Alex wonder if God loves America more than Haiti?

In a Bible study that NWHCM gives us, it defines poverty as: a consequence we have due to sin which leads to broken relationships, and separation from God due to sinful decisions. So, I am guessing since we are all sinners, many of us in America are suffering from poverty…poverty of joy which comes from being in a deep fulfilling relationship with Christ. In that definition, many Haitians are very rich!!! Bringing it back to the song I listed above….I ask you again…..are you so rich, so prosperous, so wealthy in the Lord that when crisis hits in the blink of an eye that you sing:

Everything is already OK

Because God still sits on his throne!!!

Happiness and Blessings,

Mendy Shirver


From Black Mountain: well today was an exciting day. David gave a great devotion this morning. we took a 40 minute boat ride to a remote fishing village where Kelly led a vacation bible school and painted nails. the ride back was quite an experience. we cut out some more parts for the boat, it has been a great experience working with a Haitian boat builder.

my life has been changed this week, i cant belive how much this trip has been an eye opener cant wait to share see y’all soon. Austin

Today we went by boat to the fishing village and told the parable of the lost sheep. So cool to tell the story and hear it being told back in Creole. All of the houses were thatch roof. They had fishing nets all around with snapper, conch and parrot fish. It was like you would see in the movies! Such an honor to tell the story and to be reminded of how God searches for us. He knows each of us by name- if we wander away He knows and will search for us until we are found safe in His arms. Then snack and then some played soccer and some painted toenails for the women. It was so sweet to hold each foot in my lap and pray for each one. I asked them to sing and they sang in creole about the joy in their heart. They have not seen a white person since August. The boat ride was interesting –  a combination of splash mountain a wet t-shirt contest (Aaron won!) Tanners- thanks for loving Rayney. Wondering how she would like it down here…

Faith your husband rocked the worship yesterday with a guitar – thought you would want to know.

Austin and David have done the devotions for our group, Jacob is going to sing Prince of Peace. Funny that the men of our group have shied  away but the “up and coming” men have been impressive. They will be incredible leaders.

John has learned Miss Mary Mack with style. Richard is getting worked by the kids in basketball and soccer. Jason and his quiet thoughtful way is always there to help and speak encouragement to those around him. Wes is straight out of M.A.S.H.. He has got some of the best one-liners. My kids are amazing. Gray now has a machete and a whip! (it is Mardi Gras down here and all the boys are popping them in the street) Pray that we don’t end up in the clinic. Willa is jumping rope like a mad woman and Miss Mary Macking ad nauseam… My husband is my hero. It is because of him and his willingness to lead that we are all here. Thank you God for that man! Feeling blessed and tired. -Kelly

PS Kari thanks for not waiting for the billboard- we might not be down here! Your little sister is proud to walk in your footsteps.

Family, thank you all for your support. I love you and miss you. I have a lot of great stories. John


Garden, Goats, Chicken, Clinic Team

Up at the crack of dawn to plant beans, corn and melons. Then to water goats in the stream, stubborn little guys. The goats taught us that there is always a leader and most will follow if we figure out who it is! The chickens were sorted and sent off with families to live. The chick coops are well made and have a lot of character. The clinic was so full this afternoon that we had to send 32 home to return in the morning. A noon dip in the sea refreshed us all and the afternoon flew by. Our team is quite the group and we are all very motivated to do our work. Surely the Lord is in this place.


  1. Wonderful pictures and wonderful stories, can’t wait to see more pictures and hear more stories. Praise God for people like you all, continue to minister and let the glory of the Lord shine through each one of you.

  2. Dear Jacob, Austin, And David,
    I miss you three so so much. Its wiered with out you three around. i can’t wait to see your faces when you get back. Jacob….. I love you to death and can’t wait to see you on saturday on the skii retreat. I miss you like crazy. I hope you are having a fantastic time. Austin… I miss you like crazy. My best friend is gone. I cant wait to see you at school on monday.. I love you. David…. I miss you and Your jesus self. It is wiered having you three gone but I cant wait to have you guys back your my heros. I love you all and hope you are having a fantastic time.
    Love you so much,

  3. Yoooo Jacob! I am going to kill you for not sharing that your trip would be blogged. Sounds like things are going great. I am really glad you have been able to experience this. I praying for you constantly. Be safe, do the wise thing, have fun, and serve. See you on Friday.


  4. Well John, I’m glad to hear you have picked up some new skills!! Maybe you can teach us when you get home! I love reading the updates each night and just wish I could be there to experience this with you! We are doing fine – everyone sends their love!! I just got Eli down to sleep – he was stubborn tonight and we could definitely have used Daddy’s touch! We all miss you so much and can’t wait for you to get home!! Stay safe and we will continue to pray for you all.

    Kelly and the boys

  5. Ryan-
    It’s awesome to see what God has done through you- all because you grabbed the last open slot last year! I pray that the rest of your time bears fruit- that you have a great impact on the people there, and that you yourself are mightily transformed.


  6. I believe you Kelly, I love it when Aaron worships! Aaron, Aiden saw the picture of you with the kids and he said, “There’s my daddy with my friends!”

    Continuing to pray for open hearts, minds uplifted, mouths full of praise, and energy for tired bodies.

    Getting more and more excited as your return date nears to hear all your stories!

  7. Love, love, love the pictures tonight. Especially the one of the multicolored hands, Willa playing with the little Haitian girl, and the ones of our strong Christian men surrounded by precious Haitian children!

    Tonight at women’s group we covered you all in prayer. It is so awesome to me that the women of our church are able to come together and support our men… I think that pleases the Lord. God has used this trip in such a mighty way in my life this week… I can only imagine the ways he has grown you. I hope this is the first of many ways Isight can reach outside of ourselves to boldly spread the Gospel as the body of Christ!

    Wes, I really miss you. I pray for you continually and am so very proud of who you are.

    Please do not bring home any scabies.


  8. Jason – you continue to be our thoughts and prayers! I can’t wait to hear all about your experiences and how God’s impact is spreading through y’all. See you soon. xo Beth & Dan

  9. McKayla,

    I just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you and what you are doing. I have been thinking about you alot and can’t wait to hear your stories. I love you!!


  10. Oh, I just love the pictures…I know you are in your element playing sports with the kids down there. I CAN’T wait till your home. This has been a good but long week without you, but I couldn’t be happier that you are there. Just updates here…everything has gone smoothly and I’ve gotten everything done you needed with work…printed statements, people paid, etc., and even have the heat on for Carol! We love you tons!! I think this will be the last thing you read from us before we see you Friday night…so just know that we are praying for you (and your adventure on the puddle jumper:), we adore you, and know that you are in the loving hands of our Father. Thumb kiss ~Heidi

  11. Wow, this is truly awesome to see the work our friends are involved in! What a life changing trip! Ok, question, can anyone answer this? This girl in the picture with McKayla, is her name by any chance Christela? She bears a STRIKING resemblance to a girl we sponsored through world vision. After the earthquake she dropped out of the program to work and help support her family. If anyone knows please let me know!

  12. Kim, Makayla, Mendy and the rest of the Pleasant Valley Crew. The Gentry family has been praying for all of you. Looks like you all are having a great time sharing Gods word with the people there. I have enjoyed reading the posts on here and looking at all the pictures. I have been very nervous about my trip to Haiti next month. Seeing the work you all are doing there has brought me peace. Praying everyone has a safe trip home. Can’t wait to see you all.

  13. Kim and McKayla, I have been praying for you every day! Somehow I know that our Father has done some awesome work! (both in accomplishing the tasks that you set out to do while you were there, and that personally God has met you and spoken to you very intimately this week. I am praying today for strength for you as you leave Haiti. I know you will leave a piece of your heart there, and that will be difficult. The pictures have been very moving, and I know that you all have made a great difference in the lives of the people you have served. Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice….. WE REALLY MISS YOU!!!! It has been a long week, God bless our friends who have made it run so smoothly. Kim, sorry to tell you that Rolanda has returned Creighton because as she put it, “He’s just too big!” LOL!!!! (isn’t that the best joke you’ve ever heard?) I will try to get the house in order, with any help, maybe i can finish putting away the christmas decorations! We really can’t wait to hear all of the stories that you will surely have for us! You have spent a week being “ground troups” in the Lords army! that is too cool!! I am so happy that you have gotten to have this experience!! Can’t wait to see you! Love, Dan, AKA Daddy, Emma, and Bri.

  14. I loved all the pictures and am so excited to hear about the relationships that you have all made during your time in Haiti! Even through the pictures, I can see Jesus’ light shining through the smiles of the mission teams and of the Haitians. Very beautiful.

    It was awesome covering all of you in prayer with the women’s group last night. Through praying for all of you, God has pulled me closer to Him and worked in my heart in ways I certainly did not expect!

    Jason – I can’t wait to see you tomorrow! Lots of prayer for safe travel coming your way!

    From Abigail: “I want to tell daddy that I love him and that I feel better.”

  15. Hi Kim and McKayla, I just sent a message but somehow it didn’t post. I just want you to know that I am praying for you that your hearts will be comforted as you leave Haiti. I know that you will be leaving a piece of your heart there, that must be difficult. We can’t wait for you to return home! I’m sure that you have all kinds of stories to tell. We have missed you a lot! Everything is fine here, I think!? We have the most awesome friends!! Just know that soon you will be able to come home and relax and see the rest of your family again! I wish that I had more time, but I have to get back to work! Love you!!! Dan, AKA Daddy

  16. We are so excited to hear all of your stories when you get back. It has been really cool to see God use your trip to get everyone at Isight excited about sharing the gospel. We pray that you will have safe travels home.

    Kelly, a few of us are making calls on Saturday. I wish you could be there with us; but I hope that your extra week in Haiti is wonderful, and that God opens doors for you if you are feeling called to spend more time there with your family. It is obvious from the stories you have already told that God is using you in big ways there.

    Haley likes looking at the pictures today too. She did not like the guys in costumes, but really likes the pictures of the little girls in Haiti.

  17. We are so proud of you and the work you have accomplished with God’s help and love guiding you. You are in our prayers/ Love Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Vic

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