A Lamp Unto My Feet And A Light To My Path!

One of the greatest needs for a Haitian Christian that is looking to go deeper is a Bible and a songbook! In the states we often carry our Bible to church. But in Haiti – they carry their Bible everywhere they go! In fact – not only do they carry their Bibles but they also carry their songbooks!

This past Sunday we gave away cases and cases of both to those yearning to go deeper!

While few in our surrounding villages can read and write – those that can often read their Bibles to their extended families and neighbors! This is how the Word is spread! They use their songbook to teach their loved ones how to praise Jesus!

While the voodoo drums beat at night and sacrifices are made in darkness….not every home will cower in fear! You can also hear faint voices singing How Great Thou Art and There is Power – Power – Wonder Working Power in the Blood of the Lamb!

One by one, Bible by Bible, songbook by songbook – those voices grow louder! And I know in my heart we will one day overpower those drums and the darkness that surrounds them!

And no matter what language you speak – there is nothing more precious or more powerful than a home that lifts up their voices and gives God the Glory!

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