Crossroads Day 4…

Hi, it’s Jennifer. Today was a good day. In VBS, we learned about the Sword of the Spirit and about prayer. These are two tools that are very important in fighting the evil that these children face everyday. We played games and had a really good talk with the children to let them know that God loves them and cares for them. We walked some children home. Lauren E. and I got to walk two little girls into town. One of them, Katie, insisted on helping me carry some of the things I was bringing back from VBS. Then we got to meet her mother. All the way, I prayed over these girls.

Continue to pray for us, because God is doing amazing things here. I know my purpose here. I know that what I have faced in my life, some not so good, happened for a reason. As we told the kids today, even though bad things happen, things that are not your fault, it is not because God wants bad things to happen to us. But if they do, because of the sin in the world, it is our choice how we react. I was able to use my past to show these children how forgiveness and love can eventually heal all wounds.

Ok, enough seriousness. I’m hungry and it’s time to eat! By the way, for those of you who know how picky I am about what I eat, I am eating spicy food, vegetables and fruit that I’ve never seen before, and stuff that I’m still not sure what it was!! And, by request of the little girls on my team, I will be having my hair braided tomorrow morning, so I’ll make sure to get a picture (no Joel, I’m not cutting my hair!). Love you all, and as you pray for me, I am praying for you. Until next time, au revoir!


Hey everyone, its Ryan, never blogged before so we’ll see how this goes. Well im sure you guys have heard this a million times already but i gotta say it. Haiti is so amazing! words and all the pictures can’t even come close to describing how beautiful it is here, there’s nothing to distract you from seeing and enjoying all of Gods gorgeous creations. Its a little hot at night but its nothing to complain about, but then when we wake up we get to see all the orphans and the second they see you they swarm ya but again no complaints there at all.

Then right after that we go get some breakfast which is mostly cereal then vbs! which has been awesome! the first day was a little bumpy cause, well, it was the first day, but it wasnt bumpy enough to mess up anything or from seeing God at work in us and with the kids. I mean its only like the second full day here and i already feel like God has changed me so much, and the kids have the biggest impact on you, i know it will not be easy to leave here at all. and another great thing is that at night we do worship and we asked them if they have bongo drums or a bucket or something for me to play or bang on and they end up bringing out a complete drum set! yeah! yes one of my drum sticks are an actually stick off a tree but hey i get to play drums in Haiti, how sick is that!?! But anyways I cant wait to see what else God has in store for me and all of the rest of us. so until the next time i blog or when i get home bye everyone! Love you and miss you all! Orevwa! (that’s bye in Haitian)


Hey everyone, its Jennette. Today was yet another great day. It is so neat to see these children just run up to us now that they know we are part of the VBS. We had a few kids yesterday walk us home and then stay with us for a while. Then this morning a few of the kids were out early and walked us to VBS. They are so excited to see us. God is truly working in our lives and in these kids lives. After VBS we had the opportunity to walk some kids home. it felt like the whole group walked home with us. We specifically walked one girl home and had the opportunity to talk with her mom and grandma. We asked if there was anything we can pray for and her mom asked us to pray for their finances, heath, sick family members, and family in general. So we prayed right there with the little girl, Anonise, her mom and her grandma. They were so grateful and to see the looks on their faces after we were done praying was priceless!! I will never forget that moment. Looking forward to walking others home tomorrow. God is great and powerful, I am just waiting and will to do his work. Mark, I love and miss you and am so looking forward to sharing all my experiences with you. I usually do not journal, but so much has happened that I do not want to forget all that I have experienced. Love you Justin and Emily, hope to hear you guys blog to me too! LOL!


Hello everyone, its Lauren G and my first time ever blogging so sorry if its sounds funny. haha Anyway i am having an amazing and heart touching time in the Mole. All the people here are so friendly and welcoming. The children are so adorable and precious. The simplest things make them smile. Janessa and I were painting the girls nails for the past 2 days and its so touching when they say thank you with a huge smile on their faces.

One thing that has happened to me that i will never forget and that broke my heart is on the second day we were watching Courageous and I just sat in the middle of all the young boys and as soon as the movie started a couple of boys came over to me and i put one hand over one boys heart and with my other hand i held a little boys hand and i put my cheek on another boys head and i just started to pray over them for God to just comfort them and keep them safe and that they will come to get to know him. It was so overwhelming tears just started to flow down my cheeks.

These children are so loving and precious and some of them don’t know what it feels like to be loved and cared about so much. I just want to hold and love on every single child. Another special moment I had was on the night of the third day. Everybody was laying in bed sleeping (it was around 1am) and i just woke up and started to hear people singing and a drum going and my mind just jumped to thinking it was a voodoo since and I got soooo scared. I jumped into bed and cuddled with Kourtney. And what was soo amazing was that Kourtney and I just prayed and sang worship together till I felt better.

God has given me so many friends and I am so blessed to have Kourtney, Janessa and Jennette. This trip has brought everybody so much closer together. I’m loving it in Haiti and loving everything it has to offer me. God has called me here for a great reason and im so happy and blessed to be here. I have drawn sooo much closer to God became so much more open with speaking about Him and his love. Mommy i love you and i miss you and daddy so much. I cant wait to get home and share all my stories with you.<3 Love Lauren Gordon:) p.s i hope you’re not worrying too much i am perfect fine and the people here are great.


God bless everyone, it is a fixed fight, when you look at the pretty little faces, and the love that comes from their eyes you begin melting. they hold you tight, and i hold them back. I call God angels to protect the precious little people and deliver them from evil in Jesus name. If i could i would bring many of them home. Please pray for a break through in these beautiful people’s lives. Philemon


Hey Sugar, thank you for all the updates back home. I am glad to hear that Ethan is stepping up and being a good Lil Man. Give him my love. Glad to hear from Mom and Dad also. I have been enjoying every minute here but feeling there is more to be done. The rest of this time is going to fly by and I pray that there is an impact left as we leave. There have been some intense things and I feel for these children. Our lives are so amazing and blessed. I wish these children could experience just a small piece of how easy and plentiful our lives actually are. I love you Jamie.


Today was very obviously led by God and it went very well. We had the opportunity to talk to these kids about some serious issues here in Haiti. Mom, I pray for tomorrow and that you welcome him for me! Sing to him for me Ashley, love you oodles(: I love you so much already Collin and I you’re not even here yet! I love you Dad, hug baby Collin for me tomorrow! Take lots of pictures for me Bud, I can’t wait to see our new brother! I’ll be waiting for pictures(((: Love you all as big as the moon<3 Kourtney


Today, I started my day spending my morning in the orphanage. I walked in and was surrounded within a minute with all the little ones, hugging me. Their wasnt one part of me that wasnt covered with kids for hours and hours!!! Its amazing what a little love can do to bring a smile to these kids faces. I spent the rest of the day helping at VBS, and still holding the kids hands and getting them to smile. The lord has narrowed the focus of this trip, and I know I was meant to join, as the lord has used me in specific situations with my specific gifts, which after this trip I wont doubt anymore.

Being around these kids makes me miss my two beautiful daughters, and I feel so blessed that they will never endure what these children here deal with in their daily life. Love you Emily & Kate, I hope you know Mommy did this, to help others & to grow in the lord, which will ultimately make me a better more loving, more patient, and more grateful mom. Cant wait to have my arms around you two. Love Momma


Sister Sue, it was so good to hear from you today. Another succesful day at VBS, the kids loved it and were so excited to play and learn things. These are some of the most amazing children I have ever met, they have some much love to give and I’m like a sponge soaking it all in and loving it, not to mention how much I have to give them in return. Every day is better than the first, heat? no problem Tammy, God has answered my prayers and it doesn’t bother me much at all. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, seeing and playing with my new friends and teaching them about Jesus and how much He loves them. I miss and love you sister Sue, can you show Uncle Dave the blog and see if he would leave a comment so I know he’s seeing all the wonderful things God is doing over here. Michelle


Dear Mima. I have had A lot of fun in Haiti. There is A lot of kids in Haiti. I love you so much. today is our third day in VBS. I have A lot of friends. I got to hold baby 5 month old Isabella. It is so beautiful. Kids always hang on me. they like me as A friend. I hope you catch A lot of fish. -Genesis

P.S. Genesis just lost that loose tooth while showing off her karate skills!


I love you Mima & Grandpa Howard. I hope you have fun. I miss you. I will be back soon. I love you Grandpa Sans & Grandma Roberta. I miss you. I hope I see you. I will be back soon. -From Kelilah

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  1. Thank you so much for all the updates, I just get so excited when a new update is posted. Reading everyone’s blogs brought tears to my eyes,It is just so touching. God is working through you all and you can see it from here. Jd I love you so much and I know your loving being there but you are not allowed to stay lol 😉 Ethan and I will keep praying for you all! Love you babe!

  2. Jennette, It very exciting to hear that God is working in your heart. I’m glad you’re getting to experience some personal time with the kids and families, i’m sure there’s not too much of that there. The love you hold through Christ is obvious, especially when you have kids running up to you first thing in the morning. Just relate that to how excited Justin and Emily get when they haven’t seen you for a little while, they’re just overwhelmed with emotion since they know you care and love them. I miss you just doesn’t come close to how I feel, but I know that God is moving in your life, and I’m really looking forward to hearing you share it all with me.

    Ryan, I pray that this trip is opening your eyes to the work that God could have in store for you. I would love to being challenging you more and growing alongside you as we walk this thing out with Christ. I know that your soul will be set on fire for him and it’s only the beginning this year! You’re truly blessed to be able to use your talents there, glad you got to play the drums!!!

    Janessa, I hope and pray that you continue to realize what a tremendous person you are. God has given you strength and love that I pray you share not only with those in Haiti, but also those around you when you come home! Oh, and as odd as this sounds, my phone has been quite lonely, it’s missing your texts. 😛

    Kourtney, I see growth that makes me proud. It’s tough being a youth leader, but your strength and Christlikeness just make the hard times worth it. You’re desire and love for Jesus are the reason I share with everyone the way I do. <3

    Lauren G, lots of prayers have been said for you by Jennette and I over the last few months that God would change your life on this trip. I will continue to pray that you experience HIM like never before and that you come home desiring a relationship with Christ like you've never had.

    Love you all.

    Jennette, words cannot express the depth of my love for you. I miss you deeply and anxiously await your return. 🙂

  3. Ryan, Great to hear from you tonight. Sounds like the Lord is truly blessing you in Haiti no words can express how blessed Iam to hear this. Just to read what
    you wrote tells me that the Lord has changed both your lives I remenber going to Germany over 20 years ago and the work we did there still to this day it changed my life.
    Always praying for you all please give Janessa a big huge hug for me. Miss and love you both …DAD

  4. Genesis and Kelilah

    Grandpa Howard and MiMa are so very proud of you both. We miss you and look forward to seeing you and have you tell us the wonderful stories of you time in Haiti. We love you.
    …. Grandpa Howard and MiMa

  5. Great hearing everyone’s comments tonight on your day. 🙂 So happy to hear you all have fallen in love with Haiti and the people especially the children. Crossroads and many more are continuing to pray for you all. Ryan, great job blogging too! Really sounds like God is really blessing you by blessing these sweet children. So glad you got to play drums too! Especially great to see you both using your gifts to touch others. Janessa, hope you are taking LOTS of pictures of everything and everybody. So proud of you both. Sleep well . Praying for you both. Miss you lots! Tylor says hi and he loves you both. Tell Kourtney I will be going to see her momma and baby Collin in the morning and I will post on Jody’s twitter or facebook a picture of the little man. Blessings to you all.

  6. Wow! What great blogs today! I’m so happy that everyone is feeling God’s presence and sharing His love. We keep you and everyone in the Mole in our prayers. I hope that each day is blessed. So happy to hear from Lauren G tonight. I have had many people ask me how you are doing. I hope that you are using your journal and writing your thoughts down to share with me when you get back. I’ve been watching the Olympic swim trials and thinking of you. Jake says “hi!” Me & Dad send you lots of love (share some with the kids). Good night. – Mom

  7. Hello gang, I am so happy to hear that you are seeing fruitful results, and for this I give God all the glory. Your love of Christ is exploding in the little children hearts, this is why they look forward to spending time with you.

    Right now in Arkansas I am missing Phil, but Seeing his joy in this incredible opportunity makes the wait worth waiting for. Communicating via blog is an adjustment from just picking up a cell phone and chatting effortlessly, but I have found myself checking this blog more than once a day, just to make communication contact. So,… Am I loving this form of communication? Yes, I believe so.

    Take care each and everyone of you.

  8. I miss you and love you i cant wait to hug you and kiss you, love kately (katelyn). Mom i love you i hope your having a great time. (Emily) .,. Dear Heather i’m so happy you have followed your heart I am proud of you. (Jeremie)

  9. When I read your daily blogs, it really puts life in perspective. A child that can steal your heart with a simple smile; a hand that simply wants held; and a hug that is worth more than anything on Earth. I sit here typing on my laptop, sending a signal through wi-fi and a cable modem, while HD TV plays in the background…all this “stuff” has never meant so little to me, and I am not even there!
    My Sweet Jennifer, if I could only have one thing in this world, I am sorry, but it would have to be the love of Jesus. Thankfully, I can have more than one thing, and for my second “item”, I pick YOU!! I miss you so much, I am sorry that you will have to tell the Haitian children you can’t stay, that you have a family to take care of, and a husband who would slip a tiny sparkle on your finger everyday of your life….I Love You!!

  10. Reading your posts and seeing your pics always makes me cry. Love seeing God work in you and through you. It’s what we are here for! Praying for you all.
    Kourtney, going to see your sweet baby brother. 🙂
    May blessing, safety and stamina be yours today. Tamara

  11. So wonderful to here how God is working each of your lives and the children & families lives! We will continue to pray for many to be touched by God, & forever changed! Again, loving the pics, and can’t wait to hear all the stories when we get to Florida! Keep up Gods work there!

  12. Michelle, I miss you alot! It’s a weird feeling not being able to call or email. Love the pictures and the experiences everyone of you are experiencing of God showing up strong every day. I will keep praying for you and the team. Love, Sister Sue

  13. Penny and I are so proud of what God is doing in each one of your lives as you have become the hands and feet of Jesus for these little ones. The zip code to Hell is being depopulated as you share the message of redeeming love and amazing grace. We continue to pray that God give you wisdom, strength and the ability to “shine” for Him as you labor unselfishly at the Mole. JD and Jennette, we love you both more than we could ever express in words!

  14. Michelle we are tracking you every day. It was me who alerted Sue yesterday! We are so glad you are finding the Spirit in Haiti. Be well we will discuss your posts with Teagan & Toren Love to you and your brothers & sisters in Christ

  15. Greetings to All!

    It has been a blessing to follow along with your Great Adventure in Haiti. The pics and comments you share are touching many of our hearts.I’m greatful that you heard the call and obeyed to take God’s word and love to this country.

    We are all ambassadors of Jesus but many do not hear & follow through with the call. It doesn’t matter your age you will be used and sometimes in such ways that your mind can’t even grasp the life changing effect it will have on others.

    We are people that need to see things with our eyes before we see the need or believe what can truly happen. Now you are experiencing this first hand and your growth of faith and love are ever increasing. Praise God! May you continue to have your faith stretched and renewed as you share part of yourselves with the people of Haiti.

    We continue to pray for your health, stamina, grace, mercy, wisdom, and love to grow and reach unabounding levels for the kingdom of God.

    Thank you and congratulations on what you have accomplished thus far on your journies. May all Glory be to God for your willing hearts. Take care. Have fun and know that we are praying and love you all. ;D

    Sonya Bock ;D

  16. Jennifer Robin – I’m glad you’re having a great time… miss you here! I can’t believe you’re eating spicy food and stuff that you don’t know what it is! When you get back I’m going to have to find lots of stuff for you to try, LOL. Stay safe. LYLAS – Lynn

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