Breakthrough Day 3…


Hello from Haiti. We are starting to get a vision for our goals this week. We started our day with worship in creole. To hear the Haitian people speak the name of Jesus and sing it from the bottom of their hearts was amazing! We had a sermon from pastor Tim from the book of Nehemiah about tearing down the walls and rebuilding. Pray that the people hearing the sermon didn’t get lost in translation. Pray they understand its a spiritual rebuilding not a physical rebuilding.

We spent time after church organizing medications and getting set up to begin our medical clinic. Our clinic was due to start yesterday but 26 of our suitcases are still in route. They are due to arrive today which could actually translate as tomorrow. Pray that our remaining luggage arrives, as their were some on our trips personal supplies and clothing as well. We will be praying over each patient seen tomorrow during our clinic. After all, Jesus is their true healer and we want them to know that above all else.

We are going to an area that is in the mountains and the heat could be an issue for many of us. After organizing and sorting many medications we took a hike to the local beach and spent some time playing ball in the ocean with some locals. The students passed out bracelets for invites into VBS tomorrow and we are ready for dinner and an evening of devotion and praise and worship. Shout outs go to my family, prayer partners and my wonderful children Hannah, Caleb Bec and Cody. I love you and miss you will all my heart. I will be headed home in 5 days!! Love you all Tracey/mom.


What a great day of worship it was as we attended the Haitian worship service in the tent on the NWHCM compound. The children worshiped in the tent next door it was awesome to hear them praising the Lord. The adult service was a blend of Haitian and American. Pastor Tim from Pleasant Valley Baptist Church gave the message that was then interpreted to Creole. I had the joy of holding Christina during most of the service. What a blessing that was as she is a beautiful little girl. Having the opportunity to hold her was a great joy. “Are we loving on her?” Oh yes we are, every minute we get, and we look forward to many more opportunities yet this week.

Following lunch we met with the medical team to organize the supplies for the medical clinics that will take place on Monday. Sharon and I will be joining them as we visit the village of Daniel in the morning. We will then come back to the Mole for a medical clinic in the afternoon. Later in the afternoon it was a walk to the beach to see the beautiful white sand and blue waters.

We look forward to another great day on Monday as we venture out to the village to see many children and adults that may be suffering medical conditions.

What a blessing it is again to be here to love on the kids and help make a difference in this country. WE appreciate your prayers as we continue being HIS face, hands and feet this week.

Tom Snivley


Greetings from Haiti! Today was a great day. Some of us got to worship with the Haitians in their worship service and myself and some other students helped with children’s church. It was an amazing experience to get to see the children worshiping and to have the opportunity to worship with them. We got to act out some of the bible stories for them and just love on them all. It was a blessing to be able to spend that time with them.

After that we took the orphans that came to church back to the orphanage, (by the way all of them are absolutely precious and I love the time we get to spend there) and then came back for lunch. After lunch we got ready for the beach and after a little delay got to spend an hour there. It was nice to have a little relaxation after being in the heat all morning! Then we got ready and we went to invite little girls to our princess “once upon a time” retreat that we are having the next two days. It was sweet to see their excitement and smiling faces about the retreat. So far the trip has been amazing. God has already worked in so many ways and will continue to work as the week goes on. It’s been such a blessing to be able to love on the sweet orphans and all the people of the Mole since we’ve been here. I absolutely love them all and they are all so, so precious. Looking forward to the rest of the week! Thank you all so much for your prayers throughout our journey here!

Hugs from Haiti!



  1. I love all you PV people so much! Shout out to my girl “Aunty Candy”! You are in your element girl….holding sweet fatherless children! Grace, I pray you are touched forever by this experience. I loved the picture of you and the baby! Yo, Jodi, wanna get a milkshake?
    Love, Mendy Shriver

  2. Loove you Auntie Candy! You are in your element. I know you are loving every minute of this trip. Sweet Grace, I pray this trip changes you forever and that you always have a growing passion for loving the fatherless! Tim, I have seen you preach several times, but never in a shirt and tie……waz up wit dat?????? You get more dressed up for the Haitians then the PV peeps? And last but not least, Jodi, (from the persoal trainer) lets do some bicep curls…not wait…lets get a milkshake! “Everything is already OK, because Jesus still sits on HIS thrown!”

  3. please tell Marla I think she is amazing and Ginger Sues is in our future.

    Love, Joelle Miller

  4. Please let Marla know that Joelle is thinking of her and Jack. Let her know that Ginger Sues is in our future!!
    Love, Joelle Miller

  5. Hi Tracey and the rest of the team!! It is exciting to read the blogs and see the pictures. I wish i was there soooo bad!! The children are soooooooo adorable! I see Jesus at work in a big way!!! praying for you all continually and for the people to see and feel the love of Jesus all around them!!! I pray your sleep tonight will be restfull and that tomorrow you will be filled to overflowing with strength and joy and missing luggage!!! Valarie/ Mom

  6. Tim, do not let Mendy give you a hard time about your clothes….remember who you dress to please!! Hahaha.

    Seriously, trust the Father with the words you spoke today and will continue to teach this week. I am praying for the Spirit to move in ways you all cannot ask or imagine!!

    David and Parker – Love you. Miss you. Praying for all you have left to do this week. This house is waaaaaaaay quiet!! Lewis says hi and he misses you, too!

  7. Hello PV friends. Lifting you in prayer this week. Hang tough as the days move on. God is using you in mighty ways!

  8. Grace-You look so happy holding that precious little one for Jesus, He has no hands but our hands, You are showing the heart and love of God! Give them hugs and kisses for and from Grandma Sandi!

  9. Josh, Ben and Hannah Mayfield, we are so proud of you and your hearts for missions. We can see by the pictures that are being posted that you are having a great time with the kids of the Mole. God bless the rest of your time there! We can’t wait to see you and hear about your adventures and what God has done in and through you. The girls ask about you often but they are doing fine. Love, Mom and Dad

  10. Mom and Dad Snivley, Thank you so much for actively living out taking care of what I believe is His highest possession, widow’s and orphans. I sit here on my day off weeping knowing that the example you are actively living out is not only impacting the lives there in Haiti, those you are serving alongside with and those of us that are back here. Thanks for being a living example of what it means to be the hands, feet, hugs and kisses of Christ!

    Love you!
    Brian Snivley

  11. Snivleys, we are praying for you. So glad that you got to spend time with Christiana.

  12. Amberlie, it was great to read your post! I know you are loving being with those kids and you do a great job loving them! Emma said to tell you hi and she wants to have a sister date soon! 🙂 We love you and miss you but know you are where you should be right now and can’t wait to hear how God speaks to you! Mom & Emma

    Praying for all of you!!

    Stacy Daniel

  13. Hi Parker! You’re doing a great job!

    Dad – you look great in a tie! Love you both. Ashton

  14. Mom & Dad Snivley…

    Hope you’re trip is great so far. I sure do love reading your blog posts each night and have loved spotting you out in pictures. The picture of Christina smiling melts my heart. Travis and I just sat in front of the computer and just stared at it for a few minutes. We’ve never seen a smile that big from her! Loved it. Know that Travis and I are praying for you both and can’t wait to hear all about your trip. We love you!

    Tara & Travis

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