Breakthrough Day 4…

Today we held our VBS for the girls from the mountain and it was awesome! We shared the gospel and ten girls accepted Christ for the first time! It was a very awesome experience. We saw God breakthrough in so many ways. The girls loved to sing and dance and play games. We decorated cupcakes and wore tiaras. We are looking forward to doing it tomorrow again with the girls from the Mole! Thank you all for your support and prayers. Health is well and having an awesome time here! 143

Rachel S,


Hello from Haiti!

First of all, I just want to thank you all for all the prayers! Even if you don’t see the answer yourself, they are definitely working. So keep praying! Today was a very busy day! We had a group go to Daniel for a medical clinic, and a group that stayed in the Mole. The girls that stayed in the Mole did a girls retreat, and the boys did a boy retreat. I was not at the boys’ retreat, obviously, but I heard it went very well! The girls’ retreat also went very well!

Yesterday we invited them to it, and we gave them all pink bracelets. If they came with their bracelet today, then they could come in. One girl came and had a bracelet on that she made to look like the bracelets that we handed out. She used pink duck tape! It just showed me how much these kids long for attention and love. The retreat was super cute with all the decorations, and they had so much fun! We played lots of games and some of the students shared their testimonies in the form of a story. (Once upon a time) I didn’t have time for the lesson I prepared today, but will hopefully do it tomorrow! I’m super nervous, so that is a specific prayer request that I have! All the girls smiled and laughed the whole time and were very excited. By the end of our time, 10 girls accepted Jesus today! Praise the Lord! He is definitely at work here in the Mole. The whole thing lasted about four hours, and we are so excited to do it again tomorrow! After all the girls left, the group went to invite kids from the Mole to the retreat for tomorrow. I stayed back with two other girls to make more cupcakes for tomorrow. We are now eating dinner and getting ready for devotions! Oh and by the way, our suitcases came at midnight last night, so we have everything! That’s pretty much all for today! Thank you so much for commenting, we love hearing them! Continue all the prayers! Shout out to my friend Kaley tonight; happy 16th birthday! And best wishes to the Thailand team as you are making your way home! We are praying!

Mikayla Minnick


What a great day!

Today was our first day of clinic for the medical team.  We traveled south into the mountains from the Mole to the village of Daniel.  Here we saw over 50 patients or at least 50 appointments.  The Dr. would see 3-4 people of each family most times he encountered a patient.  We treated from about 10 am to two pm.

While we were treating and witnessing to the patients, the youth team was entertaining and teaching the children of Daniel about Jesus using a storyboard.  I know the children had fun playing with them but many of the youth commented that they were really responsive to the story they were telling them about Creation to Christ.

We then jumped back on the deuce and a half and headed back to the Mole.  Did I mention Daniel was about 1 hour from the Mole?  We covered about 10 miles in that time I think.  If any of you have been to Haiti and know what their “roads” look like, you totally get it.

Once back at the Mole, we rested for about 30 minutes and then set up about a two-hour clinic in the Mole.  We saw another another 35-45 people at that clinic.

It was awesome to serve so many people not only to meet some of their medical needs, but to also meet their spiritual needs.  I truly felt God in what we were doing.  I felt like we were “finally” doing what God called us to Haiti for.  I also feel that while we were able to meet some immediate, short term medical needs, we were able to make a longer lasting eternal impact for the people of Daniel and the Mole.

Praise God for calling us here.  I am so happy that we answered that call and are making Kingdom impact.  May God not waist an ounce of our efforts toward His glory.  It is a privilege to serve as we have been served!

Please keep us lifted up Church in your prayers that we may have the greatest impact possible the next 3 days!  We cannot do it without you!

Daddy misses you kids but Jesus is making sure your time spent from me is making an impact for Him!

I’ll see you soon!

Daddy/Ryan Clark.


Had a great day today at the pastors’ conference.  It was about twice as many people from last year, which is a huge praise.  Many new faces and a several new pastors are in attendance.  It is a great experience to hear their questions and thirst for deeper understanding of the Word.  A few of the attendees from last year that since the last conference they have started having men’s accountability groups and they have changed the way they preach to their congregations.  A huge blessing to hear of some of the growth stemming from seeds cast last year.

Today we focused on discipleship and the different roles within the church.  Please pray for these people to grow in their understanding.  The pastors do so much but they also hold on to things they need to let go of.  Pray we are able to empower both the pastors and their deacons in a way that allows for the churches here to grow.  Imagine a farmer with 1000 acres with 10 workers at his side.  The farmer loves the workers but doesn’t trust them to plow the field, mend the fences, weed the field, etc. until he deems fit or says they’re ready.  The workers could do more but they’re underused.  This results into a very tired pastor.  The rest of the week we’re working hard to deliver truth and to encourage the pastors to let go while emphasizing the importance serving well to the deacons.

It is a very humbling experience to be here again.  Miss my girls but am anxious to see how things work out and to see God break through.

Daddy / Joey


  1. Hey team! It’s so amazing to see how God is working through you guys to minister to the Haitian people and the impact that you’ve made on them so far. We have been praying for you guys about your luggage, good health, and energy to get through the day. It’s still in the 100’s here! Continue to keep loving on those children and Finish Empty!

    P.S. – has anyone climbed that coconut tree yet? 😉

  2. A big whoo hoo! So happy to hear what God is doing in Haiti — He is so faithful when we follow His calling!

  3. Love hearing the great things God is doing in the Mole! He works in us and through us! We are praying for daily rest and revival for you all…it is so hot here, and can only imagine what it is like for you. Air conditioning is a blessing!
    Mikayla…we saw Kaley and family at Cheesecake Factory last night! She got her license too!
    Keep praying for the Thailand team as they face a few challenges getting home. Love Jane and Jay Minnick

  4. Hi team! So fun looking at your pictures and hearing your stories, especially since I was there last year. Please be safe but makes some fun memories too. Love you all & praying daily!

    Love, fun sucker/ex-intern Katie

  5. Great JOB Mikayla and the rest of the crew 🙂 very proud of all of you, keep working hard! Janna Brown

  6. So excited to read about all you’re doing and loving the smiling faces! Praying continually for you all and celebrating the victories with you!


  7. Dear Parker, I miss you and hope you are having fun. Keep showing Jesus to everyone you see! Now I can’t wait to see you again!! Love, Abby

  8. Very grateful to God for the pleasure of seeing Him turn hearts to respond to Jesus. Great job, team! You were called AND you obeyed. Much sacrifice, faith, belief, patience, hard work, love, commitment and more went into that “and”. What blessings to behold in obedience. We are overjoyed to be part of this team through our prayers for you! Keep it up. Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Praying Col 1 for you, that you would be filled with the knowledge of God and His will, bearing fruit for His glory!

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