Breakthrough Day 5…

Hey, y’all!

It’s Taylor again! I was so excited when I was told I could blog again!! Oh, for the prayer partners who did not know, we had a slight schedule change for the last couple days of the trip. Tomorrow we will actually be going to Preskul and on Thursday, we will be doing a service project all day at the school/soccer fields and also we will be at the orphanage for most of the day, as well.

Today, Amberlie, Hannah, Emily S., Allison, and I were the students who went to help out with the Medical Team at the Medical Clinic in Marouge. It was actually pretty fun playing with the kids for a few hours. The ride up there wasn’t as fun. We had an hour and a half truck ride there, uphill, (there are benches in the bed of this service truck) squeezing in the whole Med team, us from sub team, and the translators. What a rough and rocky ride! I can’t really complain, though; anything is better than walking the journey uphill. We did, however, get our feet absolutely covered in red dust and mine are slightly stained.

It is such a blessing to hold the kids and kiss their cheeks. They love feeling loved and the gentle touch. I pray that we can continue to be the face, hands, and feet of Jesus! The rest of the girls held the 2nd Girls’ Retreat for the Mole Kids today and from what I’ve heard, it went pretty well. Given that there was a day of experience, I’m guessing it went well because they ended right on time! I was also told that 9 girls accepted Jesus into their hearts! Yeah! That still warms my heart!

The boys had their retreat today and it went well! The temperatures have been very kind to us yesterday and today. Praise the Lord! This whole experience has been so life-changing thus far for me and I have learned so much from what the Lord has shown me. How much more thankful I am and how I realize how dependant on God we have to be. If only I could explain in words every story and every event that I have heard and seen. It’s truly an absolutely AMAZING thing what God is doing here in the Mole. We are praying for God to move here and bless this beautiful town.

I ask of you all to keep praying for the team and for the things God has in store for us. The Haitians seem to love it when we pray with them. I have had the opportunity to do that as well! Thank you, all so much for all of the prayers. God hears them and has been answering them! I ask that you all pray for our focus, so that we may finish strong and for God to keep the opportunities to serve Him coming! God is so good. I can feel His love shining all around us. Love and miss you all. We have two work days left and we’ll see y’all Friday at midnight (hopefully on-time). Stay safe back at home.

Love, Tay


Hello in KC! (well and Michigan too)

Today we trucked up the mountain for a couple of hours while receiving a free Haitian massage. (for those of you who don’t know what that is….It is sitting in the back of a dump truck and driving up a rock path). When we arrived were greeted with many smiles and anxious people awaiting our arrival. We received information that they began to line up at 4:00 in the morning to get in line for the medical clinic. We arrived there at around 1030 which means they had been waiting approx 6 hours for us.

We had to make a decision to see the worst first which were mainly elderly most were unable to physically get to anywhere else. We had to pray that those that were younger and able to physically walk elsewhere would be able to get to a different clinic another day. Our prayer is that the elderly understand and accepted the name of Jesus and who he is and that he is their ultimate healer. Our prayer is that their pain and suffering is only temporary and that in heaven God can heal all their disease.

Thank you to our amazing cooks here back at the mission base. If they can turn goat into something that tastes amazing they deserve much thanks! To my amazing children you would love the kids. All they want is love and acceptance .Hannah they love playing soccer, duck duck goose and Caleb you could show them some fancy football moves!

Tomorrow we will be going by boat to a town called Preskul. I love you and thanks for all your prayers I think my fever is finally subsiding and I am feeling much better. I cannot wait to get home and show you all pictures and hug my kids I love you sooooo much/ Tracey Boles/mom


Hey guys its Jack here. Today was a lot of fun. We had two retreats, one for the girls and one for the boys, the kids at both retreats listened well and understood. We played with the kids and everyone had lots of fun. At the boys retreat we talked about how children are loved by God as well as adults. We used the story in Matthew 19 to show how Jesus welcomed children even though society did not value them much.

It is much the same here in the Mole. Sometimes children are seen as burdens, so we tried our best to love them and show them Christ’s love today and yesterday. After VBS, the boys got a nice long break for naps (best nap of my entire life) and the girls retreat was longer and I don’t know if the girls got an extra nap in (I feel bad for them if they didn’t). After the best naps ever we went over and played with the orphans . The orphans are the funniest little kids you will ever meet and they just love affection which they have been getting a lot of. I can’t wait for another day in Haiti tomorrow, I love it here and I love the kids here and how they just love hanging out with us. I am missing misery I mean Missouri. (sorry love the show me state)


  1. Hey Jack & Mom,
    Glad to here your retreats are going well and so many are accepting Christ. Glad you had the best nap of you life! All is well and hot here except for the fact I have to sleep with that fleebag dog of yours. Ryan and I miss you guys but are very proud of the work you are doing. Sorry it took so long to leave a comment, I finally figured it out tonight!

    Love & Miss You,
    Ryan and Dad

  2. Mom & Dad Snivley…
    Love seeing the pictures of the two of you loving on the beautiful people in Haiti. Praying for you…Love you!

    Tara & Travis Gabbard

  3. Candace and Grace – the boys and I each have been praying for you both along with all of the servants of God who are there with you. Everyone is doing great things for His Kingdom, and we are excited to hear the stories that will follow. Love you both so much!!

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