Breakthrough Day 6…

As I prepared for this trip, I signed up to receive the blogs by e-mail. When I arrived here at the orphanage, I was reminded that these are more than stories and pictures. These are real people…real orphans…real poverty…real struggles. The other day, I watched a woman hit her son with a stick until he hunkered down behind his hut crying. Jody told us that many of the women here feed half of the their kids one day and the other half the next day. At the clinic today, a man came in with a huge, open gash on his leg that occurred three days earlier. We cleaned it out and gave him antibiotics.

All of these are real people!! All of these people need Jesus just as much as I need Jesus. The woman beating her son…the son being beaten….the mom who can’t afford to feed her kids…the kids that are hungry EVERY DAY…the man with the wound…me…you. Jesus is the only Light that can break through our darkness. He !has reminded me on this trip to love the one right in front of me, because the one right in front of me needs His love…needs to know that they matter…needs to know that God has a specific purpose for each of their lives. So, I’m just here loving on the one right in front of me, and I encourage you to do the same-Candace J.


Hey Friends & Family!

Guess you all are as warm as we are here in Haiti, huh? Last night we went to the town park & showed the Disney movie, Cinderella. Lots of girls that attended our “Once Upon A Time” retreats joined us along with many other children and adults from town. It was shown on a sheet under a pavilion. There is a long wall and steps for seating and the students along with NWHCM staff prepared popcorn for treats. The children had never seen the movie and thoroughly enjoyed it. Many adults were laughing as well and seemed to enjoy the evening under the stars with the cool breeze blowing around us! (Magical…as some friends might say!)

At end of movie, we shared the gospel as it paralleled the story of Cinderella. We shared that Cinderella could do nothing to help herself. She was stuck in hopeless circumstances. Then the fairy godmother gave her the gifts that allowed her to go to the ball, meet the prince, and live happily ever after. We shared that God has given us the gift of Jesus but we have to receive the gift to live happily ever after in heaven with God…just as Cinderella had to receive the dress, shoes and coach to go to the ball! Thank you all for the many prayers, we know God is answering them! Love to you all! Marla


Hi Everyone!

I had a great day today! All of the teams went to Preskul today (except the pastoral team.) Some of us were transported by boat, and some of us in the back of a truck including me. It makes a bumpy ride a lot better when everyone is singing Disney songs in the background.

When we finally got there the medical clinic set up their stations and the students went hut to hut talking to the families. We gave them a gift of a door sign. It had their last name on the front, and the house number on the back. We also gave them a picture of them from when we visited last year. When we gave it to them we told them that every time that the family sees the sign that they would remember that us, as well as our team will be continuously praying for them. Also we shared that God loves them and He has a specific plan for their life; even when times are tough. Jeremiah 29:11- “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” This is the simple message that was shown throughout the village today.

After this we played some games while the clinic continued. I had a great time, sharing the gospel to people who need it! Thank you for your prayers and support. I can’t wait to see all of you once i arrive back home. Pray for the team to keep us healthy, and for us to finish strong. Love you guys:) Parker


What a wonderful place Preskul is. After a motor boat ride across the bright blue water we entered this primitive fishing village. We probably treated 50 families with whatever we could treat. I realized what survivors these people are. They could have extremely high blood pressure so we gave them vitamins because they don’t have access to bp meds. Also saw a terrible leg wound that was healing. No ER to rush to, simply clean it out. Lots of aches and pains from hard work. They are amazing people who I have learned so much from. Such diligent people with beautiful smiles who need to know Jesus.

Won’t surprise you that Tom went into the village to meet people and children. He also helped fix the eaves on the church where we held the med. clinic. . . . plugged the ends and rigged it so the water would flow into the cistern. We have grown to care for these people of the Mole and want to do whatever we can to show them and tell them about Jesus, their Savior.

Sharon Snivley


  1. so thankful that things are going really well!!! What a blessing it must be for the people when they see you coming to their village. It is so hard to imagine how hard their life must be and how they still have joy with so little. We miss you Tracey Boles and are looking so forward to you coming home!!

    1. Thank you to the team for answering God’s call. You’ve allowed Him to do great work in and through you. We’ve been and will continue to pray for you.

      Mataya-Happy Birthday Eve! What a great way to spend the last week of your 17th year (serving God and His children.) Your 10th b’day was memorable going to Santa’s workshop in Colorado and having your picture taken with him. However, this b’day week is definitely more meaningful and significant. We’re proud of you and your willingness to go and share your Christian faith with others so that they will hopefully one day have a personal relationship with Him.

      We’ve enjoyed the blogs and pictures. It helps to give us a glimpse of your week. We love and miss you and can’t wait til you get home with lots of stories to share. Love, Mom & Dad

  2. Marla, I have been praying for you and all on this mission since last week. Tonight, I had a chance to read the blog and view photos. I am reminded of an old Twila Paris song: “How beautiful: the hands that served…the feet that walked…the body of Christ…we will live just as He died – willing to pay the price…” Thank you all for being a part of the beautiful work and body of Christ. Prayers and hugs from New York!

  3. Thank you for sharing your stories and for sharing the love the Christ with the Haitian people, in both your words and your actions. May you be encouraged and lifted up by those of us here praying for you. Safe travels home.

  4. Mom and Dad Snivley…I got a kick out of the fact that Dad went into town to play with the kids to avoid the medical clinic. :). Good thing though, you could have had another patient. We are still praying for you all. Travis and I look forward to your blog post each night. We love you!

    Tara and Travis

  5. Candace, You got it! God has shown you in a real way his greatest commandment…to love. What a blessing. You will bring that heart back with you and find yourself living each day here in a different way. Your heart (and everyone’s with you) is forever changed! You’ve seen the worst, but recognize that the basis is sin. Our world here is just the same, but in a different light. God will use what you have learned there, to reach the world around you when you return. God bless you all, and I continue to pray for you as you travel back and readjust to your life.

  6. Dad, David, and Parker:

    I hope you guys are making changes in Haiti and bringing people to God. I pray you have a safe time coming back. I can’t wait to see you guys again! Love, Ashton

    Hello from Abby! I’m praying for you to finish strong. I love you and miss you all. See you soon! Love, Abby

  7. Tim, David, and Parker,

    Just want to let you all know how much I love and miss you. Home is way too quiet!! Lewis is stalking the front door wondering when you’re all going to walk back in :).

    Parker – thanks for sharing your update – you did a great job.

    Candace – thanks for sharing from your heart. It was beautiful!! Brought tears to my eyes. You are DARING, indeed,and I love you for that!!

  8. The Haitian children are so adoreable. It looks like they are really enjoying all the love and attention that they are getting. There are going to be alot of tears tomorrow when it’s time to say goodbye. I’m sure it won’t be just the Haitian children tearing up.

  9. Amberlie,
    It’s been great to see your smiling face and loving the kids the way you do! We can’t wait to see you tomorrow night! Love you! Mom, Dad & Emma

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