August Adventures – Day 3…

From Monday Morning Moms Group….

I feel so over whelmed! We visited with the orphanage mom’s and played with the orphan children most of the day. The kids are so starved for attention and affection. They ran to us and jumped into our arms as soon as we walked up to the porch! I feel so inadequate but at the same time have learned so much about how God can use me for good when I let him!!

To my  family- Dan , Gabe, Grace, Faith, Hope& JoJo: thank you so much for the message- I love you!  PS.  It is hot here!

Wow!  This is such an incredibly foreign experience for me, but at the same time it is very cool to see that in many ways these people and children are just like us.  There is one little boy at the orphanage that was being “all boy” – pulling my braids (yes, I got my hair braided last night – ouch!), throwing his soccer ball at my rear end, and spitting in my direction with a huge ornery smile!  I felt right at home!! Ha ha   I hope that all is going well on the home front, I love you all so much – Wes, Treyman, Thrillin Dylan, Drewby Jones, and Jakie Shakie!!  See you all soon!!  Sarah

I’m learning at very rapid rate about what these special Haitian’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are and their strong appreciation for us attempting to meet them through our love and service!  I always knew I was blessed in this life, but now see my blessings through different lenses.  Stella- You are going to be very jealous when you see the pictures of the little dog named, Sophie that lives where I am staying.  She is the cutest, spunky white dog and loves being picked up and loved on! Anderson-you would love running wild and playing ball with the orphans.  Jeremy-I hope you’re surviving without me lol…I’m sure the Grandparents are assisting quite a bit!  I miss you all and look forward to seeing you soon. Xoxo  Lori

Spent the day at the orphanage today talking with the orphanage workers and playing with the orphans. Anyone who knows me, knows that this was the perfect place for me to be…..right with the kids who only want me to hug them and hold them and play with them.  Emma, Noah, Eli, Jack and Thad—thank you so much for the messages…they made my day!! I love you and miss you terribly! Allison


From Northside Team…

overwhelmed in the best sense of the word. work is hard but rewarding. have had to make some adjustments to some panels on the fly but we have some great “carpenters” on our team. first house is fully roofed and 75% wrapped. roof on second house is nearly complete. four panels up on house four (house four needed the most re-working). locals brought out fresh coconuts today, opened them with machetes and we drank the juice and ate the meat – what a treat.

walked to the close beach after working today and it is beautiful. we really didn’t know what to expect from any of this but we are SO GLAD we are here. we could not have been fully prepared for this experience but it is one we will never ever forget and we’re so thankful we are able to share it together and with friends from on Northside family.

Friends and family back home who made it possible for us to come…THANK YOU a million times over. Kingdom work is truly being accomplished here and His Word is being proclaimed and prayed over so many of his children. for His fame, Anita & Barry Chenault


From Freedom Reigns….

Hello Freedom Reigns followers! This is Molly. Last nights revival was awesome! Jakob spoke on the obligation we have to Jesus. The altar call was for anyone who wanted an evangelistic anointing. MANY came up and we got to pray for them. Even though we have a language barrier, prayer was powerful. Maybe more for our team!

Today, we all started early with devotions at 7 a.m. and quickly headed to all of our projects. Brad and Jakob held a sports camp all morning and kicked off teaching about and playing basketball. SWEATY!

Us ladies held the first day of our women’s conference. Jill spoke about her revelation of Abba Father and wanted the ladies to understand that God pays attention to each one of us individually. SWEATY!

This afternoon half of us headed to the beach and some others held some sweet babies in the orphanage. So precious. and SWEATY!

God is moving here and we are excited for tonight’s revival service. For those of you that are praying for us, the call for tonight was for people who need healing or deliverance!! I want them to have a REAL experience with God that they can feel. They believe voodoo holds power, but we want them to KNOW that Jesus does. Also, pray for a breeze. Its SWEATY!! 🙂


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  1. It sounds like a very rewarding trip for everyone. Trent got off to the Navy this morning. The kids are all doing well and the girls like that their Mommy is helping kids without a Mommy. Grace can’t seem to get enough of the Olympics and Gabe can’t get enough Minecraft😃. We all miss you a lot and look forward to seeing you and hearing more about your experience. Everyone says “I love you 😘”. Dan, Gabe, Grace, Faith and Hope.

  2. So nice to see the pictures and that everyone is adjusting well! Funny picture of Harrison watching the local open a coconut with a machete and not surprised to see Dad enjoying the juice from the coconut! precious to see pictures of Raymond, Scot, Dad, etc with the children. Neat that you all get to serve with others while you’re there! We’re looking forward to your post tomorrow! By the way – Larry – Curiosity landed safely and successfully! Whoohoo! They even got the first ever picture of life on Mars – Marvin, you know, the Martian… 😉 Continually praying for your time there!

  3. I loved seeing all of the pictures from today, the houses are looking great. I know you must have enjoyed the coconuts I hope they were refreshing for you, but Robert there was one picture where you looked really hot and sweaty 🙂 Everything is good back here, but really miss you both. I am so glad that you are there serving so faithfully. I had dinner tonight with Zandra, Jeanne Brown and Garnett, it was nice to be with other wives. I look forward to your post tomorrow. Praying for all of you…Robert and Harrison, I love you both..Sherry

  4. I will have to show the boy the pictures of your braids tomorrow, they had to go to bed early tonight…you can guess why. We love you and miss you! Things are going well here at home. – Wes and the boys

  5. Mom, I’m so glad you are having a great time with the kids! I’m jealous of all those little kids with you guys in the pictures! they are precious! I miss you very much and I hope you are doing amazing things in those peoples lives! <3-Emma

  6. Mom, these are some messages from the boys. Noah-I love you mom! Eli-I miss you a lot! Jack – Hi mom. I miss you and I love you so much!

  7. We are so happy to see you in the pictures. Trey and Jake are doing well on the farm. Jake calls our Godlove Rd the “God,-I-love-you Road”. Trey helped Pop round up and move cattle this morning. Pop and I are enjoying the boys so much. Jake looked a long time at the picture of the kids braiding your hair, maybe a little confused at why those kids are having fun with his mommy. I told him I was glad he could “share” his mommy. We pray that the children and their mommies’ hearts will be opened for the message of God’s love for them. Love, Mom, Dad, Trey, Jake

  8. Lori, I love reading your messages. We are glad that you are doing well. We love you and love seeing the pictures. We are doing fine. Can’t wait to see you. Jeremy, Stella, and Anderson

  9. I look forward to reading the blog and seeing the pictures every day!! Good to see Connnor slinging a hammer, but, I also see him sitting down! I pray for you all every day. Shawn and Connnor we miss you and look forward to hearing all the stories. Love you very much!!

  10. Allison,
    Love and miss you. I think Sarah set the bar for you, time to get some braids! We are headed to the pits to camp tonight. Everyone is great, but can’t wait for you to come home. pray for you guys every night. So proud of you! Thad and kiddos

  11. Anita and Barry,
    So nice to see your pictures and know that this is a rewarding experience! We are proud of you both!

    Sharon and Mike

  12. I am so proud of all of you!!!! You all are in my thoughts and prayers and I am so thankful and grateful to God for blessing you with the opportunity to go on this mission for His Kingdom..Love you and hugs all around!!!!!!!! Dominique

  13. Sooo after looking at this page all week… I finally figured out how to leave a message and actually see the pictures!=) My phone wasnt working so now laptop it is! I am so glad to hear about Jesus moving there!! The Kenyon Clan has been thinking about you everyday!!!!! Many of our prayers warrier friends and family keep asking about ya’ll and wanting to hear updates=) We miss hanging out and spending time with the Barrientos!!!!! We are So proud of all of our Freedom Reigns mission team!!! Cant wait to see you all soon!!! ~ Dear lord, We come to you and ask that you protect our church family and all the many missionarys there doing gods work! I pray many souls are saved and delieverance is givin to those in need. I pray for a niceeeee Cool Brezze…. so theres no sweatyness ^_^.. AMEN!!!! Love, David, Abbie, Bre and Boo Boo=)

  14. Wow! Finally have time to catch up on you and your adventure! God is so merciful and gracious and being where you are makes you even more aware of that Truth. The pictures remind me a lot of Africa, another 3rd world country. So blessed the Lord is stretching you all for His glory and your good. Just think what kind of ripple effect this is going to have on the Kingdom of God. How blessed we are to be vessels He works through and how reassuring to know that as we seek first His Kingdom, He is taking care of all the details, including your families. Love you, precious daughter in law, Allison!

  15. Matt & Jenn Praying for the teams safe journey home. Hope your last days in Haiti are rewarding and inspirational for eveyone. Miss you! Penny sends kisses, and so does Rosie!

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