August Adventures – Day 4


From Northside..

Expectation and reality are seldom the same.  Haiti is not the exception. Before our plane touched down, my minds-eye envisioned a poor and desperate country that had little to no hope. As we looked out the window of our plane, crumbled homes littered the landscape and our subsequent travel through Port-au-Prince, did nothing to dispute that image.

But we all need to be careful not to simply rely on our senses and our preconceived impressions, as they can often deceive us.

That is because Northwest Haiti Christian Mission is simply a bright light shining on a hill.

As we look upon the faces of the people of this village, the love of Christ can be seen in the smiles that are returned as we struggle to say Good morning, bon jour, in Creole. We heard it in the passionate singing and worship on Sunday. We hear it every morning in songs of praise and worship that is sung each morning in the tent next to where we sleep. We experience it in the hard work we see with our Haitian brothers as we stand side-by-side with them as we build houses that will soon be homes. We experience it as we enjoy fellowship with other brothers and sisters in Christ as we dine together every day. We feel the pure and all-consuming love of the children that rush to be picked up every time we come near.  And, all of these things are clearly evident in the passion of Jody and Jose as their obedience to Christ’s calling has literally transformed this poor and simple fishing village into a beacon of hope for anyone searching for the ultimate love and hope, which is only found through Christ Jesus.

Robert Maynard, Northside Christian Church


From Freedom Reigns….

Hi from Haiti! Hi Craig, Griffin, Cameron, Rachel and Freedom Reigns Family!

It is Tuesday I think! LOL! Days kinda blend together not watching a clock just serving and waking up to the roosters crow or babies cry depending on what campus your on.

Today was our second day of women’s conference really awesome day of testimonies and faith building!! Some of the things these women have endured!! WOW! They have a strong faith and trust in God Almighty! It is supper time getting ready for pepperoni pizza, not a typical Haitian meal! Ready for God to move tonight at Revival!!

Had an awesome testimony from a lady Pastor Jakob prayed for last night. She had a visitation in the night from some angelic beings that cut her body and removed a tumor that was prayed for they told her to raise her hands and praise God and she would be healed! Awesome!!!

The ocean has been a nice relief from the heat in the afternoon and today there is a great breeze. It has been wonderful to serve along side of two very ambitious teams. Construction team is close to finishing four houses in two weeks! The Ladies from Missouri have been busy morning and afternoon and coming to Revival every evening. Neat Groups honoring JESUS in all they do! Keep praying for God to move through us. Tomorrow we travel an hour by truck to a different village for Revival.

Blessings to Home. Love and Miss you all!! Cheryl

PS – Hey dad. I’m still alive! -Molly


From MMM Small Group….

Oh my goodness. . . Jody just read us all of your comments and we are so humbled!  Thank you all so much for you words of encouragement and love – you have no idea how much it means to us!  We are truly in another world here, and it is so wonderful to know that you are all doing well and we can’t wait to see your sweet faces again soon!!

Today was a wonderful day – we were very busy, but it was so rewarding.  My favorite part of the day happened this morning.   There is an orphanage Momma that I absolutely adore, and her face just lights up when she smiles.  After singing, talking, and praying with them this morning, we all stood up to leave and she gave me the biggest hug, which I absolutely loved!  Only one more day and we’ll begin our trek home.  .  .  can’t wait to see you all!!!  Love you all!!  Sarah

(They were so busy today they didn’t have a lot of time to blog!)


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Here is a small video clip Northside asked for me to post of  Scott  – their expert in construction! 🙂


  1. I am so enjoying the blog and pictures. Mark, I love you and miss you. John picked up your bag today and it is home safe and sound. Praying for you and the Northside Team until you are safely home.

  2. The Tuesday nite group read the Northside blogs at our meeting tonight and then we prayed for your safety and continued good works. We loved the pictures and are so proud of what you are accomplishing in the Lord’s name. Stay safe, healthy and continue to spread the news of God and his love. We miss you and look forward to your return to Virginia. B & B

  3. I look forward to your post and pictures with great anticipation every night. I am very thankful that you are all working hard and having a great time together. Thanks for the video, it was awesome to hear Harrison’s laugh. I miss you guys, but very proud of the work you are accomplishing I hope you are both enjoying your notes and cards I stashed in your bags. Beau and Bella miss you!!! I love you , Sherry

  4. So happy to read your blogs and see the pictures with the joyful faces! May God continue to surround all of you with His love, blessings, and protection! Love to you all! Aunt Jan

  5. Thanks for posting Cheryl — may God provide protection and power to minister through your team.

  6. Romans 15:13—
    May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him,
    so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

    I pray the word “overflow” comes to mind often as you see God answer this prayer with joy, peace, trust, hope, strength, health, and blessings flowing from Him through you to the people of Haiti! And I pray that you will see that you are “blessed to be a blessing!” It is exciting to see what God will accomplish in Haiti, at Northside, and in each of your lives because of your service this week. Thank you!

    p.s. Loving the pictures and video! Especially Fred!!!

  7. Dear Northside,

    I can’t tell you how nice it has been to read your posts and also to see your pictures. How many homes are you working on? You are in our thoughts and prayers. Keep up the good work.

    Grace and Peace
    Howard Francine and Jennifer

  8. Hey Mom and Dad,This is Averi. I miss you guys!!! it has been fun here and G,ma’s & G,pa’s 😀 hope you have a good day!! LOVE YOU!!! Wish you BIG Blessings to you and the Church family!!! Averi*Bear or a.k.a Averi!!! 😀

  9. Jen and Matt,hope you are having a wonderful time,looking forward to seeing your pictures and hearing about your adventure! xoxox mom

  10. Hi Northside Team! I am thinking of you all, and i cannot wait to see you all when you get back! But i know you are there doing the Lord’s work and its so amazing! You are in my prayers, Hugs and Love to all of you

  11. Happy anniversary Kerri! Gabe, Grace and I are having a great time together. We look forward to seeing you soon. I hope you had a great last day and a wonderful experience. I know you have impacted the lives of the Haitians and I am sure they have made an impact on you through your shared love of Jesus. We are all sooooo looking forward to seeing you again and hearing more about your experience. I continue to pray for your mission and safe travel back. We love and miss you, Dan.

  12. Dear Haiti kids,
    I am gonna share my mom & dad with you, with all the Haiti kids that don’t have any mom or dad. Cause you don’t have any mom or dad. And I want to give you some of our candy. And mom and dad are gonna give you love and happiness.
    Love you Haiti kids.

    Moriah Barrientos

    Dear mom & dad,
    I love you and I miss you. That’s all.
    I am gonna give you a flower when you get here and even love and a picture. That’s all.


  13. Freedom Reigns team!!
    We love & miss yall! Praying for you all everyday and we LOVE seeing the pictures!
    We check for updates every night. Awesome!! So excited to hear that God is moving!!

    Krissy, Riah & Bobo

    P.S. Moriah said,
    You are gonna cry but I miss you, someday come back.
    I am gonna pray for you.

  14. Monday Morning Mommas – What a blessing that you get to see God’ Hand at work in a home so different from your own! Jake, after asking to see Mommy’s pictures again, and after really studying the close-up ones of Mommy looks at me and asks “Is she real?” (Mommy’s different hair, kids he doesn’t know, but, yes, Mommy’s loving smile) Yesterday, election day, 14 hours with only Pop went very well – Trey is such good help!
    We pray for continued progress at The Mole and for safe travel for MMM’s!!! Much Love

  15. Jenn & Matt- Penny sends her kisses& love and so do we. Hoping that the rest of your week, doing God’s work ,is rewarding for all of the team. Praying for your safe return. Miss you!

  16. Just wanted to let the team from Freedom Reigns in Christ Church know how much we miss them and how proud we are that they are there serving. Please know everything back home is good! Praying each day!

    Todd and Tasha

  17. Enjoyed your post today, Dad. The video was funny and not surprising to hear Harrison laugh! I’m glad to hear laughs on the video and see smiles in pictures! Praying for you all daily! Dad and Harrison, love you!

  18. Freedom Reigns!
    Love and miss you guys! It was definitely different having church without you guys, but John did great 🙂
    Praying that everyone is well and having fun!
    See you soon!
    – Liz

  19. Dear mom & Dad,
    This is Gabriel James.
    I want to talk to my mom and dad.
    I love them. I want Popsicle.

    Gabriel James

  20. We are keeping up with the MMM small group. The boys are enjoying the pictures, They are also enjoying all of the “special treats” they are receiving from the “young man sitters.” Pop-tarts, no-bake cookies, donuts, pizza, and tacos….Looking forward to seeing you when you all get home,

    Love you

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