August Adventures – Day 5…

Northside Group….

Well, midweek has come and we’re well on track with our progress. For a few of us, working with the two teams has been nothing short of a true blessing. Each team has/had their strengths and weaknesses, as we all do, but as a team have met, and are meeting, every curveball being thrown. From warped lumber, to cuts and scrapes, to endless splinters, the smiles and determination abound. I can still find my hammer right where I leave it…nobody seems to want to use it.

At the moment we’re experiencing the heaviest thunderstorm in the past 2 weeks. The cool air and breeze that it’s bringing is a welcome relief. The weather has been very accommodating for us to work, although hot, there is often a breeze to take the edge off. We’re sleeping in the cafeteria of the orphanage, which is an open structure…time will tell how we weather the storm…we’ll see when we get back after dinner.

It’s been a true blessing to see the faces of the people of the Mole light up when love is shared, in our words and our actions. Although some are still apprehensive of our presence, all seem to know that we’re here to help in love. Our goal has been to convey to them that it’s because of Christ that we’re here, and that all things we do here are because of His love for all people, that we are HIs hands and feet.

God has blessed me with the ability, family, friends, and employer to be able to come and help in His Kingdom. I will never forget the wonderful people from Haiti that worked beside us; Elijah, NeNe, Nickonson, Kenson, Pierre, Jocylin, Jose, Jody, and many others I can’t name. You have blessed me and I look forward to the future when we can once again work side-by-side, building His Kingdom and spreading God’s love. – JL


The second team has made it through “hump Day”. Surprising God has bless us with good weather and great help. We have completed wrapping 2.5 Houses and have 2 left to roof. I have been personally blessed as the “orphan” missionary since of 17 bags that left Norfolk only my bag did not make it to Haiti. Everyone has made sure that I have had bug spray, sun tan lotion, and extra clothing. Scot Tully has kept me supplied with his over flow of provisions. Thank you Scot. We all are amazed the good work God is doing through NWHCM. All the workers have been so accommodating. The needs here are so great but the spirit and friendliness of the people of Haiti. As we walk the 3/4 mile through the town 4 times a day for meals, we are greeted with hellos and smiles. Never do we feel uneasy or unwelcome and know their conditions are so hard. Today as we work in the houses, a crew of Haitian men dug the foundation for the new school they plan to build. Hard dirty hot work and they worked non stop. We had to break often and drink and rest, they continue to work for dollars a day . The NWHCM is the largest employer for the town and is giving hope to everyone.

Please pray for the mission staff, their work, and the people of the Mole. Our church is connecting with this community and becoming part of our family. God is great and working wonders in Haiti do to the prayers and love from you all.

I miss my family, especially my lovely wife, Garnett.

Mark Hutchinson

PS: We have raised addition funds to purchase a donkey for a nearby fishing village. God is so Great!!!!!!!


Monday Morning Moms……

From Kerri, Happy Anniversary DanJ

Today we played with orphans some more – they are so precious, but I am missing my kids! We had the best time yesterday visiting and ministering to single moms, and ministering to the orphanage workers. I have learned sooooo much and know my time here was worthwhile. God has definitely blessed me through this visit! However, I am looking forward to seeing everyone and being homeJ

Hello again Wes, Trey, Dylan, Drew, and Jake… and Mom and Dad too. . . and the rest of you.  The other teams here call us the “Missouri Girls” and we’ve had so many comments that are teasing us about our “fans”.   I’m so glad that you all are doing so well and I am sooooo excited to see you!!  We have had a wonderful time here and it feels like it has been 50 days instead of 5!!  We have done so many things with the orphanage workers, the orphans, the single moms, and the townspeople on the half-mile walk to and from the campus from the Castillo house where we are staying.  We have so much to tell you about and we are already excited about coming back next year – we hope many of our “fans” in the U.S. will join us!!  Love you and see you soon!!  Sarah

Greetings to my family and friends back home!  Today I was dragging a little, but was able to push through and so glad I did!  Today we had our last meeting with the Orphanage workers/mommas had the opportunity to pray for each one of their needs…a very touching and spiritually charging experience!!!  We were able to give them a coke, snacks, and agreed to fill in for them as we sent them away on an hour break to just relax and have fellowship with each other.  We did, however, make them promise to only leave us for an hour lol…didn’t know if we could keep up with the 31 kiddos 5 and under like they do for much longer than that!  We also had a fun last day with the orphans feeding them popsicles, applying tattoos, and painting nails.  We topped off our day with an hour decompression in the ocean…amazingly relaxing and unbelievably gorgeous.  I look forward to heading home tomorrow and seeing all of you, especially Jer, Stella, and Anderson!  Love you-Lori

I was thinking this morning while lying in bed listening to the roosters crow about how people say that a picture says a thousand words, but I’m starting to think that’s not possible. I’ve taken so many pictures here in the hopes that people back home will be able to understand what I’ve experienced here and that they will feel the urgency and desire to come here themselves and spread the love of Jesus Christ to these beautiful people—but I don’t think that just looking at some pictures of these precious orphan children who desperately want our love and attention or pictures of the poverty in this country can truly get the message across. It’s almost too much for our spoiled American minds to take in. But I’m still going to take more pictures anyway and I’m still going to try my best, even though I’m not very gifted in speaking, to tell my family and friends all about my experience here in Haiti and hope that someone truly listens. I love you guys, especially my family who I miss SO SO much. I’ll be home in a day.  Allison


Freedom Reigns did not get a chance to blog today as they are in Jean Rebel at the revival. They passed out chickens in Jean Rebel tonight. They also finished up their last day of the women’s conference and each lady was given a bag of rice. The Haitians continue to talk about Pastor Jakob’s passion for the Word. There is NO DOUBT that lives are being changed each night through His teachings!


  1. Northside team, love your bedroom, praying the storm doesn’t affect your rest. Robert, many people have asked about you and the trip. I have been able to share this blog and pictures with many folks some that are not believers. Very cool. Loved the picture of you and Harrison today. Hope you all get some well deserved rest. Love you and miss you both. Sherry

  2. Passion for the Word…Pastor Jakob…lives Changed….sounds and looks like Freedom Reigns Church….in HAITI….Glory

  3. I have been watching the weather down there obsessively, and was worried about the yesterday’s storm….by the radar, it looked almost worse than Ernesto!! It is nice to see that you all are getting some time for fun. The water is beautiful!!! Shawn and Connor, I love and miss you very much. I will continue to pray for you all, as well as the people of Haiti. God Bless!!!

  4. Isaiah 58:11—
    The Lord will guide you always;
    He will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land
    And will strengthen your frame.
    You will be like a well-watered garden,
    Like a spring whose waters never fail.

    Glad to hear the houses are on schedule and God is providing breezes in the hot weather! He is good!!! Praying these last couple of days will be productive and give even more opportunities to “overflow” with thanksgiving!!! Love to all!!!

    Pam Tison

  5. Can someone explain the pictures of the chicken everywhere?? LOL!!!

    You all are an inspiration to me! I am praying for all of you and that Gods light will shine through you as you minister to the people there! Hugs and Love to all of you!!
    Dominique <3

  6. Explanation of the chicken–Northside has a pet rubber chicken named Fred who has lots of adventures during VBS, Christmas productions . . . and now Haiti.

  7. I hope you all weathered the storm last night. Everyone that I share the pictures with is amazed at how fast you guys are working. I can’t wait for you to get home, Mark, and share your experience. Its been hard not being able to speak to you everyday but I’m so full of joy in your obedience in doing the Lord’s work. What a blessing you are to me and to others. I’m glad that everyone is working together so well and that you are indeed shining your light! Love you, Garnett.

  8. The water looks so inviting…we are now jealous! Hopefully the storms did not slow your progress on the homes, but of they did then we hope you had time to visit with the locals and hold some babies. You are always welcome to bring home one of those precious little ones 😉 We miss you, but know you are doing God’s work down there so finish up and come home (Harkey misses you too especially on the weekends!)

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