Olton Group – Day 2…

Hey everyone! Kara here…

This place is the definition of beauty. I am amazed by all of the smiling Haitians and their love for our wonderful God. This morning we had VBS and at the beginning I was very sad that no one really showed but we did not lose hope and as soon as school got out the kids came swarming. I had a blast meeting kids and working on my creole. I got to hold the most precious baby boy the duration of the time and I was so touched by his sweetness. Later we had a girl’s devotional and lots of girls showed up and shared their love for Christ. When I came here I figured I would be the one teaching them but the truth is, they are teaching me. After that we visited the orphanage where we got to love on the adorable Haitian children. This place is amazing and although I miss home I know that I would not rather be anywhere else.

Mom and Dad, I miss y’all and I hope y’all are enjoying that nice west Texas wind. See y’all soon. LOVE YOU ALL!!



HEY EVERYONE! This is Emily coming at ya straight from Haiti. My heart is broken and completely in love with this country and its people. This place is absolutely gorgeous, the heat is bearable and unlike west Texas there’s actually a BREEZE to dry our sweat. Like Kara said, we held a VBS this morning and at first there weren’t that many kids but by the grace of God about 60 school kids got let out of class as soon as we were starting, it was definitely a “God thing”. We acted out and read the bible story Jonah and the whale. Afterwards we played soccer, blew bubbles, painted the girls fingernails (and even some toenails), made bracelets, and colored until lunchtime. After lunch we held an all girls devotional where Christ was definitely present, I can’t wait to see the results of that. Later in the afternoon we headed to the orphanage where the kids literally ran up and were hanging onto us within seconds. Some of the kids played with us and some wanted to be held but they ALL were hungry for love and attention.

We are having a BLAST being the hands, feet, and face of God. Thank ya’ll for the prayers and comments, they mean so much to us!!


Emily (:

PS- Mom, I miss you & wish you were here to experience this with me, even though I’m pretty you would have thrown up on the plane ride. I’ve been using germ ex and sunscreen AND bug spray so DON’T WORRY (: Grace and Moses, I miss ya’ll a ton. I hope you guys are behaving and having a good time at Sea World/Six Flags.



  1. Kara Beth….Your Mom & Dad miss you sooo much too!! The weather here has been really hot & of course the WIND never stops blowing!!! The pigs are doing fine. You owe me big time when you get home for pampering them. Ha! So glad to hear that the children did finally come for VBS and I know they were truly blessed! You & the rest of the group have so much compassion for people & you all have such a great desire to show the love of Christ through you actions!!! I would love to be there to hold those precious children… you know me with those “Little Ones”… Just to see their faces when you all are teaching them new things & painting their nails & blowing bubbles with them. I am glad you are being Blessed & learning so much from this trip. I knew God would have great things in store for you & the rest of the Group!!
    Love ya Bunches!!
    Everyone loved the post with the picture of ya outside the plane.
    Glad to hear from you Emily that you are taking care of yourself & using the various products that us Moms sent!LOL… Hopefully Kara is doing the same??!
    Praying for another Great Day in Haiti!
    Mom & Dad

  2. Wow! What a busy day y’all had. Such sweet pictures of you guys and the children. I wish I could have been there to see you all act out the Bible story. It is awesome to realize that even though we don’t speak the same language, there is always a way to share God’s love with others. We are so proud of you all! May the light of the Lord continue to shine through each of you to the people of Haiti. Sending our love…..Angi & Terry

    PS – We miss you DJ! The dogs and fish are still making it. Love you the mostest! Mom & Dad

  3. I’ve been checking all day for new pictures and updates! It was so exciting to read this and see the pictures. I can feel the joy and love you girls are experiencing just by reading the post! God is Great…and He is leading the way! Love you all….

    Brenna…..My heart was happy when I saw you and your precious little friend…He is adorable…I already know you want to bring him home 🙂 Keep sharing God’s word!

  4. Hey girls! I am so excited to hear from y’all through this blog! I know y’all are having a blast and am so proud of my friends! Have a great time! I’ll be praying for y’all! And Em and Kara I’m still mad at you! (: i miss y’all TONS!!! love you Kara, Tory, Dusti, Emily, and Brenna!
    Have fun! Love, Kiersten

  5. Emily,
    Just reading your blog brings tears to my eyes. Tears of pride and love. I am so thankful to God for giving you this opportunity. Yaya gave her testimony this morning and it included a story about a little girl who taught her about God when she was only 4. You are such a gift to the people of Haiti and to all of us. Love you and miss you so much! And thanks for the info on the sunscreen, bug spray, and germex. That makes me worry less. And yes, I would have thrown up on the plane. It made me sick to just see the picture. LOL. Love you! Mom

    Love seeing the pictures of you and those sweet kids. I miss you, but I am so proud and blessed that you’re there being the light of Jesus. So blessed to be married to such a great man. Love you!

    Emily & Dada,
    We want to see you soon. Have you seen a girl named Grace yet? If you do, tell her that God holds her in his hands. I really love you and miss you big big. We are being good and having fun. Give the Haiti kids hugs for us and tell them that we love them.
    Love, Grace and Moses

  6. Hey gang..we are looking at your blog with our summer school class at H.P. Webb It brought tears to our eyes just seeing the children of Haiti and the love we see being demonstrated from God through you .
    God Bless You and keep you safe

    Summer school 2nd and 3rd grade
    Mrs Nafzger and Mrs Corpus

  7. So glad you guys are having a great time!! What a blessing you are! And Kara, yes, you went there to teach those children about Jesus but what a greater blessing to be taught by them! I believe your lives will never be the same after this trip! Looking forward to more posts!

  8. Tim and Tori and gang,

    I am so very proud of the work all of you are doing. I think it is awesome. Tim, I love you and it thrills me to see the love for Christ you and Tamera have instilled in Tait and Tori. The pictures are beautiful and looks like y’all are having fun and enjoying spreading God’s word. Keep up the good work and stay safe.

    Love ya both,
    Leslie and Bill

  9. Awesome, may God continue to use you in this mighty way to bless ALL of the kids that come to VBS! Will continue our prayer coverage for each of you and for the kids! Shalom, Pastor Tom Carter

  10. It’s hard for me to find the words to express the joy that I have by reading your blogs and seeing the pictures of the precious children and young women who’s lives you are touching. My heart is full and I’m so blessed by you all being there doing what you are doing. I’m thankful for the desire that God placed in your hearts to do His work and for your willingness to listen. This scripture came to mind when I saw your pictures from Wednesday, Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.” Matthew 19:14. I’m praying for each of you by name and you all are in my constant thoughts.

    Tim and Tory, To say I miss you is an understatement but I know you both are where you are supposed to be this week. I so happy to see Tory’s smiling face in the pictures AND I was hoping the photographer could let someone snap a picture of him so I could see his face too. ; ) Grandpa and Nana made in back to Plainview from the mountains. We are all doing great so stay focused on your mission there. I luss you my guys!

  11. Hey Tory!
    Grandmother and all of us are so proud of you and your dad!We love reading this and seeing all the pictures. We all can not wait to see yall and talk to you when you get home. We know God is doing miraclous things through all of you and all the seeds you are planting. We love you and miss you two :)_

  12. Hi Tim, Tory and Olton Group, Grandpa and I just returned from the mountains and we did not have Internet service so I was excited to read your blog and see the great pictures. We are so proud of the wonderful way you are sharing the love of our Lord and Savior with these children and families in Haiti. You all have been given an opportunity to serve God in a very special way. We are so proud of you all. Our love and God Bless. Nana and Grandpa

  13. Hey Dusti Jo,
    Mema and Lanny here…looks great there and looks as though you are having a terrific time there. Send us some info about all the stuff there. We don’t miss you at all (haha)…we are praying for you constantly and know that the Lord is doing wonderful things through you and the team. Pics look awesome too!! More to come after we read your blog info…remember we always love you very much!!

    Mema and Lanny

  14. Hey Tim and Tory.
    I know that God is smiling! I see the smiles on the kids faces and makes me want to be there. I can not wait to hear all the wonderful stories. Love you guys.

  15. Hey there, girls & dads,
    We are so proud of the work you are doing in Haiti. I would love to love on those babies in the orphanage. Hug some for me. Thank you for giving to the Lord! You guys are amazing. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers,
    Scott and Pam Roberson

  16. Hey Gang.
    We are loving all the photos each day. I cannot wait for you to come home and share this journey with us. Know that we are at home lifting you in prayer and cheering you on to do His work. Love you bunches.
    The Ramage 5

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