Wild Child…

Wild Child – Wilderson

Today I want to circle little Wilderson in prayer! This is one wild kid! He is so hilarious, especially all the funny facial expressions he makes! He loves to laugh and have fun! Today I want to prayer that Wilderson will always have this fun-loving side and that he will use it to bring joy to others and glorify the Lord. I pray that he’ll grow up to be a man after God’s own heart, that he’ll reach out to the least of these with love and compassion as he never forgets the impact a smile can make. I pray God will use this little child to do great things for the kingdom all throughout his life as the joy of following Christ is exhibited by him.

I also want to pray for sponsors for little Wilderson! His family tree has room for 6 more sponsors! Is there room for him in your family and heart? Praying that committed and loving sponsors will step forward to circle this sweet and funny little boy in prayer and support. Please check out Wilderson’s sponsorship page and check out his awesome photos and family tree:

Also, here are some other fun photos of Wilderson that I just love! Sometimes he makes such funny faces but he’s got a great smile!!!



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