A Fighter….

A Fighter – Fabiola

Today I wanted to pray circles around precious, little Fabiola. This sweet baby was born in 2011 and she has struggled with and overcome so many health issues. She is seriously a precious gift from God, a miracle child. She is one of the smallest little kids but she can light up a room when she smiles!

This picture from the summer just goes to show that! There is such a deep joy to be seen in her smile. I think there’s a lot of peace in little Fabi too, even as a small child facing struggles. When she is calm, the peace of God can be felt around her. There’s that sense, that understanding that even though we might not know or comprehend everything God’s doing or what goes on in our lives, we can have peace in knowing that He’s sovereign, that’s He’s good and He has a good and perfect will for us all. That’s what I think of when I see sweet Fabiola, that the God of the universe works in mysterious but miraculous ways.

Today I pray for God’s hand of healing and protection to be continually on Fabiola, that He will watch over her. I pray that she will feel the very real and tangible presence of God in her life, even now as a child. I pray that she will know that God has a perfect plan for her life and that there is peace in trusting that. I pray that God will continue to grow her faith, that He’ll call her sweet heart to Him and lavish her with His love. And I pray that God will use and work through the people in Fabiola’s life, that they can love her with the love of Christ and help encourage and grow her in her faith.

I’m praying for sponsors to step forward to support and care for this sweet girl as well! She has spots for 6 sponsors in her family tree! That’s an opportunity for 6 people, 6 families, or 6 groups, to commit to praying over, loving, and supporting Fabiola throughout her life. Life isn’t always easy, practically never, and God has created us for relationship with Him and fellowship with others. Fabiola has faced struggles and committing to support and love her creates fellowship and, well, a family.

I’m asking and praying that you will be open to God’s calling to create this network of fellowship and support through a family tree. To partner with the least of these, these orphans, these sweet children of God who are in need of support. Will you join a family tree to create these relationships, this network of support for an individual in Haiti? Maybe it’s Fabiola, maybe it’s one of the Miriam Center kids, maybe it’s a gran moun. I’m just asking that as you join me in praying circles around the sweet kids this month, that you are also praying circles around yourself and considering if you would join in God’s crazy, amazing work in Haiti through sponsorship. If you would like to be one of the 6 more sponsors needed for Fabiola, check out her sponsorship page here:



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