A Gentle Spirit…

A Gentle Spirit – Djivensky

Today I want to pray for Djivensky. This little guy is pretty quiet and he’s not usually up front and center. But he exhibits his sweet, gentle spirit and incredible joy in all his interactions with people. I mean look at that smile! He brings that bright smiling face to all his photos and it reflects the deep joy that God has placed in his heart. I pray that Djivensky will grow into a man after God’s own heart, that he’ll never lose his gentle heart. I pray that God will grow his ability to listen and care for others and that his quiet spirit will put others at ease and open doors to share the gospel.

I’m praying that he’ll never lose that adorable smile and that his joy will be on display for all to see and point the people around him to Christ. I can’t imagine what it would be like being orphaned, I can’t imagine how difficult that would be especially as a young child who might not fully understand it all.

So I’m so thankful that Djivensky has found a home and a family at the orphanage in the Mole with mamas to love and care for him and brothers and sisters to support and play with him. He’s a part of that family, and even more importantly he has the opportunity to be a part of God’s family. But these orphans, these precious kids, may also be desiring deep and lasting friendships of their own, their own little families.

Would you consider joining the family tree of Djivensky and becoming a part of his family? To support him and love him like you support your own family and friends. This sweet boy, with his joyful smile, is needing 8 sponsors to form his family! Could one be you?



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