A Sweet Smile…

A Sweet Smile – Donley

Today I wanted to pray for Donley! This sweet boy loves to play outside and have fun with his brothers at the orphanage. He loves playing out in the dirt and sand. He has such a great smile and it just fills my heart with joy to see!
Today I want to pray that Donley will continue to hold the joy of God in his heart and that he will share that joy with others in his interactions and relationships. I pray that he will follow hard after Christ, that he will take up and bear his cross daily. I pray that others see his life and ask “Why?” that they wonder why he lives differently than the world and they’ll be intrigued to learn more about his faith and this God he follows.
Praying that he will grow up having good relationships with his siblings, building strong bonds with his brothers and looking out for his sisters. I pray also that he’ll will surrounded by a family of sponsors, of people who care and love him and come alongside him in this journey called life. Praying they will circle him in prayer and encourage him in his faith. Donley has spots for 5 sponsors in his family tree, 5 more family members to join him.
Here’s his sponsorship page if you would like to learn more about this sweet boy: http://nwhcm.org/sponsorship/our-orphanage/donley-sterlin

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