A Spirit of Service…

A Spirit of Service – Pierreson

Today’s post is about circling Pierreson in prayer! This sweet guy is such a help around campus! He loves helping out the mamas in any way he can! As the big brother at the Mole, he’s always looking after and caring for his little siblings. He loves playing with them and helping them out! He loves playing games with his younger brothers, check out the below photo of Neiderson and him playing this swing game they came up with where they kick their feet together. Pierreson has such a heart for the Lord already and loves reading out of his Bible! He also loves singing and praising God. This kid is going to be a great leader someday! He’s already leading and influencing those around him and I pray that he’ll continue to grow into a man after God’s own heart. Praying that he’ll keep his compassionate heart for others and he’ll continue to look after the littler ones. I pray that he will continue to be a good older brother, leading his siblings in the right path, and that he’ll keep his spirit of service. Praying that he’ll continue to serve with a willing heart and always be ready to offer a helping hand to those in need. Also, praying for sponsors to step up and join this sweet guy’s family tree! He has room for 8 more! Would you join in and helping him out? Here’s his sponsorship page: http://nwhcm.org/sponsorship/our-orphanage/pierreson


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