A Social Butterfly…

A Social Butterfly – Angela

Photo credit: NWHCM

Photo credit: NWHCM

Today I want to circle Angela in prayer! She has such a loving and outgoing personality! She loves everyone she meets and she wants to be everyone’s friend! As Jody said, she is quite the social butterfly! This girl loves hanging out with other people, especially her sisters and younger brothers! They all love to play games together and just be silly and laugh! Angela loves to laugh and she has such a great smile! And she cracks me up with her silliness and all her fantastic and crazy hair-dos!

Today I want to pray that this sweet girl with keep her spunky and outgoing characteristics, that she’ll really grow into her own personality and not be afraid to be herself always. I pray that she will continue to make friends with everyone she meets and that she won’t ever let the fear of rejection or judgment keep her from introducing herself and building these friendships. I  pray that God will continue to place people in her path who need love and are looking for a friend and that Angela will be able to show them a little glimpse of Christ’s love for us. I pray that she will continue to build into and encourage her siblings as they grow older, that they will stay close and not let anything come between them.

That’s one of my biggest prayers for these orphans, that they will grow so close to each other, that they will be for each other always. I pray God works through Angela in this way too. I pray that she will be filled with the love and joy of Christ . I pray that she won’t look to other people to find her worth, that she won’t value their opinion or approval more than God. I pray that she will know to always look to Christ to find her worth, that she’ll know she is worth infinitely more than anything to God, that He was willing to pay everything for her.

I pray that God will bring forward people to sponsor and support Angela, to help encourage her as she grows up and grows in faith. I pray that there will be sponsors willing to support her and fill all her family tree branches! There’s room for 8 more! Would you please consider joining Angela’s family of support? Check out her sponsorship page here:





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