A Courageous Child…

A Courageous Child – Neiderson


Photo credit: Emily Spring

Today I want to circle Neiderson in prayer! He is such a sweet and fun-loving little guy! He loves to play games and be outside, and he loves to swing! His brother Pierreson and him love spending time out on the swings and making up new games to play. Neiderson loves hanging out with all his brothers, they get along great most of the time and they love playing together. Magislot and him were inseparable best buds the first time I met them and loved going to the beach and playing in the sand and water.

Neiderson just loves to have fun and he loves to laugh! He’s super enthusiastic about everything he does and he has a zeal and passion for life. He’s not afraid to try new things and will literally run headfirst into new experiences. That’s why I think he has a courageous and zealous heart! I pray that Neiderson will always keep his fun-loving attitude and his love to play and be silly! I pray he will continue to be zealous and enthusiastic about life and that he will recognize that all the good things he has in life come from God.

I pray this realization will foster a spirit of thanksgiving and joy in him. I pray that Neiderson will keep on loving his brothers and sisters with a Christ-like love and that he will be for them always – ready to back them up or look after them. I pray that he will look to Christ in all things, that he will keep Christ in the center of all he does and that this will strengthen and help his faith grow. I pray that he will know that with Christ all things are possible and that as a believer he too will have the Holy Spirit’s power living within him.

I pray that this realization will keep him grounded and steady in his faith, that he will know he has nothing to fear with God on his side. I pray he’ll continue to run the race God has laid out for him with no fear and no regrets, that he will follow hard after Christ filled with a courage that can only come from a firm foundation of faith.

I pray that there will be other believers who come along Neiderson as he runs this race of life, to encourage and cheer him on. I pray that God will call some to become sponsors for Neiderson to financially support him and love on him, even from afar. I pray that the 6 remaining spots on his family tree will be filled!
Check out his sponsorship page and consider joining his family tree today:




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