Ministry Boat Update…

I just realized it’s been a long time since we’ve updated everyone with the latest and greatest pictures of our ministry boat! We are so honored and grateful for all that RV Hodge & his building crews have done so that we may bring Jesus to the fishing villages in our area.

I really don’t like the ocean – but I think I would be okay riding on this HUGE vessel!

For those of you who speak “boat” language here are a few updates that Mission Navigation posted on Facebook: 

They have built the steering console/engine compartment and helm deck.

Progress list:
foredeck molded and glassed (3 layers in the cleat zone) ready to install
side decks (aka gunwales) installed (both layers = 1-1/2″ thick!) cleat frames made and installed
hull sides (inboard) glassed

Sidedecks, gunwales, gun’les, sheerdecks, longitudinal-sheerline-stiffeners, thingies on the side on the boat … no matter what you call them, they are now trimmed to shape. The foredeck is also glued into the boat.

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