Discipleship Group Week 4…

For the past month Miss Beth has been teaching our new Discipleship Group! This group consists of 20 women who do not know Jesus. They were hand selected by our staff and pastor to be apart of this special program. Along with Miss Beth – Momma Gigi, Mme Nene, Tizzie, Elirose, & Pastor Agenor have been mentoring and coming alongside them.

To learn more about this group you can check out our previous blog from November: http://molehaiti.org/2014/11/28/a-different-kind-of-black-friday/ or check out Miss Beth’s blog: https://coachin4christ.wordpress.com/2014/11/29/consider-job-for-discipleship-class/

This group will meet for a total of 8 weeks. It’s our prayer that during these 8 weeks we will be able to lead them to Christ. Today Miss Beth shared about how Jesus’ love is unconditional – that we never have to worry that we aren’t good enough for Him – or that the mistakes & sins of our past make us unloveable or undesirable to Him. He died BECAUSE of us. She also shared a beautiful testimony of her grandfather receiving Christ right before he passed away.

Some of the women were running late today so I spoke and reminded them that when people show up late – you are stealing from me. You’re stealing my time & the time of those around you. Some of the women showed up 20 minutes early and we had to wait another 45 minutes for the rest to come. That’s not really fair to make us sit and wait.

I then used this as an example of how when we take too long to follow Christ – when we think we have all the time in the world to make that decision – you’re actually stealing time away that you could be with Jesus. You’re robbing yourself. He’s here right now – waiting for you – waiting to comfort you – to bring peace and give hope. He will wait every day for you -because He desires you so much –  but you certainly aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.

Today we played our version of Hot Potato. I told them that the ball is like magic/voodoo. When the music stops & you have the ball in your hand you lose. Just like if God catches you playing around with that for real –  you will lose in an even bigger way. It’s funny to see the personalities that come out during game time! They get really competitive.

Malaya and I sorted and wrapped presents a few days ago that Jeannie Franklin collected and donated. The women were SO HAPPY to receive these!  They thanked us over and over again. They were dancing a little Jesus Jig as they left the meeting today! In fact we broke into a dance session with all of them right before they left! Some of them were HILARIOUS! One little granny has some sweet moves!

It was a great way to spend a Friday afternoon – surrounded by such precious ladies. Seeing them smile & laugh – always good for the soul! Watching them engage as Beth was teaching them – AWESOME! So many of them are coming to church too – really trying to give God a try!!

THANK YOU JESUS for letting us participate in YOUR ministry! It’s so much fun to be His hands, feet, and face!

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