Happy New Years! Today, we had the opportunity to throw the orphans a Christmas party; they enjoyed great food and a few games. We, then, took the 30-minute boat ride to the small fishing village of Preskul, and on the way, mostly everybody got drenched.

There, we performed the Freedom Drama for the villagers. It was amazing to see their reactions and to talk to them afterword. Members of the team had the amazing opportunity to pray with two people who decided they wanted a relationship with God. Pastor Agenor will be baptizing them in a few days.

After talking, we jump-roped with the kids and played dominos with the adults. I’m sure there will be pictures of us with clothespins stuck everywhere on our arms; this was the penalty for losing this cutthroat game of dominos. We, then, took the boat back to the Mole, where we had a little bit of down time before our New Years Eve party began.

Tonight, unlike my normal New Years tradition, I will not be watching the ball drop (surprise surprise). Instead, we are enjoying a great night with the kids from the church and the orphanage and having a blast watching Horton Hears a Who.

Hopefully, with all of the excitement, we will get some sleep; we all have an early morning tomorrow. Thank you all for your prayers and your thoughts as we are here on our trip.

P.S.- Family and Summer, I miss you guys and I hope you guys are all doing well at home.

P.P.S. – Mom and dad, KJ says hi.

P.P.P.S. – KJ also says hi to everybody else.

P.P.P.P.S. – Hannah says hi too. (:

Caleb Longley


Today was a great day. God answered our prayers by allowing us to see just a glimpse of the fruits that we have worked for.

Prayer Requests:

-Safe travels tomorrow as we deliver traditional new years food to villages

-Stamina and endurance as we enter the second half of our trip

-Desire to finish empty as we begin to miss all you folks at home

-That we encounter people ready to hear the Gospel through the freedom drama tomorrow

Happy New Years from the PV team!


Happy New Years everyone! We started off the day by throwing a Christmas party for the kids in the orphanage, and had a little too much fun with the balloon animals and decorating the cafeteria with streamers.

We decorated Christmas cookies, read the Christmas story, and played lots of games. The kids had a blast, and its so much fun to see their smiles as they play.  After clean up and a delicious lunch, our team headed out into the mountains to do some street ministry.  We met lots of kids and painted nails and just talked to them.

Nobody really wanted to jump rope today though, bummer.  But all was well, and the view from the mountains is absolutely gorgeous.  After a few hours we started the trek back to the Mole, and Emily slipped on some rocks and scraped up her knee. Luckily it wasn’t bad though.  We had some down time when we got back to cool off and drink up on water before starting to prepare for the New Years party.

Definitely a new experience in terms of how I usually spend New Years in America.  But the bonfire, games and watching Horton Hears a Who (in French, which is different for sure) is loads of fun with the kids.  I honestly have no idea what time it is now, but fireworks at midnight should be very exciting.

Prayers for both teams as we go out to the fishing villages and the community in the morning to deliver pumpkin soup, a Haitian favorite for their independence day.  Also, our team is delivering two pairs of goats to 4 families tomorrow, which is exciting.  Thank you all for your prayers and we love hearing your comments every night at dinner.

Happy New Years From Bowling Green Group!

-Sarah Armstrong


Because the teams were SO busy today – I wasn’t able to collect their camera card pictures. You will see pictures of them on the Mole Orphanage Christmas Blog  (I’ll be posting soon) – and then these are some pictures I took of them tonight at our New Years Eve Service. Sorry I wasn’t able to get the pictures from their day today.  You will also see some pictures of our pumpkin soup preparations! We will be delivering 600 bowls tomorrow! We will pray with each individual that receives a bowl! What an incredible way to begin the New Year for these communities! Got to go….we still have a cafeteria full of kids and fireworks to shoot off! 🙂

Also please leave comments – the teams really enjoy hearing from everyone.



  1. Happy New Year! Looks like a fun party and I’m sure the fireworks will be beautiful! We are continually praying and looking forward to hearing everything upon your return.

  2. What a blessed day! Two people want a relationship with God! It doesn’t get any better than that. Your work is producing good fruit!
    Everyone seems to be so happy during your activities. It must be fun and rewarding albeit tiring.
    Happy New Year to all of you and prayers for your continued good work, rest and health.
    God Bless each of you.

  3. Happy New Year! Love you all & look forward to hearing about your pumpkin soup delivery. Enjoy the warmth…it’s ridiculous here. Soooo cold! You’re always on my mind & in my prayers 🙂 Marla

  4. Happy New Year to everyone! Prayers going up for you all here in BG! And I’m like Leslie, I can’t wait to hear all your amazing stories about your experiences down there. It’s 24 degrees here but feels like 18 right now….brrr…. Emily, I hope your knee is okay and we can’t wait to see you! Love you all, Karen

    (Tim, thank you SOO much for finding a way to contact me. Highlight of the entire day was seeing that!! Thank whoever let you use their phone a thousand times from me!! It was such a blessing to hear from you! Good luck tomorrow! I love you!) AND EVERYONE REMEMBER TO KEEP ON SMILING; YOUR ALLS SMILES CAN CHANGE THE WORLD ONE PERSON AT A TIME!! (Cliché but true!)
    With prayers and love,

  6. Happy new year to our KJ and the Haiti team!! What incredible do
    news to hear about people coming to know Jesus personally and know the only true hope that comes through Christ. Serve whole heartedly and experience the pure joy of finishing empty. Loving you all from KC!!! Happy Hugs in Jesus!!! Mama Stahl and Daddy Stahl

  7. Happy New Year to you all! I delight in continuing to pray for you. Praying that your endurance to run the battlefield for Christ continues and that you all finish strong.


    Momma Broadway

    PS – Miss and love you son – Mom

  8. Happy new year, everyone! Thanks to all of you for serving the Lord and furthering the Kingdom. Great to hear two people committed their lives to Jesus yesterday! Praying for all of you that you finish empty and finish strong, and are encouraged by the Holy Spirit. Enjoy the sun and the beach. Old man winter has put his foot on our head here in the midwest. : ) BRRR! Love you all. Miss you, Mikayla (I (your dad) did not wear any of your clothes to dinner last night!) Jay and Jane

  9. Praying you had a wonderful nights sleep after all the fireworks and fun. Also praying that you will have His eyes and heart as you go out in the villages today to distribute soup. We ask Him to open hearts and minds. Have FUN!

  10. Happy New Year! Blessed is the word that comes to mind when seeing the joy the team is bringing to the village and orphans. How wonderful it is to see pictures and to see God’s hand at work. I am praying that everyone stays healthy, that you are filled with divine spirit as you reach out to others and of course for the requests listed above.

    Mischelle Tripp

  11. Happy New Year from freezing KC! What incredible news that you were able to lead people to Christ! What a privilege and honor that is! We continue to pray for all of you daily- that God will work through you and in you.
    Caleb we miss you so much but are thankful that you have this opportunity to spread the love of Christ.
    Noah says “missing you big squirt”
    Love and prayers to you all,
    The Longleys

  12. Kaley,

    Happy New Year!!!. We miss you!!! We are so excited to hear what God is doing thru you and your team. We are thinking of you and praying for you and the team often.

    Kels says to tell you we enjoy playing “Where’s Waldo?” Kaley edition. We have had a lot of fun seeing your smiling face and your very fashionable outfits. 🙂 Kelsey here. Jane has taken to wearing Mikayla’s clothes, this has inspired me to borrow two of your shirts so far. Haha. I make no promises as I continue to venture into your closet.

    Lots of love,
    Mom, Dad, and the bestest sister ever aka Kelsey

  13. Hi all hope you’re having fun and doing Gods will with the people there leading them to accept Christ as their Savior keep up the good work PV member Diane

  14. Hi Kaley

    It was great to see your smiling face in the pictures. I know you are doing God’s work over there. I’m sure the parties for the little kids was a lot of fun. Enjoy the beach and warm weather. We will be praying for good health and safe return for your group. We are still in MO. Lavon hasn’t gotten completely over the flu. Love and prayers.

    Grandma and Pawpaw Schaefer

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