Mole Orphanage Christmas Party


Today was our Mole Orphanage Christmas Party! We started the party at 9am and ended a little after noon. The kids were all dressed-up and SO cute!! Sponsors- check out their Facebook Profiles to see their cute photo in front of the Gingerbread House!

The party started with a special program that the children hosted. There was singing and cute little questions that they asked the audience. They were so adorable!

Then we read the Christmas Story. After we read the story then the kids went to the tables where they could create their own Nativity Scene using stickers.

After that it was time for balloons! They kids LOVED playing with all the balloon animals! Jose also brought out the helium tank so they got to play with those balloons too!

We then played musical chairs! This was the first time we played this and wow – crazy!! I don’t think we realized how small these little ones are! It’s hard for them to jump up into a chair – especially during a fast-paced game! But the kids really enjoyed it!

Yesterday the team baked cookies. The children got to put icing on the cookies, decorate them, and then EAT them! YUM! They also got to drink GRAPE kool-aid which is one of their favorites!

We played the limbo game – which was interesting! Some of them were so short they didn’t have to bend much! Then the bigger kids just ducked under the stick when it got too short……it was still lots of fun!

Then it was time to eat! AND BOY did they have a ton of delicious food! They had so much –  they got to eat it again for dinner! They don’t normally get their own juice bottles but they did today!  SO MANY SMILES! They LOVED IT! It was a real treat for them to have such a variety of things to eat!

After they ate it was time for the PINATA! We had a 3-foot tall Christmas Tree full of candy! It was too heavy for the kids to hit but Miss Beth managed to knock the candy out! 🙂

Each child got handfuls of candy! I love seeing their expressions….SO excited about the candy.  They also received a special gift bag – full of toys  – picked out just for them. The children told me that today was one of the best days!

Thank you Bowling Green Christian Church for providing all the activities, balloons, and presents for the kids! This was truly a rememberable day for these precious little ones. We are so blessed….so very blessed!

Here’s some pictures from our Christmas Party:

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  1. Happy New Year! Seeing these pictures and reading the blogs make me happy for you all – the volunteers bringing love and cheer to not only the children but to all who live and work with them everyday. God bless you all!

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