New Year’s Trip – BG and PVBC – Day 5

From Jared

We felt your prayers today! There was a great response to the Freedom Drama and we got the opportunity to lead 3 young men to Jesus! Some of the students also had the opportunity to share their testimonies on the local radio today. I was so proud of Caleb, KJ, Mikayla and Kaley as they pushed themselves out of their comfort zones to share the transforming power of Jesus in their own lives. We feel your prayers as the team is healthy and energized for our last few days in the Mole. We are in high spirits following a rich time of affirmation this evening.

Prayer Requests:

-Pray for energy as we begin our second 2-day conference today

-Pray for a great nights sleep as we were with the orphans until midnight last night celebrating the New Year and Haiti’s Independence Day

-Pray for our friend Filo who wants to see his sick mother meet Jesus

-Pray that our 5 new brothers in Christ will be surrounded by others that know Jesus.

 To Kelsey: Eat some nachos for me, I love you!

 Paul and Troy (and Emily)

 We are so worn out from yesterday! We got so little sleep last night with the New Year’s Eve party and watching the kids during the church service. This morning we served pumpkin soup to the Haitians as part of their New Year’s/Independence Day celebration. Half of the group went to Preskul and Karenage to deliver soup, while the other half stayed behind in the Mole to pray for people who came to get soup at the mission. We had over 100 people come to the mission for soup, and we were able to personally pray for them.

After the soup, we got some much needed rest time, even though some of us went and played with the orphans. During lunch, we had a market day, and were able to buy some Haitian crafts. We were invited to be on the radio from 2-3 today, and some people were allowed to share their testimonies on the radio.

During that time, the rest of us played with kids in a courtyard, where Jordan, Tim, Collin, and Troy played soccer on a basketball court (and the goals were the poles of the basketball hoops). Paul played with the little kids and had them climb all over him. And Hannah, Emily, and Morgan painted lots of fingernails! We performed the Freedom Drama afterwards, where we had a good turnout of community kids. Jared and Troy talked to a man named Filo, who spoke a lot of English, and he told us to pray for his sick and dying mother. His mother was not a Christian, even though both he and his dad were. We also prayed with three little boys who accepted Christ today!!!!!!!!! (one of them was little Michael Tait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Paul has had so much fun playing with the Haitian Newsboys and just being able to share time with them. …Wellllllllllll there’s a goat!


 Mom, sorry I haven’t blogged. I’m bad at it. But I’m still alive! Tell everyone I miss them!! J

 I just wanted to say that we miss everyone there and can’t wait to tell  ya’ll the amazing ways God moved here.

Love and miss you all,

KJ Stahl


The Bowling Green group gave out 8 goats today to families who were in desperate need. They spent the morning praying for the people who came for pumpkin soup. They were out doing street ministry as well. Tonight we had a special debriefing time together and they weren’t able to blog! There are pictures of them attached though! Tomorrow morning around 9am they will head to Port-au-Prince.


Please feel free to post comments! The teams love to hear from you!


  1. Prayers for you PVBC as you continue your ministry there and praising God for those who have come to Christ through you! Can’t wait to see you Bowling Green and will be praying for you as you say goodbye tomorrow morning – I know it will be hard to tell all your new friends goodbye. Love to you all! Emily, I can’t wait to hear ALL about the goats!

  2. Way to go team! Celebrating great news with you and proud of you in persevering. I know you must be tired but thankful you finished empty. Praying you are resting well and that God would give you His sustaining grace to be alert for what He has for you in the next few days. Can’t wait to hear the stories of how God is changing you on this trip!

  3. Happy 2015 to you all! It is so great to see and hear the reports on how God is moving in Haiti! Krissie and I just prayed for you and your prayer requests. Although we are missing you, we can’t think of a better place for each of you to be! Stay fully engaged and allow Jesus to call you out onto the water! love and Hugs! Mama Stahl

  4. So proud of all of you and the way you are going all out to love on people while you are there. Praying and rejoicing about the new believers and praying for the sick woman – that the Father of all will knock at her heart and she will be open to receive Him. Enjoy your day!! Jeanella – praying for you sweet friend! Debbie Mora

  5. I love reading all these updates! You all are doing amazing work to further the kingdom of God. I look forward to hearing many stories once you get back. I hope you are having fun, and it will be a time to remember. We will continue to pray for you.

    Finish Strong!

  6. Welp, thanks to y’all, only made it to January 2 before first tears of 2015. Reading your post and seeing the pictures from yesterday started the stream of tears flowing…love you all so much. I’m so grateful for the privilege of being on this journey of faith with each of you. God is too gracious to me. The gospel is indeed good news and seeing it alive in you is almost more than my heart can bear! Continue to encourage one another and lean in as God speaks to you here at the finish line of this trip. Love you more than words can say…see you soon! Marla

  7. I love the updates and pictures! It’s amazing to see the amazing work of God though serving others. I miss you, Caleb and can’t wait to hear all the new stories you have!

  8. We continue to pray for you as you finish your time there! Cant wait to hear more stories about how God worked through you! Also, excited to hear about “little Michael Tait” accepting Jesus!!! Paul -we know that really made your day! Emily-sure you are loving being at your “second home” and being able to spend time with everyone there. Troy – you now will have your own stories to share about this incredible place. So thankful that God has called you all there. Continue to look for God working in your midst and join Him! Pray boldly for the people you are meeting and sharing God’s love. We will be doing the same!

  9. We have been so incredibly blessed by your updates. So excited to hear what God is doing through your willingness to serve. Thank you for sharing how we can specifically partner with you through prayer.
    God bless you and keep you all in His care. Continually praying for you all.
    Love from The Longleys

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