PV Ladies Day 6…

Hello Friends and Family from Gayla and the PVBC team!

We had another great day ministering in the Mole!  Betty finished her study of Revelation.  The ladies seemed really engaged – she is so good at keeping their attention!

For today’s parenting class, Lisa and Sarah had around 160 ladies!  They just kept coming and coming!  Pierre and the guys were busy dragging in more chairs the whole time!  It was a little chaotic but our ladies did a great job of sharing their “mom” hearts with the moms here.

Our friend Colleen, taught the final lesson for the New Discipleship Ladies.  She taught about counting God’s blessings.  I’m sure she will blog more about this herself so I will skip to the end.  After class, the church ladies who have been helping disciple this new group, gave out their rewards for attending this 8 week session of studies.  Each lady received 4 hens, 1 rooster, and some feed!  This is a blessing from God which should help them feed their families through eggs and/or baby chickens.  It was a blessing for us to watch!  They had to go in the chicken coop to catch them and then hand them over to the ladies.  They tied their feet together so it would be easier to carry.  Then the feed sack went on the head!  I don’t know how they do it but they make it look easy.  I hope there will be some pictures on the blog so you can see for yourself!

Tomorrow we want to finish strong!  We are going to Preskul in the morning to do a lesson, snack, and craft to whoever shows up when we get there!  We are planning to do the Good-o-Meter skit again.  If you are curious about this, you can Google it and find a video on YouTube! Tomorrow evening we want to bless the staff here by cooking a Mexican Fiesta.

Thanks for your prayers and support which have allowed us to be here!  Keep praying and we’ll see you soon!




Hi Lauren and Hannah- Love you both! Thanks for your comments, it’s been a busy day and so nice to hear.  I will call you Friday as soon as I can.  Sorry to hear you missed Girl Scouts.  Hopefully, dad figures out how to turn the cookie order form in.  J  Love you guys, mom


Hello. This is Colleen. We had a great day today with lots of good Bible teaching. It was wonderful to see how many women came to the parenting class. We had to keep getting more chairs. I gave a short talk on blessings. The ladies were happy that I spoke to them a little in Kreyol. We made bracelets to count our blessings each day. Then the ladies were each given chickens. So I held those while they figured out how to carry them. Funny. It was great to hear from Isaiah and Cameron. I love you, boys.




  1. Look at all those babies. What a great turn out. Hope the cookies survived the flight so you had some treats for the lades. Hope the boat ride is smooth and you take in all the beauty of the ocean around you as you head to Preskul tomorrow. Rest well friends. We are cheering you on from home. Hugs – Debbie

  2. How exciting to get those chickens ready to go to their new homes! I was thinking about the prayer requests for “nourishment” when I prayed with the clinic patients. What a answer to prayers for these ladies and their neighbors! How wonderful that so many attended the Parenting classes-such an encouragement! Betty, I want to hear about your study on Revelation. Bible Study Fellowship will do a year-long study next year. You all are blessed to be Jesus’ feet on the ground and with skin on. 🙂 Love your hearts!

  3. Enjoy the rest of your time, ladies!! What an awesome opportunity you have to show God off! Lisa, 160 women?! To me, that means they wanted to hear! I pray you all are shining a light that will last in the hearts of those you have ministered to on this trip!! To God be the glory forever & ever!!

  4. Love seeing what you guys are doing there in the Mole! I am so glad the chickens from our bus ride were put to good use!! 😉 Give the orphans and Miss Beth hugs for me! Miss them already!

  5. Love seeing what you guys are doing in the Mole! I am so glad the chickens from our bus ride were put to good use!! 😉 praying for you all and that you continue to have energy and good health!

  6. Well Mrs. Wareham if you can teach 160 women, should be a breeze with 12-16 couples in a small group…:) Love you and so proud of you, can’t wait to hear all about it. Keep it up ladies!

  7. 160 mom’s is incredible!! That makes sense now. I was awaken 3 times last night with an urge to pray for you , Lisa. The 3rd time I asked God to allow you to show those ladies your heart for kids. Showing them how big and caring your heart is is about as close as someone can get to seeing Jesus’ heart for kids. I pray His message was heard.

    You know your heart is what I fell in love with first;)

  8. Praying for you all as you finish strong in Preskul and bless the staff in Mole in the evening. I love seeing all the pics of those precious littles! And the women balancing feed sacks on their head..amazing! 🙂 Praying, too, for you as you say your goodbyes and for safe travels back home. Lisa, I was showing Lydia some of the pictures, and she immediately said, “That’s Aunt ‘Wisa’! I want to go to her house!” You’ve heard that one before! Amazing that you and Sarah W. had 160 women attend your parenting class! How wonderful! Love and hugs!

  9. I’m praying for a wonderful last day!! I pray that many lives will be changed for God through you all. Sometimes we never know how much our words and love can change someone.

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