PV Ladies Day 7…

We’ve been trying to post this blog for almost a week! We finally were able to post it tonight! BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!! So this blog is from Thursday – January 15th.

Hi, this is Colleen. We had a really full day today. We started out going to Preskul by boat this morning. It was a beautiful ride looking at the blue ocean. We actually had a very smooth ride. The people we ministered to there were so welcoming. They paid close attention to the message. There were some beautiful children also. We told them about God’s unmerited grace. We were able to do a craft with them and give them a snack also. It was a great morning spent with wonderful friends.

This afternoon we spent time with the orphans and let them do a piñata. They were very excited to break it open. It was fun watching them.

Then we had a Mexican fiesta for the staff. It was fun celebrating with them and serving them after all they have done for us. We did a piñata with them also. I think they were as excited as the kids.

It seems the week has been very fast. I will be glad to get home and yet sad to leave my friends here.

God bless all of you who have been praying for us. Love to Isaiah and Cameron who I know have been praying for Grandma.



Hi Hannah and Lauren- We just finished the fiesta for the staff and I think they really enjoyed it! Can’t wait to show you all my pictures, especially of the orphans.  Love you guys and can’t wait to talk to you tomorrow!  Love, Mom


The end of our trip is here.  We had a wonderful week full of ministry…from classes on Revelation to parenting classes and classes on grace.  Each day was full…full of sharing our faith in so many different ways.  I am so, so proud of our team and blessed to have been able to lead such a spiritually strong group of women.

Again, our hearts are full of love for the precious souls we have interacted with during this trip, as we have on previous trips.  The gospel was being preached this week…lives have been touched…seeds have been planted and relationships strengthened.  God knew what needed to be done this week; we were just His instruments.  God abundantly bless the village.  Honey, I love you and see you soon!


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