Flour, Oil, & Antibiotics

While my faith in God is great, at times I feel like the skeptic widow when Elijah told her to make him some pancakes (or something like that) from 1 Kings 17. She had only enough for herself and her boy, yet here was this man of God wanting her to share. There are many times I look at the meds and equipment we have and think, “I don’t even have enough to take care of my own children/orphans if they fall ill.” However, just like God kept replenishing the oil and flour for the widow, every day I see God’s healing touch make the medicine go farther.  Day after day, the people line up. Day after day, there is just a little bit left.

As many of you faithful Haiti followers are digging out from the snow and looking forward to more daylight soon, I can tell you that the letter attached from Dr. Dan Richardson is having the same effect on our ministry in Haiti. With the medical need becoming greater at the Mole, it has felt like an overwhelming cloud on our work. I’m sure it’s the same in every ministry: the more you do, the more there is to be done. Dr. Richardson’s interest and generosity has brought in sunshine to a ministry living under the shadows of low budget and high need. What used to be a band-aid and lollipop medical program is now a full-blown clinic burdened to help every lost and sick soul at the Mole.

Dr. Richardson has much to say because now the ministry is personal. He has a face and a name to the terrible medical plight we have in Haiti. Many of you have seen this from your own trips to Haiti, the need became a name and that name became so personal that your heart broke. I am praying your heart may break again and God would compel you to help more than just a name you recognize  – but that you would feel driven to help those whose names you may never know. May God be glorified and people saved through your kindness and generosity.


From Dr. Dan Richardson:

During my recent first visit to Haiti, while participating in a medical mission, I had the opportunity to be involved with many unbelievable things!  My wife Melissa, a general surgeon, and I had the pleasure of meeting many extraordinary people who have cared for the people of this under-served country for years.  These skilled medical professionals do amazing things with very limited resources! 

As an example, the team removed a large mass from the neck of a 10 year old boy named Kenby.  This mass was later found to be cancerous, diagnosed as Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  When I inquired as to his prognosis and treatment plan –  I was told there was no treatment plan.  This boy would not receive additional care for his cancer.  There was no money, there were no resources, and no medical facility in his home community.  A cancer that is very receptive to treatment would go untreated and the child would die.  

After some digging, and multiple conversations with Jody Castillo, of Northwest Haiti Christian Mission, we were able to locate the child.  He lives just outside of Mole St. Nicolas!  The local European based hospital recently shut their doors and left.  No further information.  Gone!  Leaving the town with the burden to travel 90 minutes by truck to find any real medical facility.

In response Jody, an RN, opened a “clinic” near the front of her orphanage.  This clinic consists of a 40 foot by 40 foot cement building with plastic chairs!  No beds, no equipment, no lab resources.  Jody has been seeing 60-80 patients each day she is open. When she is closed, they come knocking on the door to her home.  She has no diagnostic tools and very limited medications.  There are no medical professionals to assist her. Morgan, their intern, is running the pharmacy.  She is doing her best, but needs our help.   

This all comes back to the 10-year-old boy.  We have made connections in Port-au-Prince and we are hoping to get a Cat Scan done soon.  This will cost $250 American as well as money for his travel and lodging.  He will need 2 additional scans during his treatments.  I have contacted doctors in Port-au-Prince and they will help with the medications needed.  Jody will administer the weekly chemo treatments from her clinic. It is important that he has lab monitoring throughout his months of treatment. Unfortunately, there is no lab, no hospital,…just  Jody and her clinic.  

Will you help me change this situation?.  Under the direction of Jody, along with 3 of my emergency medicine colleagues, I am headed to the Mole in July.  I am collecting the needed equipment to establish a lab within her clinic.  We will be able to do blood work, test for HIV, Typhoid, & Malaria, to evaluate slides for parasitic infection and to test for many of the other common local illnesses!  

We are looking to significantly stock her pharmacy with antibiotics and other medications.  Also, we are hoping to be able to provide the needed care and monitoring for this little boy’s cancer treatments as well as provide access to care for the community.   The goal is to have a regular rotation of visiting doctors to the clinic to assist Jody.  

All we need is money and prayer.  The locals are unable to afford to cover the entire cost of their care.  For them to pay $15 for lab work is out of reach.  Yet, the option is to travel 90 miles to the nearest medical lab and spend at a much higher cost.  

I am looking for donations.  Ten or twenty dollars.  Whatever you feel is best.  The cost of a lunch at a fast food place would cover medical care for someone who has a name & a story & no access to real care. 

If you feel encouraged, we need many things and larger donations would be a blessing.  If I am able to collect $20,000 dollars I would be able to equip the clinic with the needed medications and supplies. 

For example:

Chemistry Machine: $5000.00
Chemistry Tests (CMP): $10.00 each – we need to 200-500 to start
Hemoglobin Tester: 250.00 & test strips are $2.00 each
Microscope: $1000.00
HIV & Malaria & Typhoid Test Strips: $1000.00
Medicines: $2000.00
Medical Supplies & Microscope slides: $2500.00
Sponsor Medical Technician for 1 year: $1600.00

Since my return from Haiti I look at everything differently.  I am making my kids crazy!  Everything we do or buy I somehow relate to what that would buy or provide in Haiti.  I know this is my experience and not yours, but I ask you to make it yours.  Please get involved. Perhaps, you can travel to the Mole and visit this orphanage and meet the wonderful people so badly looking for our help.  

Please join us. To donate to this mission –  Click here to make an online payment. Please mark in the notes section: Mole Clinic

Or you can send a check to:

7271 S Mayflower Park
Zionsville, IN 46077
*Please include a note it’s for: Mole Clinic

Thank you for reading this lengthy note and please remember Kenby and the Mole community in your prayers.  Share this with everyone who will listen!  There is strength in numbers!  

Remember…. GOD WINS!

Dr. Dan Richardson

Okemos, Michigan

This short clip is Momma Gigi leading the patients in a song about Needing Jesus! Yes – We NEED HIM SO MUCH and we will share HIM with each and every patient!

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