Lite Brite

Lite-Brite, Lite-Brite, turn on the magical shining light!


Thanks to a very generous family from Texas, we were able to purchase a solar-inverter system for the orphanage!! We just finished installing it this past week!

So even when the generator is off – they can still have power through the night! Now we can plug in some fans to help keep the kids cool in their bedrooms! We will no longer need to spend money on oil for lanterns –  since now we can just flip a switch!

Imagine 35 kids needing to get up at night to use the bathroom  –  or changing diapers/sheets for the smaller ones in the middle of the night without any light? Not our problem anymore!!



This past week there was a Minion Take Over in the Mole! Yes they have taken over the entire orphanage playroom! Thanks to Demi Perkinson for making this room come to life! It’s so BRIGHT in there now! The kids and the mommas love to just stare at the beautiful murals! They’ve never seen anything like it.

You’ll notice the little handprints around the border are from our orphans & the Castillo kids! 

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