Hey Friends!

Today has been yet another amazing day.  It started early this morning with a 6am Sunrise service to celebrate Easter.  I was a little caught off guard when the first to arrive was the pastor’s 4 boys at 5:45am.  It was shortly followed by the 35 orphan children who sat in the front for the entire 2-hour service.  It was great to hear the women from the mission sing this morning as well.  I had the pleasure of preaching along side Pierre (interpreter) talking about how God has not turned His back on us.

We served peanut butter sandwiches & hot chocolate to everyone after the service was over. We also lined up all the children outside and shared scripture. Then we passed out BIG bags of candy to each child – more candy than they have ever had before! They were SO excited and SO grateful. 

After church, we spent some time loving on the children in the orphanage before lunch.  It was an ENTIRE DAY all before lunch.  Later we did some coloring and had an Easter egg hunt for the kids here at the mission and hyped them up on sugar.

Afterwards we took some of the kids down to the beach and swam in the coast.  I was a human jungle gym in the water with at least 2 kids hanging off me the entire time.  We came back and continued to play with the kids before dinner.  It has cooled down now. It’s been a great evening, reflecting on the day and all that God has done and continues to do.  Thanks so much for the prayers as we continue to see what God sees and be His hands and feet.

Brian Snivley


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We will post as many pictures as we can but the internet is REALLY slow this weekend!



  1. Happy Easter to the Mole church & meridian! Loved seeing your pictures celebrating the risen Lord, Jesus! Praying for a week full of love, grace & peace as you minister in the Mole. Hope our paths cross again one day, Tom! Until then…we are with you in spirit. In Christ, Marla

  2. Sure wish I could have been there to hear your sermon! I want a recap when you get back. Love you!

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