Meridian Spring Trip – Day 3…

Another incredible day at the Mole!

After a quick breakfast I headed right over to the preschool where I was the guest teacher. What a treat it was to work with the children there! It was interesting trying to navigate the songs and activities as we were working with Daniel doing colors in sign language, me saying them in English and their wonderful teacher helping them teach me the words in Creole.

In addition to the language lessons we did some work with numbers, colored a picture and used the Twister game mat to practice the colors again.

Daniel, Chloe, Gabe and I stayed to observe the teacher and students and help as needed until the session was done.

We take advantage of any extra time we have by spending time with the orphans. Any time we go over to the orphanage we are bombarded by smiling children with arms held high asking us to hold them. Today Chloe and Gabe and Daniel and I spent a long time just sitting on the front porch holding children. Two little boys fell asleep on Chloe’s lap and at one point I had 2 kids in my lap while 2 young girls braided my hair. I almost fell asleep sitting there!

The best part about being at the orphanage is being able to tell them they are beautiful and special and how much we love them.

In the afternoon we played with the basketball, soccer ball and football with the orphans and then we took another group to the beach. We have now been able to take every orphan to the beach. Well, I guess I don’t really know for sure but Morgan says we did!

Tonight we will end our day with a slumber party with the orphans. I cannot wait to hold them and watch a movie and eat popcorn and just love on them some more. Best.Vacation.Ever.

PS – Susan O’strander – Jenny says hi 😀


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  1. I am so proud of all of you! All the babies look so happy with you hugging them. They are absolutely beautiful children with the greatest smiles!

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