Chosen Group Day 4…

Sup guys, Allen here. So chicks, yeah, Troy and I will send pics. They’re cute. And fluffy. And they have beaks. Easily picked up too. The hens go berserk when we pick up their chicks.

Anyways, the Haitian kids are a lot better at soccer than I am. But that’s ok, I’m taller and therefore better at basketball. The weather has been pretty good, no rain yet (Allen knocks on wood). Super hot and humid though. Especially in the tent. At night. With the rats. I see why motorcycles are super popular here. They’re cheap, and you get a constant breeze! What a deal! The most popular vehicle after motos are Toyota pickups. They seem to be nearly indestructible and all seem to have stripped interiors. There, got my car stuff in. The orphans are really cool, they like being lifted into the air and trying on my glasses.


We went to the village of Carnage today, went pretty well. They were nice, but I felt horrible for the kids who had only one article of clothing and in some cases, none at all. Makes you appreciate a lot of things you take for granted in America. God seems to be speaking to both the Haitian children (I think) and me as well. More on that later. Anywho, I’ll hand Troy the Macintosh and he can type all he wants. Hopefully more than he says out loud. Which is not very much. But that’s ok, he’s cool.


Hey y’all! Troy here. Having a great time here in Haiti (finally being forced to blog). I have successfully taken about 5 pictures this whole trip… Oh well. I’ll take some of Allen and I picking up chicks. I feel a little bad about forgetting most of the orphan’s names… But I already have almost all the guy’s names down, so that’s good. I think some of them remember me, but the different hairstyle is throwing some of them off, so I might go back to the old style for a day or two. Also, a lot of them call me Patrick, so Patrick if you are reading this, there are many of the kids that like you.

Paul, I think I might have seen Alexson today, but only for a second. Hopefully I can find him and his brother eventually. Emily, a bunch of the orphans were asking when you were coming back, so I guess you have to come back sometime soon. To add on what Allen said about the tent being hot, we basically wake up in a pool of sweat. There is no airflow in the tent since we are in the cafeteria… Anyway, Allen and I are off to go pick up some chicks, so talk to y’all later.

Allen and Troy


Hey Tamra! If you’re reading this, happy late birthday!!!!! I love you and miss you and hope you’re having the BEST DAY EVER! I would love for you or Nagel Bagel to comment J

Sidenote: there will be more stories tomorrow, the boys decided to be boring and not to.



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  1. Lol! I’m cracking up after reading Allen & Troy’s post. Who knew those two had a comedy routine?!?

    I can imagine the tent & heat…I’ve been to Haiti in July before! Suffering for Jesus is always worth it though! And hey…there was no swimming pool on campus back then, so you can jump in for relief 🙂

    On a serious note, love seeing all your pics with the kids. What a gift you’re giving every one of them that you take time to hold, listen to, look in the eye…letting them see they’re worthy of being known!

    Proud of you all & look forward to more stories soon!

  2. Troy – is Voodoo woman still there? Praying for you all and admiring your ability to endure the heat.

  3. We again love seeing all the great pictures and seeing how well you all are doing. God is answering our prayers. The children look so sweet and it appears they are thoroughly enjoying your visit and all your efforts. We love the photo of Allen and his “chick”. Cute, absolutely cute. We love you Allen, and can’t wait to hear all the wonderful stories you will tell us when you come home. We continue to pray for all of you, praying God’s blessings on the team and the children you are ministering to. Allen’s grandparents

  4. Hi Allen! It’s Elizabeth and Margaret! It’s awesome to hear how you’re doing. The chicks look adorable! We miss you a lot. But it sounds like you’re doing some great stuff there. We really hope we hear from you again soon! Love you!

  5. Hi Allen. Thanks for catching us up on the local transportation scene. It is always interesting to know how people get around and what products have made it to other countries. What vintage are the Toyotas? Mostly Japanese motos? Mopeds, trail bikes, or cruisers?

    We’re happy to hear that all of you are having an impact on the kids there. I’m sure you’ll never know the full impact that the attention, respect, and love you are showing them has on this side of heaven.

    It is great to see the pictures of everyone. God brings you all to mind all the time and so we find ourselves praying for you and the people you encounter continuously.

    We do wish it were cooler for you there, but I suspect it never really gets that cool so much closer to the equator.

    We really look forward to getting these updates every evening from the team and it was exciting to see that you had written half of the post.

    We love and miss you very much,
    Dad & Mom

  6. Yo Bro- Jason here. I can tell by the pictures and the updates that you are making a big impact on the Mole. I miss you. Do they go fishing in Haiti? Will you get to fish? If so, catch a fish for me. Esther and Lola say “Hi”. Love, Jason (and the dogs) 🙂 😉

  7. Hi Cassidy, it looks like you are a magnet for little children. Ben, Liam, and Emily miss you a lot. Of course your dad and miss you too. I can tell you he is up to something, but I can’t tell you what😁 We are looking forward to vacation when we will all be together. Keep up the good work. Love on those little ones. They are precious. Love you

  8. I am not sure about my granddaughter being with guys who love “chicks” so much!

    Just kidding! I am sure there are no finer guys anywhere. i have prayed for you all today and will continue to do so. I have asked him to keep you safe and to keep you all saying “yes”‘ to Him.

    Love you .Cassidy!

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