Chosen Group – Day 5…

The group started off in Preskul today. They shared their VBS with the 52 people who were there when they arrived. They also passed out 101 bags of rice! Every home received a bag of rice and another one was given to each adult who was there. (unfortunately I don’t have pics).

This afternoon was their last VBS and it was on our Mole Campus! We started off with line-dancing, chicken dance, hot potato, & our version of musical chairs. The team led a drama/story about the crippled man at the gate who was asking for money. But two of the disciples walked by and gave him Jesus instead and healed him.

Then they had a craft with a cross and a bandaid and shared how God wants to heal their hurts as well. It was precious to see the kids place their bandaids/hurts on the cross. We also passed out snacks (icing on graham crackers) which the kids LOVED! We ended our time together by pulling 8 kids at a time to the back of the church and asking for prayer requests. We wrote down their names & told them we would lift them up in prayer.

There wasn’t much downtime this afternoon between the VBS and dinner. And after dinner the team went downtown with 150 bags of popcorn to show a movie at the town square! That is where they are right now.

So unfortunately they weren’t able to blog tonight. They also weren’t able to give me their camera cards so we could collect pictures – – BUT – Jose took a bunch of pictures of VBS this afternoon so they’re attached! 🙂

I know friends and family are anxious to hear how their day went  – so I wanted to make sure I filled everyone in! 🙂

On a side note: I’m so thankful for the way this team has poured into the lives of all our kids (Castillo kids) – especially my boys. Asher is very outgoing but Levi/Gabe tend to be off on their own. But now that their friends are here – they’re out all day! They both wanted to go to VBS today and Levi even went to Karenage with the team yesterday! Makes this momma’s heart SO happy.

We also received a BEAUTIFUL scrap book with the memories of all our previous PVBC teams! We had tears streaming as we reflected back on all the wonderful experiences we’ve shared together since God called us to the Mole –  back in 2010! God is SO good. Thank you so much!!


Please feel free to leave comments. Comments will be read each night at dinner.


  1. Troy – can you bring back some pictures of the building (s) that were built since you were there last?

  2. Thank you, Jody, for your blog for today. You need to know that as Cassidy’s mom I’m also thankful to you for letting her be a part of such a wonderful mission and your family’s lives. This is a blessing to her, and in turn, a blessing to me. God works in wonderful ways!

    Cassidy – we miss you but it sounds like you’re having a wonderful time. Love you!

  3. Thanks Jody for posting for the team! Love hearing about their day. And glad they are connecting with your kids again.

    Troy I hope you get to reconnect with Alexson for Paul. You can let everyone know there that I am sure Emily will find a way to come back some day. She misses her Haiti home. And take MORE pictures!!! Not just for dad and me, Emily and Paul will want to see everyone too! 🙂

    Praying for the team to finish the rest of the week strong! And praying that you see God at work as you pour into the kids/people of Haiti.

    Troy’s mom

  4. Hey everyone! I hope your trip is going well as I know it is. Hopefully you are seeing the fruit of all your preparation & the ways God has been faithful in His provision. From the other side of the world, my heart is definitely longing to be there with you all & to love on all my friends on campus. Troy, tell the kids I miss them & love them & am praying for them always!! (Here you go: “Emily renmen nou e sonje nou anpil! Emily ap priye pou nou toujou.”) Also shoutout to my Castillo friends, I miss you all as well but I love hearing how things are going for you! Chosen team I also love the updates (thanks Jody for today’s!) & I love the humor (great stories & fantastic blogging Troy & Allen *thumbs up*) I’m praying for all the ways God will continue to use you all while you are there & the ways He will reveal more of Himself to each of you. You are chosen & loved by God & that is the life-changing message you have come to share. Don’t let the time pass by. Wherever you are be all there. And love, love with the unconditional, unfailing, never ending, always & forever love that Christ has lavished on you. Love you all & praying always… ❤️🇭🇹

  5. So glad to get updates and see pictures. We are praying for you all and hope you feel blessed as you bless the people around you. We are so proud of all of you. – love the Reams

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