Rooted 2017 Day 1…

Hey everyone, this is Paul from Rooted.  Today has been a very exciting day, especially being my first time leaving the country. 

After a bloody nose on a small 4-seat airplane and our ride’s fuel pump breaking, Kirk and I made it to the mission base.  #truestory #funtimesinhaiti

After getting settled, Kenson gave us a tour of Mole St. Nicolas including an old French armory. 

Everyone is so kind and welcoming here. I can’t wait to share God’s Word and see what He want to teach me.


FYI – The bus with the rest of our Rooted friends pulled into the compound around 8:30pm. They unloaded their bags, had a late dinner, and are now showering & getting ready for bed!

And just so you know they really are here and doing okay…. here’s our #ProofOfLife pictures! 🙂

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  1. I am so glad you made it there okay. Sorry to hear about your bloody nose. I am saying the Rosary every day for you and the entire Rooted team. May God Bless you on this special mission. Love, Mom

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