Rooted 2017… Last Day

Hello everyone, Mikael here! Today was our last day here in the Mole, and what a day it was to reflect on this wonderful trip. We started the day off with attending the 9:00am church service here on the mission campus, and it was very charismatic. There was worship for quite a long time, which wasn’t a bad thing, but since the service was done in Creole and none of us can speak it we didn’t really know what was going on. They prayed many times, after each song and before and after the service. They were all pretty long prayers and from the three words I know, they were full of thanks and praise to our LORD. At 10:00am some of us left the “grown-up” church to go to another building to put on the “children’s church.” I was not in this group, but they did some games with the kids and had a little message to tell them while the other church heard their sermon.

After church many of us went to the beach to go swimming for the last time, while others chose to stay behind and nap. Last night there was a pretty intense rainstorm while we watched the Goofy Movie with the orphans, and we didn’t all get the best sleep. Once the lot of us that were at the beach left, most people relaxed or hung out with the kids after, but some of us put on the youth group for the day. With an age range of 12-30 years old we weren’t really sure what to expect, but we didn’t get anyone older than high school. Maddy said that we should teach them a game called ninja, and they loved it! Then Paul taught us about the story of Jonah, he did so well for his first time preaching to anyone! Grace prepared some thought provoking questions for afterwards, but they were hesitant to open up to us, so we opened the floor to them and were amazed by the questions they asked. We were able to clarify for them and provide them with some wisdom with the assistance with one of the pastors, Pierre.

After youth group we went and packed and hung out with the orphans and packed up some of our things getting ready for our flight back to the other side of the island tomorrow morning. And then we all went down to the beach for a bonfire dinner! We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and fellowshipped with one another, and with a light rain for some of it the weather was quite pleasant.

Then Winston led us in some worship and invited to thank Jody, Miss Beth, and Jose for anything they’ve done for us. Thank you again to all of them for everything they’ve done for us and more importantly the community of Mole St. Nicolas and Haiti as a whole! We then watched a short slide show/ Video thing re-capping our trip here in Haiti and it was so cool to see all the people we were able to touch. No one was able to thank us in person, but Jody read them and at least to me the responses were unexpectedly grateful. Jody then gave us our last devotion right as the rain started up again, and it was a perfect ending to a wonderful trip! See y’all soon!

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