Bowling Green Day 7… Northwest Day 4

Our internet has been really slow making it hard to post pictures. Sorry that the blogs are delayed… and that we don’t have as many pictures as we typically do. 

Bowling Green Day 7

Yesterday was day seven of our trip and we started off with our last morning of pre-teen bible study. We had about 11 girls, we played musical chairs, hot potato, and water balloons. We were able to give each of them a peanut butter sandwich and drink during class and one to take home.

Our lesson was all about prayer. When we talked about giving thanks for what God does for us we had the girls all say one thing they were thankful for. Most girls were thankful that they were kept safe on their way to bible study that morning. Whitnese was probably the youngest girl in our group and she said she was thankful for forgiveness. Their answers were so sweet and it’s eye opening to hear their responses and think about what we are used to saying in the states. I (Liz) also got to talk through the ABC’s of Salvation with them. They had a blast with the water balloons at the end! We invited them to town movie night on Saturday night and to church on Sunday so we hope to see them again. We got to take them home again and check out the old French fort and their weirdly colorful cemetery.

Charie was yet again working in the medical clinic while the three of us did bible study. I think its safe to say Charie has found her purpose for God sending her. After lunch mom, Liz and I went on Hut to Hut ministry with Matt and Lauren. Charie wasn’t feeling well so she stayed back on campus but she is up and moving again great. Hut to hut was very neat to see a new area of the Mole and get to learn about a few families and pray with them.

When we got back to campus Liz and I decided to get our hair braided. Liz got three small ones on one side of her head. Hers look very cute and subtle. I went with the bold, whole head look for the fun of it. It looks ridiculous on me but I have to say it feels amazing. I think the teenage girls who did our hair were laughing at it. We had dinner and then another movie night for the orphanage. They all came in their pjs and sat on mattresses or chairs to watch the movie. They got a snack and drink while we watched Wreck it Ralph. Marc fell asleep in my lap again towards the end of the movie, but Liz’s buddy was wound up the whole time. I think she had a blast using Liz as her jungle gym.



It has been an awesome few days here at the Mole!  Thursday we split into two groups in the morning.  Half of our group stayed on campus and worked in the clinic while the rest of the group did hut to hut evangelism at Savann Mole.  We stopped by several homes and spent time talking with the people there.  We would always ask if they were followers of Jesus and offer to pray with them.  One of the homes we (Brandon and Robbie) visited was a woman named Adelerose and her three children.  When we asked how we could pray for her, she told us that people in the village often treat her badly and put curses on her.  She showed us where she had some scars on her face from being attacked.  She was a Christian, so we talked about the hope we have in Christ before praying for her, her children and her attackers.  She told us that she goes to church nearby.

After talking with her, we also spent some time with the pastor of her church, several other neighbors, and of course we played frisbee, jumprope and bubbles with about 20 kids that had gathered around us.

Thursday afternoon we hosted a sports camp on the mission campus for about 45 kids from the community.  We played soccer, basketball and gaga ball before walking the kids home.  As we dropped off each child, we would meet their parents and pray with them.  It was a great day filled with a lot of interaction with local people.  It was awesome to encourage those we were able to meet and pray with.

Friday we got up at 5:30 and took a boat ride to a remote fishing village called Kapafu.  It is a very small village of all grass huts with dirt floors.  There were about 60 people living there.  We spent the day with them as they worked repairing nets and traps.  Everyone shared a big meal together in the afternoon before spending the rest of the day relaxing during the heat of the afternoon.  We had a ton of fun playing Jenga, frisbee and jumprope with the kids, and about a million games of dominos with the adults.

In the evening we did a small VBS with all of the people.  We reenacted the story of Jonah with some pretty over the top props for a boat and a giant fish.  We all shared a lot of laughs and even ended the night with some impromptu dancing.  Our group spent the night sleeping on the beach.  It was amazing to have the cool breeze keeping the mosquitos away as we laughed and stared up at an amazing sky full of stars.  In the morning we packed up and headed back to the mission in time for breakfast.

It has been an awesome first few days here and we are excited to see what God has in store for the rest of our time here!!


From Mechelle: Hey boys, we are doing great! We are spending lots of time with the wonderful people here. Miss you, love you, and cant wait to see you.



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  1. Wow what a day! I know you all have touched the people of Haiti as you ministered to them through prayers, work and play. GOD BLESS YOU ALL IN ALL YOU ARE DOING!

  2. I’ll admit I was a little concerned when I read that Charie(my wife) was not feeling well. She is such a “fragile flower”. But then God(and my mother) reminded me of how He has ordained this trip for her and the entire BG group. Health issues she and others in our family have faced recently could have caused problems for this trip and prevented her from going to Haiti. These problems melted away leaving the way open so she could go. I have faith that God will continue to protect all involved and continue to provide until the completion of His ever perfect plans.

    1. She’s a trooper! She is out serving the Lord every day! We are SO thankful she made it here. We know God is watching over her.

  3. Northwest it looks like you are having a great time. I’m sure that the villagers were touched and saw God in the time that you spent with them.
    Courtney nice moves 👧. We miss you. But I’m so glad that you are getting to meet and show the people there your love for God.

  4. It is Father’s Day! So happy Fathers Day to any fathers with Northwest and with the entire Mole Haiti mission. We are going to see Charie’s father at the rehab facility today and will send her love. We are then going to have dinner with my parents after that. It is such a blessing that both of us still have our fathers on this earth to talk with and get advice from. I know not everyone is as fortunate. However, the biggest blessing is to know we ALL have our Heavenly Father to talk with and to give the best advice of all.

  5. Hello everyone! Wishing you peace and healing and strength as you continue to serve! You are beautiful 🙂 love you Laura
    You are strengthening me as I watch you

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