Bowling Green Day 9… Northwest Day 6…

Bowling Green Day 9

Saturday, we met the ‘Our Generation’ dance group to play Bingo.  Each child got a bar of soap, toothbrush and toothpaste for showing up.  They also had the chance to win other prizes like shampoo, clothes and hair accessories!

After lunch, we helped NWCC with their VBS program for the orphans.  The kids had a lot of fun!  Liz had a surprise birthday cake.  Since she opened her cards after breakfast the cake was a BIG surprise!  One of the ladies in kitchen wrote Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Liz in English!

After dinner, we had movie night in town.  Some of the girls from the preteen Bible study came!  A few of them came to the mission gates before we left.  They walked about two miles just to get here, then they continued walking into town with us!  So hard to imagine sending young kids out at night to walk that far.   The mission drove them home after since it was so far.   These events are very important because they provide a safe place for these kids to be for a few hours.  They don’t have to worry about abuse during that time and often the adults will be asleep by the time they get home.

We attended church service this morning.  Even though we don’t understand the language, it was simple to see the praise they give to God.   Such a beautiful experience.  Marc walked in and immediately sat in Lydia’s lap.  Angela sat with Liz.  Some of the girls from preteen Bible study came to church today!   The mission staff said they have never been to church before.   Another long walk for them this morning.  Lydia and Liz were very happy to see them come back for events.

Leigh Anne, Charie, Lydia and Liz


North West Day 5½ and 6

It’s hard to believe that the trip is already half way done, but boy it’s been quite the ride already. After coming back from Kapafu, there were a lot of smelly and tired people, but man it was worth it. And after a nice shower, I was tuckered out. Nap- time (or card game time for some,) came and went for all of us, and then came the Orphanage VBS.

If you haven’t heard yet, our story was Jonah. And with the story, you obviously have to have a fish. SO Jay Jay was our fish. And for the second time this trip, Jay- as the big fish- ate Brandon. The kids found it amusing and that’s all that matters. After that we had more downtime so we chilled for a bit until it was movie time.

The Town Movie was Big Hero 6, one of my personal favorites. The kids loved it, until the generator broke down about 20 minutes in. But have no fear, we did see the end of the movie. With a bit of the town’s power, it was up and rolling once again. Watching an entire movie in French, only being able to follow with subtitles was hard to say the least. Especially for someone who has a hard time paying attention as it is. But all in all it was a nice relaxing night.

The walk back was also quite relaxing as small conversations kept the night from being unbearably quiet. (Wow, I went a bit poetic there didn’t I? Anyway,) I talked to Thomas about time travel (as one does in Haiti) and how it was totally possible and before we knew it we were back at the mission.

After that, we sat and chilled for a while in the cafeteria and then headed to bed.

(Start Day 6)

This morning was church time, and Mechelle, Thomas, Brandon, Patrick, and I helped with children’s church. Our story was Peter walking on the water and falling in because he doubted God. Brandon once again was our protagonist, as Peter, and Thomas, (seeing he was the only one in the room with facial hair,) was Jesus. “Jesus” walked in the room as I read the story and “Peter” got out of the boat and “noticed” the storm, and began to dramatically fall into the “water”. But in reality, I think the kids liked Patrick’s facial expressions better than the actual story.

After that we went on to the crafts and these, (unlike the bracelets that we had to help the kids make for the VBS,) were extremely easy to make. They were little foam pieces shaped like water with foam cut outs of Jesus, Peter, and the boat. It was entertaining to watch the kids move around the pieces to where either Peter was sinking and Jesus was walking away, mismatch them to where some have two Jesus’ and some have two Peters or some have two boats and one Peter, or some would even turn the water piece upside down and make Peter drown completely. These kids are brutal. (I’m kidding they’re actual sweethearts.)

After that it was lunch time, and right after was once again down time. Jacquie, Robbie, Thomas, Mechelle, and I went down to the beach and as much as I hate the ocean and sand and salt, it was a lot of fun.

Patrick, Brandon, and Jay Jay came down for a while and just chilled on shore for a bit, but then left not long after.

Once everyone was back, (minus Jacquie who stayed to read a book), and showered, it was time for Youth Group, and everyone was there, (except Patrick, he was off taking a nap or something.) Robbie’s lesson was fine, and very well put together as usual, but for me it was extremely awkward because I want to interact with them but there’s such a strong language barrier. But it became clear to me that even a language barrier can’t get in between two people and a simple game.

And after the game came dinner.

And this brings us to now, as I’m typing this extremely long blog and watching as everyone else plays Bingo, (I’m probably going to join in the game after I finish.) I hope everything is going good at home and that you guys aren’t missing us too much. Just know we’re all okay, still in one piece, and no one’s sustained any completely traumatic injuries…yet. We all love you and can’t wait to see you in 3 days, but in the mean time? We’re gonna keep taking Haiti by storm. (A nice, calm storm. No more hurricanes.)

(Oh and Happy Father’s Day, Dad. Thanks for being my dad. (Not that you really have a choice. You’re kinda stuck with me, the 30 day return policy was up a long time ago. Love you.))

A great big hug, and a kiss from me to you, (yes I just quoted Barney,)

This has been Courtney, signing off.


Hey mom its jayjay. I’m having such a good time here helping people and playing with the kids. Its been very eye opening to see everything. I enjoy every moment of this trip. I’ve met some new friends and there very nice. I loved this trip and I would love to come back here again. I look forward to seeing you Wednesday. I miss you guys very much. I love you and will see you soon.

From jay jay


Hello everyone in the Fitzgerald household. Its good to finally be able to write to everyone. I hope everyone is doing well and are staying out of trouble, im looking at you Joe (kidding). Thanks for watching sly for me Joe, hope he hasn’t been too much trouble. Thank you once again for holding down the fort for me and helping Pepere out. I’m happy you all have been having fun at the mall and petland, especially Mike. It’s been a lot of fun here in Haiti and incredibly hot. I hope you had a safe flight to San Francisco dad, and hope you have fun there! Happy late/not late (depending on when this is published) Father’s Day dad and Pepere! I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday and telling of what happened here.




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  1. Glad to see everyone looking happy and healthy as they continue God’s work. Praying for continued blessings on both teams

  2. I’m so excited to hear how you all are touching the lives of the girls!! We will continue to pray! Sure do miss you, Liz. (FYI-we got to ride the new Pandora rides)

  3. Sounds like a lot is happening and many seeds are being sown in the short time you’ve been there. I pray Gods love spills out on all you touch. Praying for health and safety ! Get better Charie! We are waiting to see everyone and hear of Gods Goodness to all!

  4. Wow, we dont know how blessed we are to live in such comfortable conditions.
    Cant wait to hug you all

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