Bowling Green Day 10… Northwest Day 7

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Today is Monday. We were honored and blessed to pamper 26 women with hair washing and nail painting. I am not sure who felt more blessed the women who left feeling beautiful or us who saw a difference being made in so many lives. Each woman received a gift basket full of different items to take home. Working together with all the different stations made this event award winning.

After the spa we had time to shop. We could not go to the market so the market came to us. We were able to buy souvenirs. It was fun to view all the different items we could buy for family and friends and of course, ourselves.

After lunch we brought female children to the beach. Children are God’s special people. It was so much fun to swim in the Caribbean with God’s little people. The Caribbean is so warm, blue, and beautiful. It is amazing to see the bottom of the sea. We had tons of fun spending time with the children.

After swimming I led a women’s Bible study. We talked and read God’s word about women in the bible that God has chosen for certain things. These women were loyal, strong in prayer, and their hearts were for God. We can be humble and strong in our faith. After the bible study, the strength lesson continued with John teaching these women some self-defense moves. They really seemed to enjoy the lesson and the display of example moves. Jay Jay was a really good sport in helping his dad with being the test dummy (bad guy) .

There is only one more day left of our time with our Christian Haiti family. I have just enjoyed sharing God’s word, playing with children and learning so much from the Haitians. It has been awesome how they have welcomed us into their lives this past week. I look forward to spending tomorrow doing what we love to do, being examples of Christ and sharing God’s word.

We are also so very proud of our team, especially the youth. They are getting along great and are stepping up to every opportunity to serve the people of Haiti. Way to go Tommy, Jay Jay, Brandon, & Courtney!!!

Just want to say hi to Tom, Joe, Mike, David, and my dad. I miss you all and love you very much. See you soon.

Patrick & B say hi to Kelli, Andrew & Jackson. Miss you and look forward to seeing you soon.


Bowling Green Day 10

After breakfast we went to do Hut to Hut with Susan. We were originally goin to one of Susan’s Special Needs students houses but after hiking up a hill we realized they weren’t home. So we went back down the hill and found a cluster of homes we stopped in. We brought Faith necklaces and went through bead by bead what each color represented. We then brought out jump ropes and coloring books and just hung out with the kids and parents.

This afternoon we had market day during lunch, which is one of the most exciting days on the trip. There were a lot of people who brought all kinds of handmade items for us to choose from. We all spent a lot and found items we loved. Don’t worry Dad (Ernie) I got you a Father’s Day gift worthy of only the best of the best dads.

Today was also our first day of taking the orphans to the beach. The girls got to go with us today and the boys will go tomorrow. They were all so excited and had so much fun running from the waves, building sand castles and playing in the water with the beach ball. We were all paired with one or two buddies, Lydia was paired with Bebe and Magdalie who very much enjoyed carrying her towel and water bottle for me. I (Liz) was paired with Angela who must be water logged because she never got out of the water.

After trying to wash off buckets full of sand off our bodies, we hung out in the cafeteria/best place to hang out because it has the best breeze plus some fantastic fans. I (Liz) played some intense games of Jenga with Levi and Gabe then Lydia and I headed to play with the orphans. The most physically exhausting times here is when 5 little boys decide you are gonna be there jungle gym out in the heat all at once!! Marc decided once again that if I (Lydia) was holding Sabrina or any other kid, it was his job to pull them off of me so that I could hold him. Very sweet but also sad for the other kids.

Charie decided it would be fun to get an IV bag of fluids today. She is feeling better now. A full day of rest tomorrow will get her ready for travel day on Wednesday.


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  1. To the entire Northwest team: what a joy it is to read about how God is using you to work in the lives of those in your path in Haiti. I have tears in my eyes each night when I read the blog update. It is just amazing to see not just how God is using you to do His work but how He is working in your hearts too. Patrick and B – I love you both more than you know. Kelli (Mom)

  2. Saw the pic of Charie getting the IV fluids. Thought she was getting hers toes done in the pic til I saw the tubing. I would have never known but glad she told me ahead of time in case I noticed it. God’s protection to her and all the others. Safe last day and safe travels.

  3. Hi all, fun to read the stories of your time there. Nice to hear the impact you are having on the people there. I can hardly wait to hear all the stories you have. My trip to California has gone very well. I will be spending most of the day travelling back tomorrow. Enjoy your final day on the island. Safe travels on the way back. Love you


  4. Travel day is tomorrow! Blessings to you all and healing and strength as you go.
    Love you

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