Wolfforth 2017… Day 1 & 2

Hello America,

Our journey to the Mole was LONG but it could not have gone smoother. The first adventure was definitely staying the night in the Miami airport. I can say that the average hours that were slept was 2-3 but we are still rolling. Sunday consisted of hours of waiting in the Haitian airport while the team took turns flying in a 5 passenger airplane over the ocean to our home for this week.

Today was our first full day in Haiti and boi it was a “scorcher”! To say the least we could have made our own Buffalo Springs Lake with sweat, blood, and maybe some tears, but don’t worry, we have drank our weight in water! After breakfast our team split into two separate groups to begin our missions. My team took part in a VBS in the missions church for all of the local children. Abby and I taught the kids about Shadrack, Meshack, and Abindigo and how we need to find and keep our identity in the Lord. I believe it went along really well, even though it was a little difficult speaking with a translator.

We sang multiple songs that the children knew in creole, so our team made up words that sounded like what they were saying. We also played games and the kids as well as the team had a blast. One of the games Eric was in charge of got real awkward real quick. We had to find a partner and put two body parts together, so Eric decide foot to butt was a great one as well as nose to nose. A little weird but really fun! As the craft we had the children make masks to represent our different identities that we may hide behind, all the while our true selfs are still there with us.

While our group was doing VBS the other half of the team was doing construction on the other side of the campus. After lunch, we held a sports camp for some of the town kids and select orphans. We split into four groups and had a “system” that was soon destroyed by caos.It all worked out eventually! For games we played basketball, soccer, Gagaball and painted nails inside. As you can imagine, or maybe not, it was hot as ever, but being able to see the joy on these childrens faces made the whole camp better! It was a blast being able to hang out with children we won’t be able to see everyday. For one and a half hours we played our hearts out with these lovely ducklings.

After the sports camp, the women went to a women’s bible study that is held Monday while the men took a tour of the town and got a history lesson as well. Last but not least we had dinner followed with fellowship with our team as well as a “bead” ceremony. Shout out to my mom, Jodie, my dad Albert, and my brothers if ya’ll are reading this.

Thank you mom and dad for preparing me to be able to do this trip without ya’ll by my side!  I thought it was going to be bad, but with either one of you by my side on my first two trips, it made this one amazing (so far) 😉  Love all of ya’ll deeply and I’m doing great except for the fact that my feet are swollen to the size of Texas but it will work out! Also Mikaela wants to shout out Liliana, Lorenzo, Jonas, Levi and her lovely boyfriend Jaden Kevil. She is great and loves ya’ll too! Thank you for listening, now on to Stephanie!

It was a pleasure being able to write to ya’ll and I can’t wait to hear the comments!



Hey Friends and Families,

I would say that the many airports we traveled to the best was the Haitian airport because we were blessed to become friends with Cleievens who was the dispatcher for the pilot. He shared his testimony and we got to compare our bibles. A funny thing was when he asked if we were preachers and we all said we don’t consider ourselves preachers but in reality we are all taking on the role this week in the Mole.

The biggest struggle in any of the airports was in Miami because none of the lights were off and we had the news blaring as we tried to sleep. You can ask us any fact about the current news and we can tell you. Ask us about the new moths, Donald Trump, and enhancing our memories when we get home! I can say when my team finally got our turn on the Haitian airplane we were all a little nervous!

The pilot, Stephen did amazing and me and Maddi M. were asleep within minutes. Eric “held on for life”. The landing was the funniest part because goats were running in every direction. We got to experience Haitian food once the last group got here and I can now say Texans don’t make the spiciest food. The women know how to season everything here.

Today being the first full day in Haiti was eye opening. During construction it opened my eyes to how blessed we are in the states because we pay people to build our dreams. In Haiti though the mission builds their dreams and the kingdom through the hands of our teams who come. We got to work on the trenches that eventually will be the foundation. We learned that Haitian men have a longer stamina than any American! The boys in the construction group were BOSS they worked none stop and put the time in. None of the group complained and the Castillo Family and Epsteins Family were very involved and took care of any questions or needs we had.

Today at the end of construction we finished nearly two of the trenches and started on the third. After construction we got to eat lunch and todays meal was “the bomb.com” it was rice and beans with chicken. P.S. everyone has ate the food we aren’t starving ourselves. From lunch we went to sports camp and the towns kids loved on us as we loved on them. They taught us basic phrases in creole to help us with others. The language barrier wasn’t really a problem though and their smiles brought joy to my heart.

A funny thing that happened when we walked home was a girl as me for my bracelet and we cant give things to the Haitians so I looked to maddi m for help and she said no and then I said no. So the little girl looked at maddi m and said “uhh shhh” and looked at me to give her a different reply again. (Peyten I still have the bracelet). The women in our team were honored in going to the Womens bible study. It was amazing to hear them sing their hearts out to God and watch them accept Mikaela and Kelly’s words so well! Dinner was very “americanie” we got fried bread, french fries, coleslaw, and fried plantain. Day one was successful, exhausting but also rewarding! Cant wait to see what the rest of the week has in store. Keep us all in your prayers!

Shout out to my mom, Terri, my dad, Steven, my step dad, Robert, my dads girlfriend, Gina, and my sister, Brooke. I miss you guys and love you! I am thankful you made this trip capable for me to come. Also thank you for financially supporting the team with supplies and prayer.

Shout out to my super patient and loving boyfriend, Peyten (saving best for last) I miss you like crazy and didn’t realize how hard it is to go without talking to your best friend for a week! I love you and cant wait to tell you all about my trip and hear your voice again! Hang in there with me this week! It is hard for me too.

To my family and Peyten I didn’t realize how much I took conversations with you for granted until I got here and realized I can’t just call you whenever I need something! I love you guys with my whole heart and wish you could be here in Haiti with me.

I can’t wait to hear all of the comments and I’m grateful I get to write to you guys.

(P.S. my family and boyfriend better leave comments)




Alright guys…that wraps up the first few days! We’ve got a lot planned tomorrow including an epic 4th of July Party! Please leave comments…comments will be read at dinner!


  1. Hi, team!!!

    We are so proud of all of you!!! Lubbock had a Haboob today, so you have not missed much. We are praying for your strength each day. We love and miss all of you!!!

    Tell Trey that Reggie and Remy miss and love him! ❤

    Tracy, Amy and Sam

  2. Hi Wolfforth Team! So thankful you made it – love, love, love hearing about your time there and seeing the work that you are doing! I’m so proud of all of you!

  3. To the team: Each of you will go through highs and lows this week. Don’t be hesitant to share those with your team mates. I guarantee that someone may be sharing those same feelings. Soak it all in this week, it will be over before you know it.
    Speaking from experience, I traveled to Haiti 6 years ago (Taylor’s first trip with WUMC youth..yes she’s been around that long), this week will change your life forever. My time in Haiti opened my eyes and heart to make me realize I want to work in international missions in the medical field. Although you may not realize right in the moment how this week will impact your lives, just wait. The Lord will shake you and you’ll see the world in a whole new perspective!


    Loved getting to hear about your last few days! You have been constantly on my mind wondering “wonder what she’s doing right now?” Brought tears to my eyes to hear about your involvement of being a world changer. Keep up the work this week. Remember a simple smile goes a long ways, even when the week gets tough, you are strong and capable of all that you set your mind to! Turn to the Lord (and your team) in prayer for strength in the hard moments.
    Love and miss you dearly!
    (ps, your snap streak remains.. lol)

  4. We are praying for you all and thank you for sharing!! Tell Braeden we said hello and love him!

    Love you all!

  5. It is a joy hearing from your experience thus far. I am comforted knowing that Christ keeps constantly working in and us and through us. You guys are are a testament to this and pray that your devotion to the people there in Haiti has long lasting effect in the name Christ! I pray that His spirt gives you the words to reach as many as possible this week. Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures and will continue praying for you all. A shout back to Mikaela…we love you very much and we are all very proud of you!

  6. Hey team- we have had lots of rain and bad storms during the night since the team left. With the rain comes the extreme humidity and heat the next day- so we are getting to experience conditions much like ya’ll are experiencing! Keep the water bottles full and stay hydrated.
    Stephanie- am happy to hear your first airplane rides in your life went very well. Rob says that if you can sleep on a tiny plane then you have become a master traveler. I found great humor in the photos of the team sleeping in the Miami airport- girls sleep much differently then the guys….
    From today’s photos, we can see the passion, love, happiness and joy (and sweat) that each of you are sharing with the Haitians. I wish I was there to share in the experience along side my friends and daughter too!!! Maybe one day I can make the trip and Sew with the Haitians.Now that I have sent 2 daughters abroad to Haiti, I am a blessed parent to know that I raised my girls to be compassionate and capable of going into the World and wanting to make a difference.
    For every family who has a loved one on this 2017 trip, know they will come home with a bigger heart and some other quirks….funny moment when oldest daughter came home 6 years ago from Haiti- we went out to eat a simple meal and I left food on my plate,,, tears flowed from Brooke and she was upset and scolded me at how wasteful Americans are and how we just take for granted our modern day conveniences. Many outbursts moments like this happened for several months- just love them through it and know it will be okay. God will only lead the team through what he knows they can handle and they have each other to lean on during their tough moments there and once they return to the states. We are blessed that they want to go and SERVE and be room changers. Love to all there- Momma Ward

  7. Stephanie,

    Sounds like a very rewarding and fruitful time you are having. Praying for you every step of the way! I know God will shine through that vibrant personality of yours! We all love you and miss you here at home. Can’t wait to hear all about it! And I know Peyten misses you like crazy, cause he calls me everyday! 😉 Have fun, show Gods love, and change lives!!!

    Love you,

    Cindy and Keven Kennard

  8. Hello Wolfforth! Happy 4th of July. Glad to hear that things are going good. It rained again yesterday. Farmers are loving it. Maddi, we are proud of you and love you deeply. Stay the course. Give Ms. Beth, Jody, Jose and the kids a hug from me. Shout out to all the team. Love that you are there. Blessings.

  9. Oh my stars! What a great post, Maddison and Stephanie! Love hearing the details of the day through your eyes. I laughed so hard about making up words to the creole songs….and died reading about Eric’s awkward games. There will be plenty of awkward moments on this trip-just laugh through them. It’s a memory!!
    Maddi-my sweet tender-hearted girl….I’m so very proud of you! This has been a summer of growth for you. You survived camp without us and now you are thriving in Haiti on your own. This is your time to shine.
    We love you and can’t wait to hear all about every single adventure!! And prop your feet!
    To the rest of the team-hydrate! Love on each other and share your struggles when needed. It’s not all easy fun and loving on orphans. Don’t hide when you have a hard time. Talk about it. Take a break if you need to. It’s Ok if you aren’t Okee Dokee Artichokee.
    Adults-thank you for sacrificing your time this summer to be part of this team. Please give my Maddi girl a big hug from me!
    Continued prayers for the team as you love and work this week.

  10. A generation for Christ! Demonstrating Jesus love ..
    So proud of you Mikaela ❤️

  11. HAPPY 4TH TO EACH OF YOU- Am excited to hear about your Haitian July 4th party later…

  12. Shout out to the Girdner Gang from your Baytown family 💗. Keep up the great work and stay hydrated.

  13. So happy to hear that your 4th of July party was fun! We love reading your stories and seeing your pictures! We continue to pray for you all. A special “hello” to Eric, Caleb E, and Jacob. Hope you are all doing great (love the pics!) and we LOVE you and MISS you so much! Emili says hello too – we can’t wait to see you soon!

  14. Prayers for all of you. Take in each experience and remain open to the Spirit to move in mighty ways. Sending love and peace –

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