Summer Dames’ Dinner Party

A few months ago our Dame’s Group drew names for their secret prayer partner. On Monday night we had a special dinner where we revealed who we drew and exchanged gifts.

Now you might think something simple like a gift exchange with 35 ladies would take all of 45 minutes. NOPE. It took 3 hours to pass out these gifts!

Pierre was our MC. He called each lady up to the mic. Then that lady could tell a joke, sing a song, do a dance, say a prayer, etc… for “their secret person”.

Then the lady would go to the table of gifts and grab the one she brought. She then dances around the tables full of ladies…pretending that the gift is for them…..until ultimately she stands before her secret prayer partner. At that time she gives them a gift – they hug – and everyone screams in glee!

Some of them loved dancing so much it took them several minutes before they arrived at their person! LOL!

After we exchanged gifts…it was time to eat!

Monday night was a wonderful night of fellowship…. a celebration leading into this week which is our Women’s Conference. We were supposed to have our annual Women’s Conference in November but it was cancelled due to flooding.

We are expecting 100 ladies from 8:30-11:30 Monday-Wednesday and there’s a revival at the town square as well. Please pray for this conference…that hearts will be open to hearing the word…that it will take root in their hearts….that it will bear the sweetest fruits this town has seen.

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