Orphanage Christmas Party…


Because we had SO many events happening in December… we decided to host our Christmas Party on January 4th!

Susan and the Fowlers really planned a beautiful evening for our children and their mommas. The focus of the party was on relationships and it was a great success!

The party was held in the church and started at 4pm. The tables were beautifully decorated and each child and momma had an assigned seat.

We started the party off FEASTING on a large spread of delicious food! The missionaries served everything so that the mommas/children could enjoy listening to Christmas music and fellowshipping with each other.

We then passed out ice cream cones, green frosting, and sprinkles. Everyone got to make their own Christmas Tree Dessert… which they immediately devoured! It was SO good!

Then it was time for our Talent Show! Americk hosted as both the adults and the children performed. There were dances, singing, jokes, and LOTS of laughs!

After the Talent Show – Santa came!  It was a GREAT surprise!

One by one each child was called to sit on Santa’s lap and were given their Christmas gift! The Christmas gifts this year were new sheets, a stuffed animal, and a bag full of smelly good toiletries. 


We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this party… actually to those that made ALL of our Christmas Festivities possible. We dream big – but it requires everyone’s efforts to pull it off.  So thank you, thank you, thank you!

We would like to say a special thank you to Mona Dunphy for running the Thrivent Candy Bar Fundraiser that raised over $400 for the orphanage Christmas party as well as organizing the sheets and stuffed animals collection.

Thank you to each and every person at The Chapel in Ormond Beach that donated brand new sheets and stuffed animals for the kids. The sheets look amazing on their new beds and they carry those stuffed animals everywhere!

We would also like to thank Roberta Lassiter and Alpha Delta Kappa for donating bath and body products for the kids’ “smelly-good” Christmas bags. They have been proudly using their gifts and love showing off their lip balm, Christmas hand sanitizers and lotions. 

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