We Need You To Come!

Thinking about coming to Haiti? Can I just nudge you a little tonight and share my heart?

This year is a slow year for the Mole. We don’t have very many teams signed up. The Haitians have asked me whether or not the people are afraid? Or if they have moved on? Or if they have forgotten about them?

And often times anxiety/fear is the reason why folks don’t sign up. I chuckle to myself when I hear that Haiti is “dangerous” because there’s WAY more crime and random acts of violence in the states than I’ve ever known in Haiti.

Here’s the thing…. when Americans come to Haiti they represent HOPE. They’re a tangible reminder of God’s goodness because of the way they build relationships and engage the community. We have visited fishing villages and they have told us that it’s been months since someone has come by. They’ve told us – seeing us show up out of nowhere – it’s a reminder that God’s not forgotten about them either.

My parents used to sing this song when I was little: My house is full but my fields are empty. Who will go and work for me today? It seems like everybody wants to sit around my table…but no one will work in my field.

I could tell you story after story of the abuse, sex-trafficking, & tragedies that we walk through daily. God has called us here but the field is large and the work is more than we can do alone. We need people willing to get their hands dirty planting & watering seeds alongside us.

I’m reminded of the story that Mother Theresa shared about the nuns who were cleaning the houses of elderly patients in India…..

A nun was going to clean an old oil lantern for an elderly gentleman. As she was getting ready to wipe it down the old man said, “No, just leave it.” The nun asked him “WHY?”

He said, “No one comes to visit me. Who am I going to light my lamp for?”

Many Haitians sit around in darkness not knowing that there is light…. not understanding what that light represents. Do they even know that there’s a way out of their darkness through the light of Jesus Christ? God has called us to stomp out the darkness here….you see darkness cannot hide from the light.

Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Can you imagine gathering in a mud & stick hut and bringing down the very presence of God through that straw roof?

I’m on fire for Jesus and I want our Haitian brothers and sisters to experience His undeniable presence. As Christians we do all we can to feel God’s presence… and now we could be offering them a chance to have that same life-changing moment.

But the burning question remains – Who are they going to light their lamp for?


If you’re interested in joining us – check out our webpage: Bring A Team!


  1. Middlewell Methodist Church and Hunt Methodist in Dumas sent some items with the Texas Tech team last March. Wondering if you need anything specifically as we would like to send more items with The Wesley team from Texas Tech again this March. Also do you still need perscription bottles?

    1. We appreciate the items you collected last year!

      Yes we can use prescription bottles! Toiletry items….soap, dandruff shampoo – because it helps fight all the skin infections they get on their scalp/body, and toothpaste are always needed.

      Creams that we mix together to also treat skin issues…. hydrocortisone, antifungal, and antibiotic creams…. always super helpful.

      Thanks for asking!

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