MOH & Rollins Family Trip – Day 1

From Mission of Hope….

We Made It!!!!  We flew into PAP, Haiti last night around 5:45 and began our journey.  We took an hour and a half school bus ride to Wahoo resort and saw our boat as we drove up…it was so very exciting!  We have been talking about this “ship” for months and to see it caused us to erupt in cheers.  We were thrilled to finally climb aboard 😉

They had a delicious spaghetti supper for us and we sailed 8 hours through the night to Mole St. Nicolas.  We set anchor around 6 am and began our day.  It was a rocky night but oh so cool!  Breakfast consisted of Omelets, toast, bananas, peanut butter, and delicious fresh watermelon juice!  We then gathered our things and a small boat shuttled us over to the village where we met some of the staff of NW Haiti Christian Mission.  This is the Mission we will be working with this week.

We had an introduction meeting, a tour of campus, and unloaded all our supplies and meds.  Organization and sorting followed with Lunch in the cafeteria.  We spent some time talking with others that joined us on this journey, a family of 5 from South Carolina, playing soccer with some kids, and drinking a coke! 🙂

As afternoon hit we broke into groups.  Construction began working on a trench for a new foundation so the medical clinic can be added onto.  Medical opened the clinic doors at 1 and saw approximately 30+ patients and some took a tour of the downtown area, walked through the market and visited the beach.  A few were even able to have some quiet time and reflect.  It was beautiful.  What a day!  We are learning little phrases so that we can connect with the Haitians and enjoying getting to know our surroundings.  The temperature here today was 84 and breezy.  We are about to have a devotion time and head back to the “ship” for dinner and I’m guessing an early bedtime.  We are exhausted!  Tomorrow will be a big day!

Hi Adam, Luke, Cole, Will, and Lola! I hope you had a great day off school!  How was your game Will tonight??? Love and miss you!!  Also Hi mom and Dad 😉 (from me too!  Staci)

Hi Chelsea, I love you!  Hi Ethan, hope you are taking care of momma!  I miss you guys.

HI Mike Noah Eli Naomi and Sam!! Love you! Have seen lots of animals. Have a great week!!

Hey Coolman Clan!!!  We are having a blast!  Thanks for all your support!   You guys rock!  Today we had a dance party after the clinic closed!  Can’t wait to show you pictures!

I love you Adam!   Staci

Hey Bambam!!! Love and miss you (: and newms. Youre ok I guess.


From The Rollins Family

Greetings from the Rollins fam in Mole St. Nicolas,

We awoke at the rooster’s call this morning at 4am in Port au Prince.  Liesel was an exception; she awoke at 1am so excited to realize her dream of serving children in Haiti.  We enjoyed a 30 minute tap tap (a taxi, which is really just wooden benches in the back of a pick up truck) ride to the MAF airport. Mission Aviation Fellowship is a missionary organization that uses airplanes to fly into very remote areas of the world to bring the gospel – places like the Mole.

Today, it was an honor to board our flight with our missionary pilot.  He knelt and prayed with us before take off.  We enjoyed the views of Haiti for 45 minutes before landing in a very remote field on a dirt runway outside of the Mole.  We did have to circle the runway after our 1st landing attempt and go down for another try because there were goats on the runway.

We were greeted by Jose and their NWHCM staff at the runway and they gave us a ride to the mission campus.  Wow!!  It was amazing to see all the changes to the NWHCM campus and the city since we’d last visited in 2013.  In February of 2013, I had the privilege of circling up in prayer over the mission property, and the Haitians that would be served here.

Today. Was. Incredible.

It was a faith builder for me to see how prayers have been answered and years of mighty efforts have been rewarded.  The campus looks amazing, and there are so many new ways they are able to serve the community here.

Jody gave a very impactful talk before lunch about the influence in Haiti of Voodoo and abuse in this culture.  To use Jody’s words, it’s really important to understand who/what you’re fighting against.  There is a real battle here.  A battle for souls.

We spent the afternoon playing with the orphans, and getting acquainted with our little cutie that we have been sponsoring.  He is in very good hands.

Another full day tomorrow, and we can’t wait to see what the Lord will reveal.

Liz, Brown, Claudia, Liesel and Calvin


Please feel free to leave comments! Comments will be read each night at dinner! Sorry we don’t have more pictures – everyone was so busy – we didn’t slow down enough to snap more pics.




  1. So good to hear about your arrival!! Sounds exciting and soo adventurous! Love you Kelli n Staci!😘 prayers for all!

  2. My deepest aplogies to everyone on the boat for having to deal with Madie Ruth in such a confined area! If she causes too many problems just throw her overboard – she’s very resilient, and would probably lead a happy life living on the island full time! Love the pictures, but mostly I love the reason that you are there, and the work that HE is doing in Haiti!

    1. Glad you made it safe! Sounds like you had a great 1st day! Can’t wait to hear all about it! Praying for a great week for everyone! Love you Kelli!!
      Adam, Luke, Cole, Will, & Lola

    2. Sounds like you had a great 1st day! Can’t wait to see more pics and hear all about it! Praying for a great week for All!! Love you Kelli!!

  3. Praying for you – Chapel Haiti Team and the others who are a part of the group! May God use you all in unique ways and may you be sensitive to His leading each day. Special shout out to Rachel and Zach representing the Young Adults. Also – has Keith been able to fix anything recently? 🙂

  4. Helen – Mom/Grandma
    Looks like everything is going great!! Luke (Liam & Levi) is loving to see the pictures and trying to find you in them. He told me today that he’s praying for you every night and we are too!

    Love you!!

  5. So glad you got there safely. It looks like so much fun. God will use you all in awesome ways. Love you Kelli and Staci!! Can’t wait to see more. Love you, Dad/Mike

  6. Kelli–Hope your day was great again!! Still praying and thinking of you. We love you- Adam,Luke, Cole, Will & Lola

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