Tom Snivley led our devotions this morning at 8:30am. He reminded us to look for God in the small things not just the big things.




So today the construction team continued digging the foundation for the new laboratory and pharmacy next to the medical center in the morning. We worked alongside a couple of Haitians, they helped by pick axing, as we shoveled the dirt away. Following digging, half our construction team started to work on making sitting benches and the others went over to the clinic to help by playing with kids.  The kids were so much fun, we made a lot of little friends.  We played soccer, tag and lots of arm wrestling!

Medical Team #2

In the medical clinic there was a HUGE crowd.  The construction crew brought benches out of the church to the clinic so that they could sit while waiting.   We had a total of 77 patients that were seen today!  We saw a lot of patients that had scabies.  We passed out a lot of medication, vitamins and preventatives.  Rachel helped with an epic Valentine’s Party for the orphans!  We played games, danced and made valentine cards.  The kids loved it and were so excited!

First of all, last night was SO MUCH FUN!!!!  (depending on who you ask!!!!)  We loaded up the boats to get back to True North.  IT WAS DARK and the WAVES WERE LARGE!  Three trips later, we were all soaked when we FINALLY got to True North.

Medical Team #1

The mobile medical clinic team, which consisted of Ryan, Susie, Ashly, Staci, Kelli and Maddie Ruth, started our day with a 30 minute walk to Karnage.  This village is right on the water and has a beautiful people.  We were able to see 36 patients and pray with most, if not all of them.   We painted fingernails, colored pictures, blew bubbles and had lots of fun playing with kids in the village.

At noon, we closed down the line (although there were probably 50 or more people that we weren’t able to see, they will be seen in the morning first thing at the local clinic).  At this point, we packed up and left on two boats.  We had a 30 minute boat ride to Preskul.  This is a very remote village and we set up our clinic out in the open air.  We had a few moments of rainfall which actually felt really good.

We were able to see 42 people at Preskul.  We were able to treat these people both medically and pray with them.  When we were done, we got back on the boats and headed back to the mission.  We just finished with devos (which we got to hear all of your comments on the blog, so keep them coming!) and are heading back to the beach to load the boats and get back to True North.  Tonight we will get all three teams together to discuss how our days went.  We love you all and are so thankful to be here.  God is so good and we appreciate your prayers.  Staci


The Rollins Family Update

They did not get the chance to blog tonight as they were busy popping popcorn for 90 people….for tomorrow’s BINGO game!

This morning they walked 25 minutes to Karenage to help with the medical clinic there. Afterwards they helped us host our Orphanage Valentine Party!

My children have absolutely LOVED getting to know their children! I know the Epstein’s girls have also bonded with their daughters! Children serving alongside children…..doesn’t get much better than that!!


The team was SO excited to hear from you yesterday! Please continue to leave comments. You may notice a delay from the time you post until it appears – as I have to approve each comment first!

Thanks for allowing us the chance to serve alongside your incredible friends and family!



  1. Kelli n Staci, Sounds like an Awesome day! Prayers for you! 🙏❤️
    Great day here…77 degrees! A real treat! Heard about Luke’s game…exciting!
    Love u both, Mom😘

  2. It’s exciting to see the great work that is already being done! Praying for my sister, Helen Carter, and the whole team, to have health and strength for each day. God bless you all and those He puts in your path!

  3. Hi Staci,

    From Riley: Hey mom! I hope you’re having a great time there! Can’t wait to hear stories from you….I love you!
    From Jake: Hope you are having fun. I like your passion for Haiti.
    From Carter: Keep following Christ and helping people with their sicknesses. Keep having fun.
    From Maggie: Hope you are having fun. We miss you and love you.

    We are proud of you Staci and miss you! Keep doing great things. Based on the comments above from the kids please also confirm you are still having fun :).

    Love, Adam

  4. Hi Jason ! Its so weird to see pictures of you and your so far away. I love you, i miss you and im proud of you! It sounds as though you are all getting alot accomplished . Isnt it amazing the impact you all are having on the Haitians? You can see it in the pictures. Keep them coming, they are great! Jennie

  5. What awesome pictures! I love the smiles of pure Joy – It’s amazing how serving HIS people can bring such joy to us and to others! Praying for the entire team daily- ( BTW – I noticed that nobody took me up on the offer to pitch Madie Ruth overboad, so things must be going well!- has she eaten in three days?)

  6. Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures and commentary. I look forward to them. What a blessing it is to be used by God to serve the needs of others! May God richly bless you all for serving Him so willingly and sacrificially. To God be the glory! In His love & mine, Jeanine

  7. Hey everyone! Wanted you to know we’ve had internet issues and the team was working right until the time they got on the boat. So no blog tonight but everyone is doing great!

  8. Jason we are proud of you and the love you are showing this this. Work hard and bless the people there for God. Can’t wait to hear from you when you get back. We love you and are praying for you.


  9. Helen- (Mom)
    I can see in the pictures just how much you are all helping. You can see the gratitude and gratefulness on their faces. I can’t wait to hear all about it momma!!


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