2022 Annual Boat Shipment… MAYBE NOT?!?

Several people have reached out, wanting details about this year’s boat shipment. In full transparency, I’m at a loss for words and unsure how to respond.

Last year, we were pleasantly surprised by a generous donation from Lansing, MI. Without their kindness, we would have only been able to ship a handful of crates.

Though we usually post a blog full of items we need collected, I’m afraid those efforts may be in vain if we can’t afford to crate them & send them.

As we approach this year’s shipment, we are unsure whether we will even be able to participate. We have less funds available this year than we ever have before. We always ship with my parents, but as of today they’ll be doing this year alone.

Our shipping bill typically ranges from $12,000 – $18,000 ... depending on how many crates we pack. With gas prices sky-rocketing and plywood costs doubling – even a small load will cost more.

I know that everyone is stretched beyond their means.  SO many are in need all over the world – including the USA.


If you would like to support our efforts to purchase supplies or pay for shipping: 

Click here for the Online Payment Center.  

**Please mark: Mole Boat  in the notes section. 


Or mail checks to:

7984 West State Road 32

Lebanon, IN 46052

**Please mark Mole Boat on a note.

Please pray that God will make a way as it’s SO DIFFICULT to find supplies here. 

We’ve done this long enough to know that everything is in God’s hands. We are prepared to sit out this year, knowing ULTIMATELY He works all things out for HIs Glory. If we are blessed with funding to move forward, I will make a list of our most needed items soon.

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