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I just posted an update on our personal blog about our recent return to Haiti  – which can be accessed here: HOME

A friend of mine shared this little “cartoon” about Haiti – and it definitely represents how a lot of us missionaries feel.

Because the docks in Port-de-Paix are closed due to civil unrest, we cannot ship our crates of supplies into Haiti right now.

There are no longer trucks bringing food to our area because the main roads are all blocked. The few trucks that are able to sneak past the barricades – are nearly empty by the time they reach us. We are a 12-hour drive from PAP on a good day & ALWAYS the last stop…as we are in the furthest northwest tip.

We were able to purchase food in PAP and bring it up on a small plane this past weekend.

Someone asked if there was a way to help us purchase food & fly it up north.  And the answer is:


If you would like to contribute to the purchase of food & the cost of the flight to bring it here – please see the information below.

You can donate online here:

***Please put “FOOD” in the notes section.


Or checks can be sent here:

Northwest Haiti Christian Mission
7984 West State Road 32
Lebanon, IN 46052

***Please designate it for “MOLE FOOD” in the memo


Together we can definitely bring some much-needed relief

to our communities cut off from Haiti’s main resources.

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  1. I just wanted to thank everyone who has shared our post.

    Someone messaged me asking what things are no longer available locally….so they could share more with their church. I thought I would share that same list here.

    There are no beans, milk, eggs, chicken, hot dogs/meat, goat, brown sugar, powdered sugar, popcorn, casino cookies, chips, seasoning like maggi, cabbage, carrots, oatmeal, butter, pepper, basic vegetables, cooking oil, mayonnaise or condiments outside of ketchup, etc.

    Our children’s home has been going downtown to buy snacks as part of a reward for good behavior…..and the shelves are bare. There’s nothing to really buy outside of a bag of suckers.

    Because we have peanut butter – our kids are eating peanut butter sandwiches twice a day. They eat spaghetti with tomato paste but no meat. They eat rice with a tomato paste sauce.

    That’s the reality of where we live.

    There’s no real source of protein outside of the peanut butter in our depot – which is not enough for the entire town. We do have fish…as we are a fishing village. But the price of fish is WAY too much for locals.

    SO…. Being able to shop in PAP and fly the basics here is a really big deal. Currently we have raised roughly $600.00 … which will almost pay for the MAF flight here. But it’s not enough yet to purchase any food in PAP.

    SO PLEASE share the need and know how truly grateful we are for those who rally behind our cause!

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